Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tony Kerr

By Praguefrank

There is not enaough info for creating sessionography. Most of track recorded at Pine Grove Crescent, Ballymena, County Antrim BT43 6TL, UK

Tony Kerr [IRL] CD 01 American Country Greats: China Doll; Ramblin' Fever; If I Were You; I'm A Fool; Devil Woman; Making Believe; Full Time Fool; The Bottle Let me down; El PasoCity; I Can't Be Myself – 09-08-06
Tony Kerr [IRL] CD 02 Nothing But Sweet Lies: Fourteen Carat Mind; Begging To You; Nothing But Sweet Lies; Swinging Doors; On The Wings Of A Dove; The Prisoner’s Song; Tonight Carmen; I Never Go Round Mirrors; Irma Jackson; I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You - 07
Tony Kerr [IRL] CD 03 Cattle Call: Cattle Call; Always Late; The Roots Of My Raising; Big Iron; All My Friends Are Gonna Be strangers; Folsom Prison Blues; Love Me Or Leave Me Alone; Broken Engagement; El Paso; On The Road Again - 07
Tony Kerr [IRL] CD 04 Kentucky Gambler: I never Really Knew You;  Streets Of Laredo;  Apt No.9;  Kentucky Gambler;  When Did Right Become Wrong;  Chattahoochee;  Goodbye Comes Hard For Me;  Love's Got A Hold On You;  Gone Out Of My Mind;  Lovesick Blues;  Here In The Real World;  Why Me Lord? – 16-10-09
Tony Kerr [IRL] CD 05 If It Weren’t For Country Music: If It Weren’t For Country Music; It Takes So Long To Say Goodbye; Stand At Your Window; I'll Never Always Love You; The Pocket Of A Clown; No Reason To Quit; Uncle Lem; Take My Hand Precious Lord; Beginning Of Goodbye; Living With The Shades Pulled Down; Sing Me Back Home; Lovesong Of The Waterfal –  10 (w. Hoot Hester [fiddle])
Tony Kerr [IRL] CD 06 Crying My Heart Out Over You: Just Between The Two Of Us (w. Leona Williams); Martha Oh Martha; Crying My Heart Out Over You; Dont Let Me Crossover; How Could I love Her So Much; We Never Touch At All; I Never Meant to Break Your Heart; Silver Wings; Where Mama Waits for Me; Back In Love By Monday; Excuse Me For Livin; From The Window Up above  – 11
Tony Kerr [IRL] CD 08 Just Out Of Reach: Without You; Just Out Of Reach; There's No wings On My Angel; Ebony Eyes; Dreams Of A Dreamer; The Chill Factor; Fly Butterfly Fly; The Dream; Corrine Corrina; I'll Break Out Again Tonight- 12
Tony Kerr [IRL] CD 09 Every Fool Has A Rainbow: The Birmingham Turnaround; Every Fool Has A Rainbow; Crazy Arms; In The Garden; California Cotton Fields; I've Been Hearing Things About You; Send A Message To My Heart (With Leona Williams); Don't Tell Mama I Was Drinking; The Fighting Side Of Me; Crazy Dreams; I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry; Got No Reason Now For Goin' Home – 10-14
Tony Kerr [IRL] ? Walking The Floor:  Walking The Floors Over You; Are You In Love With Me; September In Miami; China Doll; Fraulein; Pretty Brown Eyes; Jesus Take A Hold; I Want To Hear It From You; Out Of My Mind; Walkin’ The Floor Over Me; Healing Hand Of Time; Life’s Railway - 16

Tony Kerr [IRL] ? True Country:
California Cotton Fields;  Begging To You;  Send A Message To My Heart (Duet With Leona Williams);  Are You In Love With Me;   Tonight Carmen;  Don't Tell Mama I Was Drinkin';  Leave Me Or Leave Me Alone;   Fly Butterfly Fly;  Just Between The Two Of Us (Duet With Leona Williams);  September In Miami;  Just Out Of Reach (Duet With Leona Williams); Love Song Of The Waterfall;  The Roots Of My Raising;  China Doll - 17

Duane Taylor

By Praguefrank, Michal Gololobov

1974 unknown – Duane Taylor
001 STORY OF CHARLEY PRIDE Johnny Dollar JDS 200  
002 ACROSS THE ROOM Johnny Dollar JDS 200  
003 WARMED OVER WOMAN Johnny Dollar JDS 200
004 DIRT THE DUST AND THIS FOOL Johnny Dollar JDS 200  
005 WHEEL OF FORTUNE Johnny Dollar JDS 200
006 WEEK-END SCENE Johnny Dollar JDS 200  
007 MY GREATEST LOVE Johnny Dollar JDS 200   
008 WALKING MEMORIES Johnny Dollar JDS 200  
009 WORRIES ON MY MIND Johnny Dollar JDS 200  
010 DRINKING CHAMPAGNE Johnny Dollar JDS 200  


Johnny Dollar JDS 200 Duane Taylor:  Story Of Charley Pride;  Across The Room;  Warmed Over Woman; Dirt The Dust And This Fool;  Wheel Of Fortune; Week-End Scene;  My Greatest Love;  Walking Memories;  Worries On My Mind;  Drinking Champagne – 74