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Singing Cookes / The Cooke Brothers

 by Praguefrank, with help of SG History site
  see also The Cooke Duet

there is not enough info for creating sessionography

The Singing Cookes 43364 The Singing Cookes:
Family Ties Won't Be Broken; Mama; Looking Through A Spiritual Window; God's Dearest Lamb; He Keeps Leading Me On; I Want Us To Be Together In Heaven; He Sees Me With His Heart; God's Great Chariot; I'm Gonna Shout Hallelujah; High On The Mountain – 64?
The Singing Cookes ? A Better Place To Go: (tracks unknown) – 70 note: this album may have been by The Cooke Duet
Jordan 740936 I Know Jesus Will Welcome Me Home: I Know Jesus Will Welcome Me Home; Hallelujah What A Morning; The Sun Won't Ever Go Down In That City; The Great High Mountain; A Hymn From Way Back Home; I Won't Be Coming Back Anymore; Eastern Gate; My Heavenly Home; What A Time In Heaven; At The Crossing – 74
Trail TSRC-751413 Beautiful: The Sweetest Words He Ever Said; One Day At A Time; Love Will Roll The Clouds Away; When My Name Is Called In Glory; Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City; Sing The Glory Down; Beautiful; I Saw The Man; Gray Hair In Mother's Head; The First Sound After Death – 75
Jewel LPS 601 Stand By Me Lord: Stand By Me Lord; Look For Me At Jesus Feet; Hallelujah Meeting; I'm So Glad He Found Me; The First Million Years; Who'll Pray For Me When Mama's Gone; Moving On Up; No More Crying; Meet Me Over On The Other Side; I Feel So Near To Thee – 76 (reissued on Cooke 790306 in 1979)
Trail TSRC-6517 Don't Take My Mountain Away: Don't Take My Mountain Away; Happy Journey; Mama Needs No Marker; I'll Keep Holding On; The Touch Of The Master's Strong Hand; It'll Be Alright With Me; Mount Calvary; In The Valley He Restoreth My Soul; It's A Long Road; There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down – 76
Artist’s Recording 770319 He Rows Me Over The Tide: He Rows Me Over The Tide; One Way Flight; Now I'm Close To Jesus; You Never Mentioned Him To Me; On Heaven's Bright Shore; Mom Will Sing Amazing Grace; Some Morning Yonder; Near To Thee; Worth All My Trials; I'll Never Be The Same – 77 (reissued o QCA 382 in 1978)
Artist’s Recording 780119 My God Knows What I Need: My God Knows What I Need; I'm Just One Of His Children; There's Always A Rainbow?; Hill Lone And Gray; His Amazing Grace; Memories Of Mama; Beyond The Clouds; I've Never Been This Homesick Before; When The Flowers Of God Shall Bloom; All The Praises – 78
The Singing Cookes 790130 He's Always There: He's Always There; I'm Coming Back To The House; My Day Will Come; What Good Is Man Without God; What Will It Be Beyond The River For Me; He Was There All The Time; I'm On My Way; Mama's Gone A Riding; He Holds Me Secure; Come Shake Hands With Me – 79
Trail TSRC 9851 Live: Introduction; On Heaven's Bright Shore; Some Morning Yonder; A Place I've Never Been; Mama Needs No Marker; There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down; You've Got To Be Tired Lord; Group Introductions; He Rows Me Over The Tide; I'll Fly Away; I've Never Been This Homesick Before – 80
Trail TSRC-9856 God Delivers Again: God Delivers Again; The Touch Of His Love; City Limits Of Heaven; The Angels Sing Happy Birthday; Worth All My Trials; He Gave His Only Son; Homecoming In The Sky; That Same Spirit; The Upper Window; Precious Jesus – 80
Singing Cookes ? A Beautiful City: Heading To Canaan; Home Has Never Looked So Good; Use Me; I've Got To Make Do Somehow; Looking Up; I'm So Glad I'm Ready; Baptism Of Jesus; King Jesus; I Pressed Through The Crowd; Going To A Beautiful City – 80
