Monday, June 11, 2018

Craig Campbell

*10-02-1979 Lyons, GA
2nd version
by Praguefrank
2010 The Castle Studio, Franklin, TN/The Sound Station, Nashville, TN/Wedgewood Sound, Nashville, TN – Craig Campbell (Craig Campbell [vcl], Bobby Terry [ac gt], Brent Mason ]el gt], Stuart Duncan [mandolin/fiddle], Paul Franklin [steel], Eddie Bayers [drums], John Hobbs [piano/Wurlitzer organ], Gary Prim [piano], John Wesley Ryles [bck vcl]. Producer: Keith Stegall)
001 WHEN I GET IT Bigger Picture 49641/BGP2-525571
002 FAMILY MAN Bigger Picture 49641/BGP2-525571
003 MY LITTLE COWBOY Bigger Picture 49641/BGP2-525571
004 I BOUGHT IT Bigger Picture 49641/BGP2-525571
005 CHILLAXIN'  Bigger Picture 49641/BGP2-525571
006 MAKES YOU WANNA SANG Bigger Picture BGP2-525571
007 THAT GOING AWAY LOOK (ABOUT HER) FISH Bigger Picture BGP2-525571
008 THAT'S MUSIC TO ME Bigger Picture BGP2-525571
009 YOU PROBABLY AIN'T Bigger Picture BGP2-525571
010 ALL NIGHT TO GET THERE Bigger Picture BGP2-525571 
2011 Nashville, TN – Craig Campbell
011 I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS Bigger Picture single
2012 Sound Emporium, Nashville, TN  – Craig Campbell (Producr: Keith Stegall, Matt Rovey)
012 OUTTA MY HEAD Bigger Picture 53459-2
013 MY BABY’S DADDY Bigger Picture 53459-2
014 THAT’S WHY GOD MADE A FRONT PORCH Bigger Picture 53459-2
015 KEEP THEM KISSES COMIN‘  Bigger Picture 53459-2
016 WHEN SHE GROWS UP Bigger Picture 53459-2
Tracks above issued on EP Outta My Head
2012 Sound Emporium, Nashville, TN  – Craig Campbell (Producr: Keith Stegall, Matt Rovey)
017 TRUCK-N-ROLL  Bigger Picture 53459-2  
018 TOMORROW IS GONE  Bigger Picture 53459-2 
019 NEVER REGRET  Bigger Picture 53459-2 
020 TOPLESS  Bigger Picture 53459-2 
021 WHEN ENDS DON'T MEET  Bigger Picture 53459-2 
022 YOU CAN COME OVER  Bigger Picture 53459-2 
023 LOTTA GOOD THAT DOES ME NOW  Bigger Picture 53459-2
2013 unknown – featuring The Raging Idiots
024 ROYALS digital single [rel. Nov. 5]
2013 Nashville, TN – Craig Campbell
025 LOVE IS YOU digital single [rel.  March 4]
2014 Nashville, TN – Craig Campbell
026 STRONGER THAN THAT dogital single [rel. Feb. 27, 2015]
2015 Nashville, TN – Craig Campbell
027 TOMORROW TONIGHT digital single [rel. May 18]
2015 Nashville, TN – Craig Campbell
028 OUTSKIRTS OF HEAVEN digital single [rel. March 21]/See You Try
2017 Nashville, TN – Craig Campbell
Tracks above issued on EP See You Try

Bigger Picture Music Group BGP2-525571 Craig Campbell: I Bought It;  Family Man; When I Get It; My Little Cowboy; Makes You Wanna Sang; That Going Away Look (About Her) Fish; Chillaxin'; That's Music to Me; You Probably Ain't; All Night to Get There - 05-04-11
Bigger Picture Music Group BGP2-534592 Never Regret: Truck-N-Roll;  Keep Them Kisses Comin';  When She Grows Up;  Tomorrow Is Gone;  Never Regret;  My Baby's Daddy;  Topless;  When Ends Don't Meet;  Outta My Head;  That's Why God Made A Front Porch;  You Can Come Over;  Lotta Good That Does Me Now – 07-05-13

Bigger Picture Music Group 49641 Five Spot: When I Get It; Family Man; My Little Cowboy; I Bought It; Chillaxin' - 08-06-10
Bigger Picture ? Outta My Head: Outta My Head; My Baby’s Daddy; That’s Why God Made A Front Porch; Keep Them Kisses Comin; When She Grows Up – 04-12-12
Red Bow ? See You Try: See You Try; Me Missing You;  Outskirts of Heaven;  Mas Tequila; Upstairs; Kids In The South; Outskirts of Heaven (Acoustic) – 07-06-18

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