Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Andrea Zonn

Andrea Elizabeth Zonn, *1969 Urbana, IL
By Praguefrank, Thieu Van DeVorst
1992 unknown – Andrea Zonn
Unknown tracks for cassette Goodbye To The Rose
2002 Cliff's Walk-In Closet, Nashville, TN/ John Mock's Home, Nashville, TN/ Sunroom Studio, Nashville, TN/ The Cutting Garden, Nashville, TN/ The Sound Emporium, Nashville, TN – Andrea Zonn (Andrea Zonn [violin/ fiddle/ viola/ cello/ bck vcl], Steven Sheehan [ac gt], Tom Britt [el gt], Jerry Douglas [dobro], Alison Brown [banjo], Tim O'Brien/ Brent Truitt [mandolin]; Mark Prentice [el bass/ fretless bass], Michael Rhodes / Willie Weeks [el bass],  John Gardner [drums/ percussion], Brian Zonn [cello/ bass],  John Mock [tin whistle/ concertina], John Jarvis [piano], Jon Randall Stewart, Marcus Hummon [bck vcl]. Producer: Andrea Zonn)
IF HE'S EVER NEAR Compass 7 4356-2 
GALILEE ROAD Compass 7 4356-2 
IN MY OWN BACKYARD Compass 7 4356-2 
PAGES Compass 7 4356-2 
STAINED GLASS LOVE Compass 7 4356-2 
NEW NIGHT DAWNING Compass 7 4356-2 
YOU REMAIN Compass 7 4356-2 
WELCOME THE RAIN Compass 7 4356-2 
BETTER BE HOME SOON Compass 7 4356-2 
ANOTHER DAY Compass 7 4356-2 
WEATHER WITH YOU Compass 7 4356-2 
LOVE GOES ON Compass 7 4356-2 
2015 Nashville, TN – Andrea Zonn, with Mac McAnally [-1], Keb‘ Mo‘ [-2], Vince Gill [-3], Sam Bush [-4], John Cowan [-5], James Taylor [-6], Trace Adkins [-7]
ANOTHER SIDE OF HOME -1 Compass 7 4656-2 
NO REASON TO FEEL GOOD -2 Compass 7 4656-2  
CRAZY IF YOU LET IT -3 Compass 7 4656-2  
I CAN'T TALK ABOUT IT NOW Compass 7 4656-2  
LET THEM GO -1 Compass 7 4656-2 
WHERE THE WATER MEETS THE SKY -4 Compass 7 4656-2  
RISE -5 Compass 7 4656-2  
ANOTHER SWING AND A MISS Compass 7 4656-2  
YOU MAKE ME WHOLE -6 Compass 7 4656-2  
SHIPS -7 Compass 7 4656-2


Andrea Zonn no # Goodbye To The Rose: (tracks unknown) - 92
Compass 7 4356-2 Love Goes On: Heads Up For The Wrecking Ball; If He's Ever Near; Galilee Road; In My Own Backyard; Pages; Stained Glass Love; New Night Dawning; You Remain; Welcome The Rain; Better Be Home Soon; Another Day; Weather With You; Love Goes On - 06-05-03
Compass  7 4656-2 Rise:  Another Side of Home (with Mac McAnally);  No Reason to Feel Good (with Keb' Mo');  Crazy If You Let It (with Vince Gill);  I Can't Talk About It Now;  Let Them Go (with Mac McAnally); Where the Water Meets the Sky (with Sam Bush);  Rise (with John Cowan);  Another Swing and a Miss;  You Make Me Whole (with James Taylor);  Ships (with Trace Adkins) – 25-09-15

Kelley Brothers

By Praguefrank

ca. November 1955 Nashville, TN – Kelley Brothers
001 F8OB-4797 LEAVIN‘ TENNESSEE  7122-F
002 F8OB-4798 unknown title
003 F8OB-4799 unknown title
004 F8OB-7900  DEVIL’S LITTLE ANGEL  7122-F

Republic (1955)
7122-F Leavin‘ Tennessee / Devil’s Little Angel – 12-55