Trail TSRC-1974 My Lord Will Send A Moses: My Lord Will Send A Moses; He Must Have Walked The Lowest Valley; Beyond The Sunset For Me; Until The Race Is Run; How Great It Is; Oh What A City; It Makes It All Worth While; Sounds Of That City; Let The World Go By; We're All Going Home – 81
Windchime WC 5006 He Will Understand: He Will Understand; I Want To Be Waiting; Home Has Never Looked So Good To Me; It's All Up To You; It Was Love; Nothing Can Hold Me Here; Lookin' Up; He'll Walk On The Water; I Caught A Glimpse Of That City; King Jesus – 82
Windchime WC 5013 Mail Order From Heaven: Mail Order From Heaven; Victory Is Sweet; Way Below The Bottom; When I Cross That River; Jesus; Heading For Canaan; Baptism Of Jesus; Going To A Beautiful City; Mother's At Rest; I've Got To Make It Somehow – 83
Windchime WC 5019 I Think I'll Read It Again: I Think I'll Read It Again; On This Side Of The Grave; Use Me; Still Loving Me; Come Spring; I'm So Glad I'm Ready; Don't Even Look Back; Children Keep Moving; A Million Tears Or More; I Pressed Through The Crowd – 83
Cooke no # On Ahead Is Gloryland:  On Ahead Is Gloryland; Old Crossroad; Someday I'm Going Home; They've Moved Our Reunion To Heaven; This Little Light Of Mine; It's Gonna Rain; Family Circle; Mother's Last Message; He Loved Me More And More; A Better Place To Go – 84
Cooke 850202 We've Got To Move Out: We've Got To Move Out; Who Can Explain; Heaven On The Horizon; I Still Like The Songs That Momma Sang The Best; He's Coming For Me; I'll Wear A White Robe; Road Block To Calvary; Never Say Goodbye; I'll Bear My Cross; Heart That Will Never Break Again – 85
Cooke SC 27 Silver Anniversary Live: My Lord Will Send A Moses; Way Below The Bottom; When I Crossed That River; I Won't Be Coming Back Anymore; Nearer To Thee; City Limits Of Heaven; Victory Is Sweet; Nothing Can Hold Me Here; Stand By Me; Heaven Will Never Welcome A Sweeter Mama – 86
Cooke no # [SC 28?] Going On With Jesus Just The Same: I Can't Hardly Wait; His Coming Is Nigh At The Door; When I First Heard Mama Pray; Go Bring My Children Home; Sail On In; Designed By A King; The Cross Was The Greatest Mile; Freedom Of An Eagle; Memories Of The Coal Miners - 86
Cooke SC 29 Holding To Jesus: Holding To Jesus; A True Lord; Climb The Mountain High; Fear Not, I'm Here; Dry Bones; Footsteps Of Mama; I'm Gonna Make It; Sinner's Prayer; There's No Place Like Home; Jesus Speaks Peace - 88
Cooke SC 32 Precious Memories: Precious Memories; How Beautiful Heaven Must Be; Lord, I'm Coming Home/Oh How I Love Jesus; The Unclouded Day; Swing Low Sweet Chariot; Take My Hand Precious Lord; Where We'll Never Grow Old; Farther Along; Heaven's Jubilee; O I Want To See Him - 89
Cooke C 4085 Hope, Faith And Love: He’s Alive; Our First Day In Heaven; Where The River Runs Cold; When The Trumpet Sounds; My Day Will Come; I’m Going Home with Jesus; No More Pain; Now I Know; Son Shines; Heaven Holds All For Me – 90 (cassette)
Cooke SC 33? Just On Time: My God Comes Just On Time; Won't Somebody Call My Name Tonight; Nearing That City; Lord It's Just Another Hill; Heading To The Promise Land; My Mama's Roses; Walking By Faith; The Greatest Gift Of All; Land Of The Living; I Didn't Leave Like I Came - 91
Cooke SC 34 Come Up Higher: Come Up Higher; Some Dawning; When He Beckons Me Home; Don't Ever Lose Sight Of Your Goal; The Last Mile Together; Earth's Loss, Heaven's Gain; Oh How It Makes Me Want To Go; Mama's Simple Prayer; In God's Eyes; A Crown Of Life - 92
Cooke SC 36 Heavenly Flight: Eternity Has Begun; The King Is Coming Back; My Hearts Already Home; Calvary’s Battleground; Running My Last Mile Home; Let Me Rise; Precious Memories; Come Alive; Land Of My Dreams; All I Have To Offer Is Jesus; Heavenly Flight - 94
Cooke SC 37  A New Sunrise: Empty Tomb; Dusty Roads; Just One Of His Children; Jesus Will Outshine Them All; Roadblock To Calvary?; You First Loved Me; A New Sunrise; I Saw The Face Of Jesus; When I Reach Home; Jesus Is More Than Enough - 95
