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Chuck Baxter

By Praguefrank
1970 Nashville, TN – Chuck Baxter
001 N 18686 TELL ME  Nashville 45-NV-5489
002 N 18687 REACH YOU Nashville 45-NV-5489
Ca 1971 Nashville, TN – Chuck Baxter
008 AUCTIONEER Kwik NR 1234
010 STATUE OF A FOOL Kwik NR 1234
012 REACH YOU Kwik NR 1234

Kwik NR 1234 Chuck'n'Country: Harold's Super Service; Today I Lose My Baby; Because Of Losing You; Hearts To You Are Playthings; Food Stamp Blues; Auctioneer; You Gave Me A Mountain; Statue Of A Fool; Love Songs Just For You; Reach You – ca 71

45-NV-5489 Reach You / Tell Me - 70

Keith Urban

*26-10-1967 Caboolture, Queensland, Australia
3rd version
By Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst, Lennart Gustavsson
1990 Pyramid Studios, Brisbane, AUS – keith urban (Producer: Keith Urban
001 I NEVER WORK ON A SUNDAY) EMI 2414/Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
1991 Studios 301, Sydney, AUS – Keith Urban (Keith Urban [vcl/ gt/ piano/grand piano/ keyboards/ tambourine/ percussion/ programming/ bck vcl], Tim Gaze [ac gt/bck vcl], Kirk Lorange [slide gt], Mark Collins [banjo/ el banjo], Michael Farmer [drums/ hi-hat], Peter Clarke [drums], Todd Hunter [programming/bck vcl], Rick Price [bck vcl], Wayne Goodwin/ Paul Jenkins [fiddle], Peter Blyton [piano/bck vcl])
003 ONLY YOU EMI 2598-7 2598-2 7-96437-2 Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
004 GOT IT BAD EMI 7-96437-2  Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
005 BLUE STRANGER EMI 7-96437-2  Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
006 WITHOUT YOU EMI 7-96437-2  Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
007 ARMS OF MARY EMI 2598-2/7-96437-2  Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
008 YESTERDAY EMI 7-96437-2  Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
009 DON'T GO EMI 7-96437-2  Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
010 HOLD ON TO YOUR DREAMS EMI 7-96437-2  Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
011 LOVIN' ON THE SIDE EMI 7-96437-2  Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
012 FUTURE PLANS EMI 7-96437-2  Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
013 LOVE WE GOT GOIN' EMI 7-96437-2  Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
014 CLUTTERBILLY EMI 7-96437-2  Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
015 THE RIVER EMI 2598-7 2598-2/ EMI 7-96437-2  Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
016 WHAT LOVE IS THAT WAY EMI 7-96437-2  Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
1997 Nashville, TN – The Ranch (Keith Urban [vcl/gt/banjo/keyboards], Jerry Flowers [bass/bck vcl], Peter Clarke [drums/percussion])
R01 WALKIN' IN THE COUNTRY Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R02 HOMESPUN LOVE Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R03 JUST SOME LOVE Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R04 SOME DAYS YOU GOTTA DANCE Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R05 MY LAST NAME Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R06 DESIREE Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R07 FREEDOM'S FINALLY MINE Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R08 HANK DON'T FAIL ME NOW Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R09 TANGLED UP IN LOVE Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R10 CLUTTERBILLY Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R11 MAN OF THE HOUSE Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R12 GHOST IN THIS GUITAR Capitol 7243-8-55400-2
