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Layng Martine Jr.

By Praguefrank, Michel Ruppli

1966 unknown – Layng Martine, Jr.
001 JZSP 114385 CRAZY DAISY Date 2-1511
Ca 1968 unknown – Layng Mariine, Jr. (Producer: Alan Lorber)
003 6611 PICK ALL THE FLOWERS THAT YOU CAN General Int. 351
004 SURABIAN LAMENT General Int. 351
Early November 1969 unknown - Lying Martine, Jr.  (Producer: David Rosner and Margo Guryan)
005 RECRUIT Decca 32621
006 122190 ST. ANNE Decca 32621
Summer 1971 poss. Nashville, TN – Layng Martine, Jr. (Producer: Ray Stevens)
007 LIVE ON THE SUNSHINE Barnaby ZS7-2041
008 RUB IT IN Barnaby ZS7-2041
Early 1972 poss. Nashville, TN – Layng Martine, Jr. (Producer: Ray Stevens)
June 1972 poss. Nashville, TN – Layng Martine, Jr. (Producer: Ray Stevens)
014 72L-4680 YOU DON’T NEED A RING (TO BE MY BABY)  Barnaby B 5006
015 72L-4681 WISDOM OF A CHILD Barnaby B 5006
1 August 1973 Nashville, TN – Layng Martine
016 73L-5543/3764 MUSIC MAN B 606
017 73L-5544 BABY, YOU'RE PLAYIN' MY SONG B 606 B 615
018 73L-5545 WALK YOUR KISSES  unissued
Ca July 1975 Nashville, TN – Layng Martine, Jr. (Producer: Ray Stevens)
019 B 4215 SHOO DOO LOVE YOO B 615
1976 Nashville, TN – Layng Martine, Jr. (Producer: Laying Martine, Jr.)
020 DON JUAN Playboy P 6069
021 WALKIN' TALL P 6069
July 1976 Nashville, TN – Layng Martine, Jr. (Producer: Laying Martine, Jr.)
022 607-562 SUMMERTIME LOVIN' P 6081                                         

Date (1966)
2-1511 Crazy Daisy / Love Comes And Goes – 06-66
General International (ca 1968)
351 Pick All the Flowers That You an / Surabian Lament – ca 68
Decca (1969)
32621 Recruit / Saint Anne – 02-70
Barnaby (1971-74)
ZS7-2041 Live On The Sunshine / Rub It In – 08-71
ZS7-2053 Come On Over To My House / Linda Lets Me Live – 12-71
ZS7-2059 Find Out If She Likes Me / You And Me And The Nightime – 03-72
B 5006 Wisdom Of A Child / You Don’t Need A Ring – 11-72
B-606 Music Man / Baby, You're Playin' My Song - 74
B-615 Shoo Doo Love Yoo / Baby, You're Playing My Song – 75
Playboy (1976)
P 6069 Don Juan / Walkin' Tall – 05-76
P 6081 Summertime Lovin‘ / Piece By Piece – 08-76

Andy (Frank) Starr

Franklin Delano Gulledge, *21-10-1932 near Combs, AS, +12-09-2003
By Praguefrank, Michel Ruppli

