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Lee Denson (Jesse James)

Jesse Lee Denson, *25-08-1932 Rienzi, MS, +06-11.2007 Memphis, TN
By Praguefrank, Mario Manciotti, Thieu Van De Vorst
12 December 1956 RCA Victor Studio, New York City – Lee Denson
001 G4-PW-9829 THE PIED PIPER Vik 45X-0251/CD 27115
002 G4-PW-9830? LOVE TWISTER  Vik unissued/CD 27115
003 G4-PW-9831? IT TOOK TOO LONG  Vik unissued/CD 27115
004 G4-PW-9832 HEART OF A FOOL Vik 45X-0251 /CD 27115
Ca April 1957 Gold Star Recording Studios, 6252 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, CA – Lee Denson (Lee Denson [vcl], Eddie Cochran [ld gt],  Connie "Guybo" Smith [bass], Jerry Capehart [percussion])
005 H4-PW-3958 CLIMB LOVE MOUNTAIN 45X-0281/CD 27115
006 H4-PW-3959 NEW SHOES 45X-0281 /CD 27115 BCD 15622
3 March 1958 unknown – Lee Denson
007 HIGH SCHOOL HOP Kent 45x306/CD 27115
008 DEVIL DOLL Kent 45x306/CD 27115
1958 unknown – Jesse James
009 RED HOT ROCKIN' RALLY Kent unissued/ACE CDCHD 768 CD 27115
011 SOUTH'S GONNA RISE AGAIN 45X314 / ACE CDCHD 768 CD 27115 [alt.] ACE CDCHD 768 CD 27115
012 RED HOT ROCKIN BLUES 45X314 / ACE CDCHD 768 CD 27115
late 1959 unknown – Lee Denson
013 1021 TWANG  Merri 202/CD 27115
014 1022 A TREE IN THE MEADOW Merri 202/CD 27115
+ two more unknown titles
1960 unknown – Lee Denson
017 TEEN-AGE WORLD Merri 205/CD 27115
018 WHO TICKLED THE SPHINX Merri 205/CD 27115
1966 unknown – Lee Denson (Producer: Joe Osborn)
019 ML 7939 SIXTEEN STATES Magic Lamp ML 703 /CD 27115
020 ML 7940 MISSISSIPPI BRIDGE Magic Lamp ML 703/CD 27115
1973 Stax Recording Studio, 926 East McLemore St., Mamphis, TN
021 ES-01360/ZSSB-146958 THE MIRACLE OF THE ROSARY Enterprise ENA-9086/CD 271 15
022 ES-01361/ZSSB-146959 A MOM AND DAD FOR CHRISTMAS Enterprise ENA-9086/CD 27115
1976 unknown – Lee Denson
023 LORD, LET MY HEART SING  Eternal Rainbow 197601
024 I'M THANKIN' YOU LORD  Eternal Rainbow 197601
025 ARE YOU READY FOR JESUS  Eternal Rainbow 197601
026 I KNOW HE LOVES ME  Eternal Rainbow 197601
027 JESUS AND MARY  Eternal Rainbow 197601
028 MY GOD GAVE A GOOD JOB TO ME  Eternal Rainbow 197601
029 IN THE UPPER ROOM  Eternal Rainbow 197601
030 LORD HELP US  Eternal Rainbow 197601
031 WHY JESUS CAME  Eternal Rainbow 197601
032 GLORIOUS MORNING  Eternal Rainbow 197601
033 THE LORD'S PRAYER  Eternal Rainbow 197601
1978 American Studio, Nashville, TN/Mercury Custo Studio, Nashville, TN/ Norhtern Stusio, ?/ Intermedia Studio, ? – Lee Denson (Lee Denson [vcl/ac gt], Allan Bessette/ Gregg Pokorny [ac gt], Reggie Young [classical gt], Leo LeBlanc [ac gt/steel], Mike Ide [steel], Jesse Denson/ Mike Leech [bass], Charles Mazza/ Brian Duffy/ Mary Denson [drums], Ed Wood/ Shane Keester/ Brian Duffy [piano], David Dachinger [bassoon], Dana Bernor [harmonica], Michael Levins, Gladys Patch, Martha Hoffman, Diane Wheeler, Dan Keller [violin], Paul Sullivan, David Henks [cello], The Memphis Strings [strings], Felice Pomeray, Fay Seeman [harp], Richard Dellesio [oboe], Tom Johnson, Roy Campbell [trombone], Dave Wetmore, Roland Sylvester, Rodney Sutch [trumpet], Margaret Mellett, Bob Moffett [French Horn], Eddy Farrell, Dick Riley, Susan Bull [recorder], Rivka Isakar, Kathy Roberts, Eleanor McGonagle, Angela Brown, Viki Brown, Christopher Burns, R. Nicholas Burns, Anthony Compangnone Jr., Michael Gallagher, Charie La Monica, Mark Nucio, Alan Perkin, Kathleen Phinney, Sarah Piepgrass, John Rogers, Chantal Van Lede, Alan Clark, Peter Baker, Tim Shetler Smith, Randy Fish, Lea Jane and Nashville Chorus [chorus]. Producer: Lee Denson, Michael Levine, Tom Johnson)
034 MIRACLE OF THE ROSARY  Eternal Rainbow 197802
035 JESUS AND MARY  Eternal Rainbow 197802
036 WERE YOU THERE  Eternal Rainbow 197802
037 I’LL FOLLOW YOU MY LORD  Eternal Rainbow 197802
038 HE TOUCHED ME  Eternal Rainbow 197802
039 HOW GREAT THOU ART  Eternal Rainbow 197802
040 HE’S THE ONE  Eternal Rainbow 197802
041 VOICE OF THE UNBORN CHILD  Eternal Rainbow 197802
042 AMAZING GRACE Eternal Rainbow 197802
043 I OFFER THIS DAY TO YOU  Eternal Rainbow 197802
044 OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY  Eternal Rainbow 197802
045 AVE MARIA  Eternal Rainbow 197802
Summer 1980 unknown Lee Denson and Mary Denson (Producer: Lee Denson)
046 JESUS I TRUST IN THEE  Eternal Rainbow 198001
047 HERE I AM LORD  Eternal Rainbow 198001
048 HOLY SPIRIT COME IN  Eternal Rainbow 198001
049 WHITE DOVE  Eternal Rainbow 198001
050 CANTICLE OF CREATION  Eternal Rainbow 198001
051 MARIA  Eternal Rainbow 198001
052 WHAT A FRIEND  Eternal Rainbow 198001
053 MEN OF FAITH  Eternal Rainbow 198001
054 I COME TO THE GARDEN  Eternal Rainbow 198001
055 MARY AT THE CROSS  Eternal Rainbow 198001
Lee Denson recorded also album God Bless America Again, details unknown