R13 STUCK IN THE MIDDLE Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R14 BILLY Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
1999 Javelina Recording, 30 Music Sq.West, Nashville, TN – Keith Urban (Keith Urban [vcl/gt/banjo/keyboards],Steve Wariner [gt/bck vcl], Biff Watson [ac gt], Bruce Bouton [steel/dobro], Paul Franklin [steel], Glenn Worf [bass], Chris McHugh [drums/drum loops/percussion], Aubrey Haynie [fiddle/mandolin], Steve Conn [accordion], Matt Rollings [piano/organ/synthesizer/bck vcl] +The Love Strings + Kim Keyes, Jerry Flowers, Tabitha Fair, Emily Robison, Martie Seidel, Curtis Young [bck vcl])
018 IT'S A LOVE THING Capitol 58799/7243-4-97591-2
019 WHERE THE BLACKTOP ENDS Capitol 58992/7243-4-97591-2 [radio edit] 5-07685-2
020 BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD Capitol 58877/7243-4-97591-2 [redio edit] 5-07685-2
021 YOUR EVERYTHING Capitol 58847/7243-4-97591-2 [radio edit] 5-07685-2
022 I WANNA BE YOUR MAN (FOREVER) Capitol 7243-4-97591-2
023 LITTLE LUCK OF OUR OWN Capitol 7243-4-97591-2
024 YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE Capitol 7243-4-97591-2
025 IF YOU WANNA STAY Capitol 58847/7243-4-97591-2
026 DON'T SHUT ME OUT Capitol 7243-4-97591-2
027 OUT ON MY OWN Capitol 7243-4-97591-2
028 ROLLERCOASTER Capitol 58992/7243-4-97591-2
029 I THOUGHT YOU KNEW Capitol 58877/7243-4-97591-2
2002 Blueberry Hill, ?/Emerald Entertainment, Nashville, TN/Hound's Ear, Nashville, TN/The Sound Kitchen, Nashville, TN - Keith Urban (Keith Urban [vcl/gt/banjo/keyboards], Dan Dugmore [gt/steel], Tom Bukovac [gt], Dan Knuff [gt], Jason Mowery [dobro], Jimmie Leee Sloas [bass], Chris McHugh/Matt Chamberlain [drums/percussion], Eric Darken [percussion], Aubrey Haynie [fiddle], Tim Akers [Hammond B-3 organ/keyboards], Steve Nathan/John Hobbs [keyboards] + The Nashville Strings + Russell Terrell [bck vcl])
030 SOMEBODY LIKE YOU Capitol 7243-5-32936-2 5-07685-2 0999-6-24518-2-6 [radio remix:] 17673-2
031 WHO WOULDN'T WANNA BE ME Capitol 7243-5-32936-2 [radio edit] 5-07685-2
032 WHENEVER I RUN Capitol 7243-5-32936-2
033 WHAT ABOUT ME Capitol 7243-5-32936-2
034 YOU'LL THINK OF ME (4:52) Capitol 7243-5-32936-2 [radio edit 3:51] 5-07685-2 0999-6-24518-2-6
035 JEANS ON Capitol 7243-5-32936-2
036 YOU LOOK GOOD IN MY SHIRT Capitol 7243-5-32936-2 0999-6-24518-2-6
037 YOU'RE NOT ALONE TONIGHT Capitol 7243-5-32936-2
038 YOU WON Capitol 7243-5-32936-2
039 SONG FOR DAD Capitol 7243-5-32936-2
040 RAINING ON SUNDAY (4:44) Capitol 7243-5-32936-2 [radio edit 3:55] 5-07685-2 0999-6-24518-2-6
041 YOU'RE NOT MY GOD Capitol 7243-5-32936-2
2004 Nashville, TN - Keith Urban (Keith Urban [vcl/gt/banjo/keyboards], Tom Bukovac [gt], Dan Huff [ac12-string gt], Jimmie Lee Sloas/Paul Bushnell [bass gt], Chris McHugh/Matt Chamberlain [drums/percussion], Eric Darken [percussion], Tim Akers [accordion/piano/keyboards] + Russell Terrell [bck vcl])
042 DAYS GO BY Capitol 7243-5-77489-2 0999-6-24518-2-6  [radio edit] 5-07685-2 [Jeremy Whitley remix:] 7243-4-77581-2-6
043 BETTER LIFE Capitol 7243-5-77489-2 5-07685-2 0999-6-24518-2-6
044 MAKING MEMORIES OF US Capitol 7243-5-77489-2 [radio edit 3:58] 5-07685-2 0999-6-24518-2-6
045 GOD'S BEEN GOOD TO ME Capitol 7243-5-77489-2