ca. January 1955 Clifford Herring Sound Studio, 1705 W. 7th St., Fort Worth, TX - Frank Starr and His Rock-Away-Boys
001 DIG THEM SQUEAKY SHOES Lin 1009 Rollin’Rock 041/ Revival 3012 BCD-15845
002 THE DIRTY BIRD SONG 1009/ Revival 3012 BCD-15845
003 TELL ME WHY 1013/ BCD-15845
1955 Clifford Herring Sound Studio, 1705 W. 7th St., Fort Worth, TX - Andy Starr
005 DO IT RIGHT  unissued Rollin' Rock 041/ BCD-15845
006 ROCKIN' REELIN' COUNTRY STYLE  unissued Rollin' Rock 041/ Revival 3012 BCD-15845
26 March 1956 Clifford Herring Sound Studio, 1705 W. 7th St., Fort Worth, TX – Andy Starr (Larry Adair [gt], Lyman Macklin [bass], William Pecchi [drums])
007 56-S-359/56-XY-278 ROCKIN' ROLLIN' STONE MGM K12263/Revival 3012 BCD-15845
008 56-S-360/56-XY-279 I WANNA GO SOUTH K12263/ Revival 3012 BCD-15845
009 56-S-361/56-XY-280 SHE'S A GOING JESSIE K12315/ Revival 3012 BCD-15845
010 56-S-362/56-XY-281 OLD DEACON JONES K12315/ Revival 3012 BCD-15845 [alt.] BCD-15845
9 September 1956 Clifford Herring Sound Studio, 1705 W. 7th St., Fort Worth, TX - Andy Starr
011 56-S-686/56-XY-469 GIVE ME A WOMAN K12364/ Revival 3012 BCD-15845
012 56-S-687/56-XY-470 ROUND AND ROUND K12364/ Revival 3012 BCD-15845
013 56-S-690/56-XY-471 NO ROOM FOR YOUR KIND K12421/ Revival 3012 BCD-15845
014 56-S-691/56-XY-472 ONE MORE TIME K12421/ Revival 3012 BCD-15845
9 June 1957 Clifford Herring Sound Studio, 1705 W. 7th St., Fort Worth, TX -  Andy Starr (+Tom Gwin, George Burns,  J.B. Brinkley, Lonnie Mitchell, Jack Peterson)
015 K 2149/H9OW-6925 DO IT RIGHT NOW Kapp K-190X/ BCD-15845
016 K 2165  SOMALI DOLLY  unissued/ BCD-15845
017 K 2166/H9OW-6926 I WAITED FOR YOU TO REMEMBER K-190X/ BCD-15845
018 K 2167  I'M SEEING THINGS (I SHOULDN’T SEE)  unissued/ BCD-15845
22 May 1961 Nashville, TN – Frank Starr (Andy Starr [vcl], Harold Bradley [gt], Ray Edenton [gt], Bob Moore [bass], Buddy Harman [drums], Floyd Cramer [piano], Boots Randolph [sax])
019 M7OW-3091 LITTLE BITTY FEELING Holiday Inn 108/ BCD-15845
020 M7OW-3092 LOST IN A DREAM 108/ BCD-15845
021 M7OW-3093/0011 KNEE SHAKIN' 104/ Revival 3012 BCD-15845
022 M7OW-3094/0012 EVIL EYE 104/ Revival 3012 BCD-15845
19 March 1963 Nashville, TN – Frank Starr  (Andy Starr [vcl], Harold Bradley [gt], Ray Edenton [gt], Bob Moore [bass], Buddy Harman [drums], Floyd Cramer [piano], Boots Randolph [sax] + The Jordanaires)
023 P3KM-5503 PLEDGE OF LOVE Lin 5033/ Revival 3012 BCD-15845
024 P3KM-5504 LOVE IS A ASIMPLE THING  unissued/ BCD-15845
025 P3KM-5505 ME AND THE FOOL 5033/ Revival 3012 BCD-15845
026 P3KM-5506 LOVERMAN  unissued/ BCD-15845
Andy Starr recorded after 1963. Some info in albums list