Eternal Rainbow 197601 Lord Let My Heart Sing: Lord, Let My Heart Sing; I'm Thankin' You Lord; Are You Ready For Jesus; I Know He Loves Me; Jesus And Mary; My God Gave A Good Job To Me; In The Upper Room; Lord Help Us; Why Jesus Came; Glorious Morning; The Lord's Prayer – 76 (MX: LD 1176-1/2)
Eternal Rainbow LP-197802 Miracle Of The Rosary: Miracle Of The Rosary; Jesus And Mary; Were You There; I’ll Follow You My Lord; He Touched Me; How Great Thou Art; He’s The One; Voice Of The Unborn Child; Amazing Grace; I Offer This Day To You; Our Lady Of The Rosary; Ave Maria - 78
Eternal Rainbow SP 198001 The God Of Mercy: Jesus I Trust In Thee; Here I Am Lord; Holy Spirit Come In; White Dove; Canticle Of Creation; Maria; What A Friend; Men Of Faith; I Come To The Garden; Mary At The Cross – 80 w. Mary Denson
Eternal Raimbow ? God Bless America Again: (details unknown)
Hydra [GER] BCK 27115 The South's Gonna Rise Again: South's Gonna Rise Again;  Heart Of A Fool;  Pied Piper; Red Hot Rockin' Blues; Love Twister;  It Took Too Long;  Rock Daddy Rock;  Red Hot Rockin' Rally;  Twang;  Treat In The Meadow;  Devil Doll;  High School Hop;  New Shoes;  Climb Love Mountain;  Who Tickled The Sphinx;  Teenage World;  South's Gonna Rise Again;  Mississippi Bridge;  Sixteen States;  Miracle Of The Rosary;  Mom And Dad For Christmas;  Miracle Of A Rosary- 01

45X-0251 Heart Of A Fool / The Pied Piper – 12-56
45X-0281 New Shoes / Climb Love Mountain – 06-57 (rev. July 1)
45x306 High School Hop / Devil Doll - 58
45x314 South's Gonna Rise Again / Red Hot Rockin Blues – 09-58 as by Jesse James
Merri (rev. Sept. 15)
202 A Tree In The Meadow / Twang – 04-60
205 Teen-Age World / Who Tickled The Sphinx – 08-60 (rev. Aug. 8)
Magic Lamp
ML 703 Sixteen States / Mississippi Bridge – 66
ENA-9086 The Miracle Of The Rosary / A Mom And Dad For Christmas – 12-73
STA 9100 The Miracle Of The Rosary / The Miracle Of The Rosary – 01-74 (promo)


Johnny Long

By Jim Loessberg, Praguefrank

Ca 1962 unknown – Johnny Long
001 S-2243 THE OTHER SIDE OF LOVE Golden Wing GW 3002 
002 S-2244 AS MUCH Golden Wing GW 3002 
1963 prob. Kay Bank Studio, 26 Nicollet St., Minneapolis, MN – Johnny Long
004 KB 3656B THAT'S THAT  4001
1974 unknown – Johnny long
005 SIX STRING BUDDY Artist’s 740342
006 BABY YOU KNOW Artist’s 740342
007 SWEET WOMAN OF LOVE Artist‘s 740343
008 FOREVER STRANGERS Artist‘s 740343

Golden Wing (1962?)
GW 3002  As Much / The Other Side Of Love – 62?
Stopp (1963)
No. 4001 At Least A Thousand Times / That's That – 63
Artist‘s (1974)
740342 Six String Buddy/Baby You Know - 74
740343 Sweet Woman Of Love / Forever Strangers – 74
Possibly same artist
Stardust 45-6203 Twist Robin / It’s My Way -  w. Woody and The Brothers Three