046 HARD WAY Capitol 7243-5-77489-2
047 YOU'RE MY BETTER HALF Capitol 7243-5-77489-2 0999-6-24518-2-6 [radio edit] 5-07685-2
048 COULD FLY Capitol 7243-5-77489-2
049 TONIGHT I WANNA CRY Capitol 7243-5-77489-2 5-07685-2 0999-6-24518-2-6
050 SHE'S GOTTA BE Capitol 7243-5-77489-2
051 NOBODY DRINKS ALONE Capitol 7243-5-77489-2
052 COUNTRY COMFORT Capitol 7243-5-77489-2
053 LIVE TO LOVE ANOTHER DAY Capitol 7243-5-77489-2
054 THESE ARE THE DAYS Capitol 7243-5-77489-2
055 YOU (OR SOMEBODY LIKE YOU) Capitol 7243-5-77489-2
2004 [sessions for Country Salute to Gospel] Nashville, TN – Keith Urban
056 I’LL FLY AWAY Sparrrow SPD 95556-2
2004 [live] Nashville, TN – Keith Urban
05601 DAYS GO BY
Tracks above issued on EP AOL Sessions
2004/2005 unknown – Dolly Parton and Keith Urban
057 THE 12TH OF NEVER Sugar Hill SUGCD-4007
2005 [live] The Wiltern Theatre Los Angeles,CA – Keith Urban (Keith urban [ld vcl/ld el gt/ld ac gt], Chris Rodriguez [gt/banjo/bck vcl], Chad Jeffers [drobo/mandolin/ac gt/banjo/bck vcl],  Mark Hill [bass gt/bck vcl], Chris McHugh [drums/percussion], Steve King [keyboards/B3 organ/ bck vcl])
05701 THESE ARE DAYS (INTRO) EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
05702 DAYS GO BY EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd           
05703 BETTER LIFE EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
05704 RAINING ON SUNDAY EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
05705 YOU WON EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
05706 YOU'RE MY BETTER HALF EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd         
05707 BLACKTOP EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
05708 GRACE OF GOD EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
05709 THE HARD WAY EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
05710 MAKING MEMORIES OF US EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
05711 JEANS ON EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
05712 YOU'LL THINK OF ME EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
05713 SHE'S GOTTA BE EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
05714 YOU LOOK GOOD IN MY SHIRT EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
05715 FREE FALLIN' EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
05716 SOMEBODY LIKE YOU EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
05717 TONIGHT I WANNA CRY EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
05718 WHO WOULDN'T WANNA BE ME EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
05719 THESE ARE THE DAYS EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
2005 poss. Nashville, TN – Keith Urban
058 MOST PEOPLE I KNOW EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
059 YOU'RE NOT ALONE TONIGHT EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
060 DON'T SHUT ME OUT EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
061 HOMESPUN LOVE EMI  7243-5-44632-9-7dvd
2006 Nashville, TN – Keith Urban, * and Ronnie Dunn (+Tom Bukovac [gt], Jimmie Lee Sloas [bass gt], Chris McHugh [drums/programming], Rami Jaffee [keyboards])
062 ONCE IN A LIFETIME Liberty 0946-3-77087-2 [radio edit] 5-07685-2 0999-6-24518-2-6
063 SHINE Liberty 0946-3-77087-2
064 I TOLD YOU SO (6:03) Liberty 0946-3-77087-2 [radio edit 4:02] 5-07685-2 0999-6-24518-2-6
065 I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU Liberty 0946-3-77087-2