Starr ? Uncle Sam Sucks: (tracks unknown) Frank Starr
Starr ? In Concert At The Idaho State Penitentiary: (tracks unknown) – 68 Frank Starr
Starr No. 100 You Can’t Disguise Religion: (tracks unknown) – 72 with The Wilson-McKinley Jesus Rock Band (recorded at the Sound Recording Studio, Spokane, Washington)
Starr # 104 Frank Starr Sings Patterson And Starr: (tracks unknown) – 73 Frank Starr
Starr FSG-1001 Frank Starr Live At Wanda’s Club: Memphis; Rockin‘ and Reelin‘; When A Man Loves A Woman; Stamroller Blues; You Win Again; Dear John; Pocatello Blues; Money Honey; Jailhouse Rock; Long Tall Sally; Party Doll/ All Around The World; Keep A Knockin‘/ True Fine Mama; Oh, my Soul/ Lucille; Wildwood Flower – 73 Frank Starr (rec. 31-12-1972; Frank Starr [vcl/ld gt], Buck Stinson [rh gt], Don Sherrick [bass], Richard Ochoa [drums])
Revival [DEN] 3012 Rockin' Rollin' Stone:  Rockin' Rollin' Stone; I Wanna Go South; She's A Going Jessie; Old Deacon Jones; Give Me A Woman; Round And Round; No Room For Your Kind; One More Time; Pledge Of Love;  Me And The Fool;  Dig Them Squeaky Shoes; Dirty Bird Song;  I Love You Baby*; Just A Walkin'*;  Lonesome Baby Blues*; Knees Shakin'; Knee Shakin'; Evil Eye; Rockin' Reelin' Country Style; Rockin'**; If You Can't Rock Me** - 89  (*different Andy Starr, **The Strikes)
Bear Family [GER] BCD-15845 Dig Them Squeaky Shoes: She's a Going Jessie; One More Time; Rockin' Rollin' Stone; Old Deacon Jones; No Room For Your Kind; Round and Round; I Wanna Go South; Give Me a Woman; Old Deacon Jones  (alt.); Dig Them Squeaky Shoes; The Dirty Bird Song; Do It Right; Rockin' Feelin' Country Style; Tell Me Why; For the Want of Your Love; Love Is a Simple Thing; Me and the Fool; Loverman; Knee Shakin'; Evil Eye; Little Bitty Feeling; Lost in a Dream; Pledge of Love; Do It Right Now; I'm Seeing Things (I Shouldn't See); Somali Dolly; I Waited For You to Remember - 95
Wild Oats OAT-817 Starr Struck: [Andy Starr:]  Dickson Street Blues; Santa Is A Rocker; I May Be Used; Round And Round; [Gail and The Tricksters:] Barkin' Up The Wrong Tree; Suffered Enough; Tom Cat Blues [Haywoods:] I Want A Gal;  Rockin' Rollin' Stone; 1000 Miles Away; That Cash Number In E – 03  (recorded in 2002, produced by Steve Haggard)
Wild Oats ? The Rockin' Return Of Frank "Andy" Starr: Dickson Street Blues; Santa Is A Rocker; I May Be Used...; Round And Round (w. Gail Lloyd) + 7 unknown tracks from 2002 session) - 11
Trailer Park no # Dirty Songs From The Hills: The Great Wall Of China;  Atomic Hillbilly;  Bosnian Blues; Dirty Little Secrets; Tragedy At The Supper Table;  Mean Mama Blues;  State Line Race Track; Work It On Out Lord; Back To The Honky Tonk; The Fabulous Valley; Come On Time; Devil In Disguise;  Full Time Woman - Full Time Man;   Give Me Love;  I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind;  I Wanna Go South; Look At Me Now; Mama Come and Get Your Child;  My Song To You;  Nashville Ain't The Promised Land; Night Winds; This House Was Never Built For Love;  Wallace Women; Baby Let Me Eat You Out; Eatin' It; Honky Tonk Guitar Man; Gonna Have Sex Tonite;  Shackin' Up - ?

Lin (1955)                
1009 The Dirty Bird Song / Dig Them Squeaky Shoes - 02-55  (rev. Fab. 19)
45-1013 Tell Me Why / For The Want Of Your Love – 07-55  (rev. July 9)
Rollin Rock EP-041 Rock And Rollin' Country Style; Dig Those Squeaky Shoes / Do It Right; [Steve Wright:] Wild Wild Woman – 7-
MGM (1956)                 
K 12263 Rockin' Rollin' Stone / I Wanna Go South - 05-56 (rev. May 26)
K 12315 She's A Going Jessie / Old Deacon Jones - 08-56 (rev. Aug. 25)
K 12364 Round And Round / Give Me A Woman - 10-56  (rev. Nov. 3)
K 12421 One More Time / No Room For Your Kind - 01-57  (rev. Feb. 9)
Kapp (1957)                
K-190X Do It Right Now / I Waited For You To Remember - 07-57 (rev. Aug. 5)
Holiday Inn  (1961)            
104 Knee Shakin' / Evil Eye - 08-61
108 Little Bitty Feeling / Lost In A Dream – 04-62 (rev. Apr. 28)
Lin   (1963)               
5033-45 Pledge Of Love / Me And The Fool - 63
Tragedy At The Sunshine Mill / We Gotta Stay Together - 72
more Starr singles issued. Details unknown