Cooke SC 38 Crossing That River: No Grave For Momma; I Wonder What He Wrote; He Means The World To Me; I Have Family On Both Sides; At The Feet Of God; Don't Quit; Hold On To His Promise; I Will Rise Up From The Grave; Looking Beyond; I'm Crossing That River - 97
Cooke SC 39 Crossing That River, 35th Anniversary Special Edition: (tracks unknown) -  98
Cooke SC 40 Running My Last Mile Home Live: Running My Last Mile Home; I Want Us To Be Together In Heaven; Mama(Send Your Best Angel For Mama); You First Loved Me; Empty Tomb; Go Rest High On That Mountain; Chiseled In Stone; My God Still Moves; Ride Out The Storm; I Saw The Face Of Jesus; When I Reach Home; Roadblock To Calvary - 98
Cooke 70698.3 Jesus Said It Is Finished : Jesus Said, "It Is Finished"; Momma's Memories; Old Time Way; Another Victory Is Mine; Heaven Is Waiting For Me; Where We'll Never Cry Again; On The Other Side Of Jordan, Trumpet In The Ground; Look For Me Around God's Throne; It's Done - 98
Cooke SC 41 See You In A Little While: See You In A Little While; Never Say Good-Bye; The Bridge Over Jordan; Just A Brief Parting; Running On With Victory; Thinking Of Home; Where There's No Night; What A Prayer Can Do; He Still Looks Over Me; Cool Chilly Waters - 99
Cooke SC 42 We're Closer To Home: Place To Spend The Night; I'm Walking With Jesus; We Must Be Getting Closer To Home; I Claim The Blood; Waiting For My Ride; There's A Blessed Morning Coming; We're All Going Home; If You Fail To Reach Heaven; Outside The Gate; Grave Clothes - 99
Cooke 171600.4 Bluegrass Gospel: Wayfaring Pilgrim; Mama's Gone Riding; I'm Coming Back To Your House; Hymns From Way Back Home; Designed By A King; This Little Light Of Mine; Shout and Shine; Mama Sings Amazing Grace; How Precious Is The Promise; Six Hours On The Cross - 00
Cooke SC 43? Songs About Mama: My Mama's Roses;     Footsteps Of Mama; Mama's Homecoming; Songs That Momma Sang; Mama's Simple Prayer;     Mothers At Rest; Mama (Send Your Best Angel); Mama Needs No Marker; Thank You Lord For Mama;     Heaven Will Never Welcome A Sweeter Mama - 01
Cooke SC 44 Good Morning Child: On This Side Of The River; Good Morning Child; Jesus Paid It All; Stand By Me; I'll Fear Not Tomorrow; You'll Never Run Out Of The Blood; Shout Me Out; Mama's Empty Room; I'm Walking On Solid Ground; What A Time In Heaven - 01
Cooke SC 45 Sweet Tomorrow:I've Been Touched; A Place I've Never Been; Sweet Tomorrow; It Wasn't The Nails; No City Like Heaven; Heaven Sweet Heaven, My Home; Soldier And The Blind Boy;  Hilltops Of Glory; Have A Happy Mother's Day; The Cross Wins Again   02
Cooke SC 46 I'm Going To A City: I'm Going To A City; Land Beyond The Stars; My Home's A Sight To See; When He Returns A Second Time; I'll Never Sing A Sad Song Again;In A Garden Of Stone; Jesus, Daddy, and You; The Tomb Is Empty; All I Need Is Jesus; Coming Down - 03
Cooke SC 47 Bluegrass Gospel #2: Family Circle; The Old Crossroads; I Didn't Leave Like I Came; Sinners Prayer; Great High Mountain; Memories Of The Coalmines; In The Palm Of His Hand; I Can't Hardly Wait; Just A Grain Of Sand; I Won't Be Coming Back Anymore – 04
Cooke SC 48 Dream Of Heaven: Dream Of Heaven; She's Not Crying Anymore; We'll Go Home Together On A Cloud; While I Was Praying; He Was Willing To Go All The Way; This Journey; When I Crossed That River; The Borrowed Tomb; Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me; I'll Fly Away - 05
Cooke SC 49 Nothing Can Hold Me Here: I Wasn't There; No Longer Among The Dead; Walk Through The Gates; Stand Back; What's Wrong With Living Right; Good Times With Momma; I'll Not Be Dead; Banks Of The River; That Same Spirit; Nothing Can Hold Me Here - 06