066 WON'T LET YOU DOWN Liberty 0946-3-77087-2
067 FASTER CAR Liberty 0946-3-77087-2
068 STUPID BOY Liberty 0946-3-77087-2 5-07685-2 0999-6-24518-2-6
069 USED TO THE PAIN Liberty 0946-3-77087-2
070 RAISE THE BARN* Liberty 0946-3-77087-2
071 GOD MADE WOMAN Liberty 0946-3-77087-2
072 TU COMPANIA Liberty 0946-3-77087-2
073 EVERYBODY Liberty 0946-3-77087-2 [radio edit] 5-07685-2
074 GOT IT RIGHT THIS TIME (CELEBRATION) Liberty 0946-3-77087-2 5-07685-2
2007 Nashville, TN – Keith Urban
075 ROMEO’S TUNE 5-07685-2
2007 [live] Sydney, AUS – The John Butler Trio + Keith Urban
07501 FUNKY TONIGHT  Jarrah digital single
2007 Nashville, TN – Emily West and Keith Urban
076 BLUE SKY Capitol Nashville
2007 Nashville, TN – Rhonda Vincent and Keith Urban
077 THE WATER IS WIDE Rounder 11661-0592
2008 unknown – Nelly Furtado feat. Keith Urban
078 IN GOD’S HANDS Geffen digital single
2008 Nashville, TN – Keith Urban
079 KISS A GIRL Capitol 0946-3-57512-2 0999-6-24518-2-6
080 IF I COULD EVER LOVE Capitol 0946-3-57512-2
081 SWEET THING Capitol 0946-3-57512-2 0999-6-24518-2-6
082 'TIL SUMMER COMES AROUND Capitol 0946-3-57512-2
083 MY HEART IS OPEN Capitol 0946-3-57512-2
084 HIT THE GROUND RUNNIN' Capitol 0946-3-57512-2
085 ONLY YOU CAN LOVE ME THIS WAY Capitol 0946-3-57512-2 0999-6-24518-2-6
086 STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU Capitol 0946-3-57512-2
087 WHY'S IT FEEL SO LONG Capitol 0946-3-57512-2
088 I'M IN Capitol 0946-3-57512-2
089 THANK YOU Capitol 0946-3-57512-2
2009 unknown – Keith Urban
Tracks above issued on album iTunes Originals
2010 Aimeeland, Nashville, TN/ Hound's Ear, Nashville, TN – Keith Urban
096 PUT YOU IN A SONG Capitol 47071-2 47695-2  0999-6-24518-2-6
097 YOU GONNA FLY Capitol 47071-2 47695-2
098 ALL FOR YOU Capitol 47071-2 47695-2  0999-6-24518-2-6
099 LONG HOT SUMMER Capitol 47071-2 47695-2  0999-6-24518-2-6
100 WITHOUT YOU Capitol 47071-2 47695-2  0999-6-24518-2-6
101 GEORGIA WOODS Capitol 47071-2 47695-2
102 RIGHT ON BACK TO YOU Capitol 47071-2 47695-2
103 SHUT OUT THE LIGHTS Capitol 47071-2 47695-2
104 BIG PROMISES Capitol 47071-2
105 LUXURY OF KNOWING Capitol 47071-2
106 WINNING Capitol 47071-2
2010 [live] unknown – Keith Urban
10601 ONCE IN A LIFETIME Capitol 47071-2
10602 YOU LOOK GOOD IN MY SHIRT Capitol 47071-2
10603 BETTER LIFE Capitol 47071-2
10604 EVERYBODY Capitol 47071-2
2012 Nashville, TYN – Keith Urban
107 HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS digital single [rel. Dec. 19]
2013 Nashville, TN – Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift and Keith Urban
108 HIGHWAY DON’T CARE BMRTM 0103  [Radio edit;]; BMRTM 0103
2013 Ben's Studio, Nashville, TN/  Blackbird Studios, Nashville, TN/  Can-Am Studios, Tarzana, CA/  Pain In The Art Studios, Nashville, TN/  Quad Recording Studios/  Quad Studios/  Roc The Mic Studios, New York, NY/  Rubyred Studios/  St. Charles, Nashville, TN/  Studio Wishbone/  The Abbey, Nashville, TN/  The Green Barn Studio, Nashville, TN/  The Pizza Kitchen/  The Red Room/  The Village, West Los Angeles, CA/  Tragedy/Tragedy Studio, Nashville, TN/  Traxidermy Studios, Nashville, TN/  Westlake Studios, Hollywood, CA – Keith Urban, with Miranda Lambert [-1], Eric Church [-2]
109 SOMEWHERE IN MY CAR Capitol B0019113-02  
110 EVEN THE STARS FALL Capitol B0019113-02 
111 COP CAR Capitol B0019113-02 
112 SHAME Capitol B0019113-02 
113 GOOD THING Capitol B0019113-02  
114 WE WERE US -1 Capitol B0019113-02 
115 LOVE'S POSTER CHILD Capitol B0019113-02 
116 SHE'S MY Capitol B0019113-02
117 COME BACK TO ME Capitol B0019113-02 
118 RED CAMARO Capitol B0019113-02 
119 LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING Capitol B0019113-02
120 RAISE 'EM UP Capitol B0019113-02
121 HEART LIKE MINE Capitol B0019113-02 
122 BLACK LEATHER JACKET Capitol B0019113-02 
123 GONNA B GOOD Capitol B0019113-02
124 LUCKY CHARM Capitol B0019113-02
2015 Nashville, TN – Keith Urban, with Nile Rodgers and Pitbull [1], Carrie Rodriguez [2]
125 GONE TOMORROW (HERE TODAY) Capitol B0023591-02
126 JOHN COUGAR, JOHN DEERE, JOHN 3:16 Capitol B0023591-02
127 WASTED TIME Capitol B0023591-02
128 HABIT OF YOU Capitol B0023591-02
129 SUN DON'T LET ME DOWN -1  Capitol B0023591-02
130 GETTIN' IN THE WAY Capitol B0023591-02
131 BLUE AIN'T YOUR COLOR Capitol B0023591-02
132 THE FIGHTER -2 Capitol B0023591-02
133 BREAK ON ME Capitol B0023591-02
134 BOY GETS A TRUCK Capitol B0023591-02
135 YOUR BODY Capitol B0023591-02
136 THAT COULD STILL BE US Capitol B0023591-02
137 WORRY 'BOUT NOTHIN' Capitol B0023591-02 
2017 Skeye Studio, Nashville, TN – Keith Urban, with Julia Mihaels [-1], Shy Carter [-2], Kassi Ashton [-3], Lindsay Ell [-4],
138 COMING HOME -1 Capitol B0028285-02
139 NEVER COMIN DOWN Capitol B0028285-02
140 SAME HEART Capitol B0028285-02
141 MY WAVE (INTRO) Capitol B0028285-02
142 MY WAVE -2 Capitol B0028285-02
143 PARALLEL LINE Capitol B0028285-02
144 DROP TOP -3 Capitol B0028285-02
145 WAY TOO LONG Capitol B0028285-02
146 HORSES -4 Capitol B0028285-02
147 GEMINI Capitol B0028285-02
148 TEXAS TIME (INTRO) Capitol B0028285-02
149 TEXAS TIME Capitol B0028285-02
150 LOVE THE WAY IT HURTS (SO GOOD) Capitol B0028285-02
151 FEMALE Capitol B0028285-02  
152 STEAL MY THUNDER Capitol B0028285-02
15 June 2018 [ live] St. Louis, MO – Keith Urban
15201 NEVER COMIN DOWN digital single
16 June 2018 [live] Noblesville, IN – Keith Urban
15202 PARALELL LINE digital single
22 June 2018 [live] Detroit, MI – Keith Urban
15203 WASTED TIME digital single
27 June 2018 [live] Saratoga, NY – Keith Urban
15204 BLUE AIN’T YOUR COLOR digital single
29 June 2018 [live] Toronto, ON, CAN – Keith Urban, *with Kassi Ashton
15205 TEXAS TIME digital single
15206 DROP TOP* digital single
6 July 2018 [live] Gilford, NH – Keith Urbam and Shy Carter [-1], Lindsay Ell [-2], Julia Michaels [-3]
15207 MY WAVE -1  digital single
15208 HORSES -2 digital single
15209 COMING HOME -3 digital single
13 July 2018 [live] Salt Lake City, UT – Keith Urban
15210 GEMINI digital single
14 July 2018 [live] Denver, CO – Keith Urban
15211 LONG HOT SUMMER digital single
15212 JOHN COUGAR, JOHN DEERE, JOHN 3:16 digital single
20 July 2018 [live] Mountain View, CA – Keith Urban
15213 LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING digital single
27 July 2018 [live] Raleigh, NC – Keith Urban
15214 SOMEWHERE IN MY CAR digital single
28 July 2018 [live] Charlotte, NC – Keith Urban with Larkin Poe
15215 WHERE THE BLACKTOP ENDS digital single
15216 THE FIGHTER digital single
29 July 2018 [live] Alpharetta, GA – Keith Urban
15217 COP CAR digital single
19 August 2018 [live] Cincinnati, OH – Keith Urban
15218 LOVE THE WAY IT HURTS digital single
7 September 2018 [live] Uncasville, CT – Keith Urban
15219 SOMEBODY LIKE YOU digital single
15 September 2018 [live] London, ON, CAN – Keith Urban
15220 YOU GONNA FLY digital single