Cooke SC 50 A Beautiful City: Heading To Canaan;  Home Has Never Looked So Good To Me;  Use Me;  I've Got To Make Do Somehow;  Lookin' Up; I'm So Glad I'm Ready; Baptism Of Jesus;  King Jesus; I Pressed Through The Crowd; Going To A Beautiful City – 07 (sampler)
Cooke SC 51 When I Get There: When I Get There; Hero On The Hill; Almost Home; Stand By Me Lord; Where The Flowers Never Fade; A Place I Call Home; There Will Be No Graves In Glory; Don't Ask Me To Stay; Another Friend Is Gone; I See Those Storm Clouds Gathering - 08
Cooke SC 52 Land Of My Dreams: Land Of My Dreams; Looking Through A Spiritual Window; Precious Memories Come Alive; A Place I've Never Been; Fear Not I'm Here; A Sinner's Prayer; No Place Like Home; Momma's Simple Prayer; Holding To Jesus; God Will Make A Way; Let Me Rise – 09
Cooke SC 53 Heaven's Sounding Sweeter:  Homecoming In The Sky; This Is What Heaven Means To Me; The Church Has Moved Away; He Keeps Leading Me On; We're Living In Peerless Times; Mama Has A Special Place To Go; On The Wings Of The Wind; Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City; One More Time; Heaven Is Sounding Sweeter – 10
Cooke 39519811 Greatest Hits Volume One: Earth's Loss, Heaven's Gain; Family Ties Won't Be Broken; He Has Risen; He Rows Me Over The Tide; He Will Understand; He's Alive; I Hope We Walk The Last Mile Together; I Want Us To Be Together In Heaven; My Lord Will Send A Moses; Oh What A City; Our First Day In Heaven; Mama (Send Your Best Angel For Mama); There Ain't No Grave; There Ain't No Grave (Live); Victory Is Sweet; Victory Is Sweet (Live); Way Below The Bottom - 10
Cooke 392102.10 Greatest Hits Volume II: Land Of The Living; A True Lord; One Way Flight; Hill Lone And Grey; He Must Have Walked The Lowest Valley; Mail Order From Heaven; City Limits From Heaven; I'll Have A Heart That Will Never Break Again; Memories Of Momma; He Sees Me With His Heart; A Million Tears Or More; Some Morning Yonder; I Think I'll Read It Again; I've Never Been Homesick Before; I May Be Leaving In The Morning - 10
Cooke SC 54  I'll Be There: I'll Be There; Hold On A Little Longer; I'll Just Stop Long Enough; Don't Worry About Me; It's Me Again Lord; What A Day That Will Be; We'll Have A Reunion; Old Time Way; It Is Finished; Jesus Has Conquered The Grave - 11
Cooke SC 52 50 Years Of Gospel Music: A Better Place to Go;     Sweet Heaven in My View; Striving fo that City; The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow; God's Not Dead; Heaven Holds All for Me; I Had a Vision of Heaven; Jesus Will Outshine Them All; What a Time in Heaven; Beautiful; The First Million Years; There's Always a Rainbow; On Heaven's Bright Shore; Upper Windows; Beyond the Sunset; They've Moved Our Reunion to Heaven; I'm Going On With Jesus; God's Dearest Lamb; Dry Bones; Memories from Way Back Home; Memories from Way Back Home; Worth All My Trials; Where We'll Never Grow Old; Heading to the Promised Land; Come Up Higher; Momma Prayed for Me; The King is Coming Back; Dusty Roads;  Empty Tomb;  Bridge Over Jordan; This Little Light of Mine; Good Morning Child; Have a Happy Mother's Day; Jesus, Daddy, and You; Memories of the Coal Mines; She's Not Crying Anymore; Walk Through the Gates; I Pressed Through the Crowd; Another Friend is Gone; Precious Memories Come Alive; Heaven's Sounding Sweeter – 12 (double)
Cooke SC 56 Songs From The Appalachian Mountains: The Eastern Gate; He Set Me Free; Amazing Grace; Rank Stranger To Me; I Feel Like Traveling On; Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior; Because He Lives; Oh I Want To See Him; Someone To Care; Will The Circle Be Unbroken; There's A Higher Power; Nothing But The Blood – 13