15221 FEMALE digital single
2019 unknown – Keith Urban
153 BURDEN digital single [rel. Apr. 7]
2019 unknown – Keith Urban
154 WE WERE (ACOUSTIC) digital single [rel. Aug. 2]
2019 unknown – Keith Urban, *with Eric Church
155 LIVE WITH B0032456-02  
156 SUPERMAN B0032456-02  
157 CHANGE YOUR MIND B0032456-02
158 FOREVER B0032456-02  
159 SAY SOMETHING B0032456-02  
160 SOUL FOOD B0032456-02
161 AIN'T IT LIKE A WOMAN B0032456-02   
162 WITH YOU B0032456-02  
163 TUMBLEWEED B0032456-02
165 POLAROID B0032456-02  
166 BETTER THAN I AM B0032456-02
167 WE WERE B0032456-02
168 WE WERE* B0032456-02
169 OUT THE CAGE B0032456-02
170 ONE TOO MANY B0032456-02  
2019 unknown – Keith Urban
171 I’LL BE YOUR SANTA TONIGHT digital single [rel. Nov. 8]
2021 unknown – Keith Urban
172 WILD HEARTS digital single [rel. Aug. 19]
Tracks above issued on EP Wild Hearts
2021 unknown – Keith Urban
177 CRIMSON BLUE (FROM NINE PREFECT STRANGERS) digital single [rel. Sept. 20]
2022 unknown – Keith Urban
178 NIGHT FALLS digital single [rel. March 31]
2022 [live] unknown – Keith Urban
17801 YOU’LL THINK OF ME digital single [rel. June 17]
2022 unknown – Keith Urban
179 BROWN EYES BABY digital single [rel. July 8]
180 STREET CALLED MAIN digital single [rel. Oct. 28]
2023 [soundtrack Zorro] unknown – Karin Leon, Keith Urban, Rosario
181 SI ME LLEVAS CONTIGO digital single [rel. Jan. 11, 2024]
2023 unknown – Keith Urban
182 STRAIGHT LINE digital single [rel. Feb. 8, 2024]
183 MESSED UP AS ME digital single [rel. March 1, 2024]
2024 [soundtrack The Garfield Movie] unknown – Keith Urban and Snoop Dogg
184 LET IT ROLL digital single [rel. Apr. 12]
2024 unknown – Keith Urban and Lainey Wilson
185 GO HOME W U digital single [rel. May 3]

EMI [AUS] CDP 7-96437-2 Keith Urban: Only You; Got It Bad; Blue Stranger; Without You; Arms Of Mary; Walk A Country Mile; Yesterday; Don't Go; Hold On To Your Dreams; Lovin' On The Side; Future Plans; Love We Got Goin'; Clutterbilly; River; What Love Is That Way – 91 (US issue in 1997 on 7243-8-57484-2 with bonus track: I Never Work On A Sunday)
Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Keith Urban In The Ranch: Walkin' In The Country; Homespun Love; Just Some Love; Some Days You Gotta Dance; My Last Name; Desiree; Freedom's Finally Mine; Hank Don't Fail Me Now; Tangled Up In Love; Clutterbilly; Man Of The House; Ghost In This Guitar; Stuck In The Middle; Billy – 97 (reissued on Capitol 7243-5-97847-2-4 in 2004 with bonus tracks Stuck In The Middle; Billy)
Capitol 7243-4-97591-2-1 Keith Urban: It's A Love Thing; Where The Blacktop Ends; But For The Grace Of God; Your Everything; I Wanna Be Your Man (Forever); Little Luck Of Our Own; You're The Only One; If You Wanna Stay; Don't Shut Me Out; Out On My Own; Rollercoaster; I Thought You Knew – 19-10-99
Capitol 7243-5-32936-2-8 Golden Road: Somebody Like You; Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me; Whenever I Run; What About Me; You'll Think Of Me; Jeans On; You Look Good In My Shirt; You're Not Alone Tonight; You Won; Song For Dad; Raining On Sunday; You're Not My God – 08-10-02
Capitol 7243-5-77489-2-6 Be Here: Days Go By; Better Life; Making Memories Of Us; God's Been Good To Me; Hard Way; You're My Better Half; Could Fly; Tonight I Wanna Cry; She's Gotta Be; Nobody Drinks Alone; Country Comfort; Live To Love Another Day; These Are The Days -21-09-04
Capitol  [EU] 7243-4-77581-2-6 Days Gone By:  Days Go By (Jeremy Wheatley Mix); Somebody Like You; Raining On Sunday; You're My Better Half; You'll Think Of Me;     You Won; Making Memories Of Us; You (Or Somebody Like You); Nobody Drinks Alone;     She's Gotta Be; Tonight I Wanna Cry; You're Not Alone Tonight; Better Life; Live To Love Another Day; These Are The Days – 05 (sampler, tracks from Golden Roand and Be Here)
Liberty 0946-3-77087-2-5 Love, Pain And Whole Crazy Thing: Once In A Lifetime; Shine; I Told You So; I Can't Stop Loving You; Won't Let You Down; Faster Car; Stupid Boy; Used To The Pain; Raise The Barn (Featuring Ronnie DUNN); God Made Woman; Tu Compania; Everybody; Got It Right This Time – 07-11-06
Liberty 0999-5-07685-2 Greatest Hits: Romeo's Tune; Got It Right This Time (The Celebration); I Told You So [Radio Edit]; Stupid Boy; Better Life; Making Memories Of Us [Radio Edit]; Once In A Lifetime [Radio Edit]; Tonight I Wanna Cry; You're My Better Half [Radio Edit]; Days Go By [Radio Edit]; But For The Grace Of God [Radio Edit]; You'll Think Of Me [Radio Edit]; Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me [Radio Edit]; Raining On Sunday [Radio Edit]; Where The Blacktop Ends [Radio Edit]; Your Everything [Radio Edit]; Somebody Like You; Everybody [Radio Rdit] – 20-11-07 (reissued in 2008 as 0999-2-34713-2-0 with bonus track: You Look So Good In My Shirt)
Capitol 0946-3-57512-2 Defying Gravity: Kiss A Girl; If I Could Ever Love; Sweet Thing; 'Til Summer Comes Around; My Heart Is Open; Hit The Ground Runnin'; Only You Can Love Me This Way; Standing Right In Front Of You; Why's It Feel So Long; I'm In; Thank You - 31-03-09
Capitol Nashville no #  iTunes Originals: iTunes Original (Interview); How I Got Started (Interview); But For The Grace Of God; Follow Up Pressure (Interview); Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me (iTunes Originals Version); The First Grammy (Interview); You'll Think Of Me; Making Be Here (Interview); Days Go By (iTunes Originals Version); I Just Loved It (Interview); Making Memories Of Us; I Don't Play Piano Very Well (Interview) ; Tonight I Wanna Cry (iTunes Originals Version); Collaborating (Interview); Raise The Barn; Getting Ready For A New Album (Interview); Sweet Thing; Kisses (Interview); Kiss a Girl (iTunes Originals Version); Metaphors (Interview); 'Til Summer Comes Around (iTunes Originals Version); It's A Combination Of Things (Interview); Only You Can Love Me This Way (iTunes Originals Version) – 21-07-09
Capitol 0999-6-47695-2 Get Closer: Put You In A Song; You Gonna Fly; All For You; Long Hot Summer; Without You; Georgia Woods; Right On Back To You; Shut Out The Lights; - 16-11-10 (also as De/Luxe version 0999-47071-2-0  with bonus tracks Big Promises; Luxury Of Knowing; Winning; Once In A Lifetime -Live-; You Look Good In My Shirt -Live-; Better Life -Live-; Everybody -Live-)
EMI [AUS] 0999-6-24518-2-6 The Story So Far: Kiss A Girl; Long Hot Summer; Somebody Like You; Making Memories of Us; Days Go By; Put You In A Song; Without You; You Look Good In My Shirt; Stupid Boy; Once In a Lifetime; Sweet Thing; You'll Think of Me; I Told You So; Only You Can Love Me This Way; You're My Better Half; Tonight I Wanna Cry; For You; Raining on Sunday; Better Life – 05-12 (sampler)