as by The Cooke Brothers
Cooke 850203 Answer To Momma's Prayer:
Answer To Momma's Prayer; My Best Friend; I Love Him; Final Change; Let Us Pray; Papa; He Brings Out The Best In Me; Safely In The Arms Of Jesus; Trust In Jesus; I Can Call Jesus – 85
Cooke EO 43041 Welcome Home, Son: Welcome Home Son; Life's Railway To Heaven; I've Got A Brand New Song; I'm Only Human; I'm Holding On; Working My Way Back To Calvary; He Picked A Rose; Sounds Like Home; Lord If I Didn't Have You; Sing A Song For Jesus – 86
Cooke 43531 Jesus Filled This Emptiness: Jesus Filled This Emptiness; You Took This Life; He Loves You; Time To Go Back Home; He Did It For You; The Auction; Good News; With His Hand On My Shoulder; New Star Shining; He's My Strength – 8-
Cooke CB 0004 A Little At A Time: A Little At A Time; This Journey; Look Out Across The Valley Son; Everything I Wanted And More; He Loosened The Chains; It's Gonna Rain; Don't Worry About The Mountains; He Speaks To Me; Oh Why; The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn; Daniel Prayed – 8-
Cooke CB 15 Wings: The Wings Of Mama's Prayer; He'll Come To You; Get My Name In The Big Book; If There's A Phone In Heaven; She's Gone; Somwhere Between Mercy and Grace; Welcome To The Lost and Found; Unbelievable; The Maker Of The Cross; It's Gonna Rain. (Daniel, James, Donny, Ronny, Daniel). – 06
Cooke ? The Chains Fell Away: The Chains Fell Away; He Never Gave Up; Mamas Up In Heaven; Highway To Heaven; Light At he End Of The Darkness; I Want To Go Home; Freedom Of An Eagle; What Will It Be Like; His Name Is Jesus; He Whispers Sweet Peace To Me – 08