Capitol B0019113-02 Fuse: Somewhere In My Car;  Even The Stars Fall;  Cop Car;  Shame;  Good Thing;  We Were Us (with Miranda Lambert);  Love's Poster Child;  She's My; Come Back to Me; Red Camaro; Little Bit Of Everything; Raise 'em up (with Eric Church); Heart Like Mine; Black Leather Jacket; Gonna B Good; Lucky Charm – 10-09-13
Capitol Nashville B0023591-02 Ripcord: Gone Tomorrow (Here Today); John Cougar, John Deere, John; Wasted Time; Habit of You; Sun Don't Let Me Down (feat. Nile Rodgers and Pitbull); Gettin' in the Way; Blue Ain't Your Color; The Fighter (feat. Carrie Underwood); Break on Me; Boy Gets a Truck; Your Body; That Could Still Be Us; Worry 'Bout Nothin' -
Capitol Nashville B0028285-02 Graffiti U:Coming Home [feat. Julia Michaels]; Never Comin Down; Same Heart; My Wave (Intro); My Wave [feat. Shy Carter]; Parallel Line; Drop Top [feat. Kassi Ashton];  Way Too Long; Horses [feat. Lindsay Ell]; Gemini;  Texas Time (Intro);  Texas Time;  Love The Way It Hurts (So Good); Female;  Steal My Thunder – 27-04-18
Capitol Nashville B0032456-02 The Speed Of Now Part 1: Out The Cage; One Too Many;  Live With; Superman; Change Your Mind; Forever; Say Something; Soul Food; Ain't It Like A Woman;  With You; Tumbleweed; God Whispered Your Name; Polaroid; Better Than I Am; We Were; We Were (w. Eric Church) – 18-09-20


EMI [AUS] 2598-2 Only You: Only You; The River; Arms Of Mary – 91
Capitol Nashville no # Live From AOL Sessions: Days Go By; You’re My Better Half; Making Memories Of Us; You’ll Think Of Me – 22-02-05 (digital)
Capitol Nashville ? You’ll Think Of Me: . You'll Think Of Me;  You'll Think Of Me (Live);  If You Wanna Stay;  What About Me – 05 (sampler)
Capitol Nashville ? Wild Hearts:  Wild Hearts; Gone Tomorrow (Here Today);  Wasted Time;  Live With; Days Go By - 25-02-22 (sampler)
Capitol Nashville ? Shine: Shine; Coming Home; I Told You So; Somebody Like You; Days Go By; Gone Tonmorrow (Here Today) – 06-10-23 (sampler)

EMI 2414 I Never Work On Sunday / Homefires – 90
EMI 2598-7  Only You / The River – 12-06-91
Capitol (1999-)
58799 It's A Love Thing / It's A Love Thing - 08-99
58847 Your Everything / If You Wanna Stay - 02-00
58877 But For The Grace Of God / I Thought You Knew - 09-00
58992 Where The Blacktop Ends / Rollercoaster - 02-01
Virgin 17673 2 Somebody Like You [radio remix edit] / Somebody Like You [redio remix] – 03
19725-2 You’ll Think Of Me [edit] – 04 (CD, promo)
76167-2 Once In A Lifetime (Vocal Up Mix Radio Edit); Once In A Lifetime (Vocal Up Mix Album Version); Once In A Lifetime (Research Hook) – 06 (CD, promo)
88245-2 Stupid Boy – 06 (CD, promo)
94760-2 I Told You So (Edit); I Told You So (Album Version); I Told You So (Research Hook) – 07
27871-2 You Look Good In My Shirt – 08 (CD, promo)
66209 -2 Sweet thing – 08 (CD, promo)
Big Machine BMRTM 0103 Highway Don’t Care [radio edit]; Highway Don’t Care – 13 w. Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift

EMI / Guitar Monkey 7243-5-44632-9-7 Livin‘ Right Now: [Audio:] Most People I Know (Think That I'm Crazy); [Set List:] These Are Days (Intro); Days Go By;    Better Life; Raining On Sunday; You Won; You're My Better Half;    Blacktop; Grace Of God; The Hard Way; Making Memories Of Us; Jeans On; You'll Think Of Me; She's Gotta Be; You Look Good In My Shirt; Free Fallin'; Somebody Like You; Tonight I Wanna Cry; Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me; These Are The Days; [Soundcheck:] You're Not Alone Tonight; Don't Shut Me Out; Homespun Love – 05