CR 8617 Going On With Jesus Just The Same / Going On With Jesus Just The Same – 86 (promo)
CR-92689 Don’t Look To The Right / Don’t Look To The Right – 89 The Cooke Brothers
CR 186 Welcome Home, Son / Working My Way Back To Calvary – 89 The Cooke Brothers


Don Guess

*14-05-1936 Aspermont, TX, +21-10-1992
2nd version
by Praguefrank, Michel Ruppli, Adam Komorowski

13 February 1957 Nor-Va-Jak Studio, 1313 West 7th St., Clovis, NM – Don Guess (Don Guess [vcl] + Four Teens: Larry Welborn  [gt], Joe B. Mauldin [bass],  Brownie Higgs [drums])
002 YOU ARE MINE unissued
ca May 1958 Alamogardo, NM – Don Guess and The Rock Kings (Don Guess [vcl/bass],  Larry Welborn [ld gt],  Brownie Higgs [drums],  Bill Pickering, Buck Stevenson, J.B. Mann [vcl chorus])
003 4259A FINDERS KEEPERS 45-111
004 4259B IMAGINATION 45-111
10 August 1958 Bradley Film and  Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville,  TN - Don Guess (Grady Martin [gt], Bud Wilson [bass], ? [drums], Floyd Cramer [piano], Boots Randolph [sax] + Anita Kerr Singers)
005 105672/NA 10351 SHIR-LEE Brunswick 9-55101
006 105673/NA 10352 LET ME BE YOUR LOVE  unissued
007 105674/NA 10353 GOOD GOOD FEELING  unissued
008 105675/NA 10354 JUST A LITTLE LOVIN‘ BABY  Brunswick 9-55102
1963 Blakeley Studio, Roswell, NM – Don Guess
009 none I FELL IN LOVE AB 100
1964 Roswell, NM – Don Guess (Don Guess [vcl/gt], Robert Hart [drums] +  The Guess Sisters [bck vcl])
012 AB 104 HOLD BACK THE NIGHT AB 103/104
1975 unknown – Don Guess (Producer: Roger Hale)
014 35526 BONY MARONIE 45106

Brunswick (1958)
9-55101 Shirl-Lee / Just A Little Lovin' Baby – 11-58
Yucca (1959)
45-111 Finders Keepers / Imagination – 06-59 (rev. June 8)
Profiile (1964)
AB 100 I Fell In Love / You're Imagining Things - 64
AB 103/104 Kennedy, Lincoln Martin Luther King / Hold Back The Night – 64
Roro (1975)
45106 Swingin' Doors Tell Me I'm Home / Bony Maronie - 75

Remedy Club

 KJ McEvoy
Aileen Mythen

By Praguefrank

2017 unknown – The Remedy Club
Tracks above issued on album Lovers, Legends And Lost Causes
2019 Room and Board studios, Nashville, TN – The Remedy Club (+ Lex Price [bass], Lynn Williams [drums] + more unknown musicians. Producer: Ray Kennedy)
Tracks above issued on album True Hand True Heart
2021 unknown - The Remedy Club, Gavin Glass, Turlough Gunawardhana
022 WILD ONE digital single [rel. Aug. 20]
2022 Orphan Recording, Raven Rock, Ballina, Galbally, Co., Wexford, IRL – The Remedy Club ( + Aongus Ralston [bass], Binzer Brennan [drums], Michael Buckley,Ronan Dooney [brass]. Producer: Gavin Glass)
tracks above issued on album Back To You

High Flying Disc  [IRL] no # Lovers, Legends And Lost Causes:
I Miss You; Come On; Big Ol' Fancy; When Tom Waits Up; Last Song; Bottom Of The Hill; Get Away With It; Django; Listening To Hank Williams; Sweeet White Lies; This Is Love – 08-11-17
The Remedy Club [IRL] TRC 2020LP/TRC 2020CD True Hand True Heart: Sweet Symphony; True Hand True Heart; Fire and Gasoline; Let the Good Times Roll; Reclaim; I Got You; Time Won't Wait for Me; I Survived; Seeing You Again; Taste of Gold – 27-03-20
Man In The Moon [IRL] 197338 755365 Back To You:  Back To You;  Would You Be So Sure;  Roll With It;  It's All Right;  Texas Sky;  Say a Prayer;  Write Me A Letter;  Complicated;  Boleyn’s Blues;  Your Light Shines;  Worthwhile;  I'm Going Home – 26-05-23



 2nd version
By Praguefrank

1994 OMNI Studios, Nashville, TN /Seacoast Sound, Victoria, BC, CAN / Studio 19, Nashville, TN/ Treasure Isle Studios, Nashville, TN – The Moffatts (Scott Moffatt,  Dave Moffatt, Clint Moffatt, Bob Moffatt  + Mike McAdoo [gt/banjo], Darrin Law [el gt], John Willis [el gt], Robert Byrne [gt],  Brian Newcombe / Mike Chapman [bass],  Jerry Adolphe / Milton Sledge [drums], George Mason [fiddle],  Gary Prim / Morry Stearns [keyboards/ piano], Darlana Moffatt [vcl]. Producer: Bob Benson, Frank Moffatt, Darlana Moffatt / Robert Byrne [1])
001 (WHAT A) WONDERFUL WORLD [1] Mercury  527 374-2   
002 GRANDMA Mercury  527 374-2  
003 WE'RE OFF TO THE RODEO Mercury  527 374-2  
004 ALL I HAVE IS A DREAM Mercury  527 374-2  
005 ITTY BITTY SMILE Mercury  527 374-2  
006 BIRD DOG Mercury  527 374-2  
007 I THINK I'M FALLING IN LOVE Mercury  527 374-2  
008 DOGS IS DOGS Mercury  527 374-2  
009 DO WAH DIDDY DIDDY [1] Mercury  527 374-2
010 THAT'S ALL RIGHT Mercury  527 374-2  
1995 The Music Mill, 1710 Roy Acuff Place, Nashville,  TN - The Moffatts (Scott Moffatt,  Dave Moffatt, Clint Moffatt, Bob Moffatt [vcl/tambourine] + B. James Lowry [ac gt],  Brent Mason [el gt], Danny Parks [el gt/mandolin], Robert Byrne [el gt/percussion/tambourine/ keyboards],   Sonny Garrish [steel], Mike Chapman [bass],  Frank "Blame" Macek/ Milton Sledge [drums],   Rob Hajacos [fiddle],  David Briggs /Mike Lawler/ Randy Sharp [keyboards]. Producer: Harold Shedd, Robert Byrne)
011 THINK SHE LIKES ME  Polydor 527 373-2   
012 THIS BOY  Polydor 527 373-2   
013 GUNS OF LOVE  Polydor 579 510-4/527 373-2   
014 MAMA NEVER TOLD ME 'BOUT YOU  Polydor 527 373-2  
015 JUST THINKIN' ABOUT YOU  Polydor 527 373-2   
016 WHEN GOD MADE YOU  Polydor 527 373-2  
017 CATERPILLAR CRAWL  Polydor 527 373-2  
018 YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO  Polydor 527 373-2  
019 A LITTLE SOMETHING  Polydor 527 373-2
020 DON'T JUDGE THIS BOOK  Polydor 527 373-2  
1998 Aerowave Studios, Encino, CA/Gallery Studios, New York City/Dierks Studios, Stommeln, GER – The Moffatts (Scott Moffatt [vcl/ac/el gt], Dave Moffatt [vcl/keyboards], Clint Moffatt [vocals/bass/percussion], Bob Moffatt [vcl/drums/congas] + Jeff Copeland, Glen Ballard [various instruments], David Mann, Berry Danielian [horns[)
021 UNTIL YOU LOVED ME EMI 58769/8-95169-2  
022 MISERY EMI 8-95169-2   0946-3-77458-2
023 MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY EMI 8-95169-2  0946-3-77458-2
024 WRITTEN ALL OVER MY HEART EMI 8-95169-2 0946-3-77458-2
025 GIRL OF MY DREAMS EMI 8-95169-2  0946-3-77458-2
026 CRAZY 86593/4/EMI 8-95169-2  0946-3-77458-2
027 SAY'N I LOVE YOU EMI 8-95169-2
028 LOVE EMI 8-95169-2 0946-3-77458-2
029 I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU EMI 8-95169-2  0946-3-77458-2
030 WILD AT HEART EMI 8-95169-2  0946-3-77458-2
031 RAINING IN MY MIND EMI 8-95169-2  
032 IF LIFE IS SO SHORT EMI 8-95169-2  0946-3-77458-2
033 JUMP EMI 8-95169-2   0946-3-77458-2
034 FRUSTRATION EMI 8-95169-2   0946-3-77458-2
ca 1999 [live] unknown – The Moffatts
03401 SAYIN' I LOVE YOU 0946-3-77458-2
03402 IF LIFE IS SO SHORT 0946-3-77458-2
2000 Plantation Mixing And Recording, Maui, HI/ The Warehouse Studio, Vancouver, BC, CAN  - The Moffatts (Scott Moffatt [vcl/ gt/lap steel/ sitar], Dave Moffatt [vcl/keyboards], Clint Moffatt [vocals/ac gt/bass], Bob Moffatt [vcl/drums/percussion]. Producer: Bob Rock)
035 JUST ANOTHER PHASE  EMI 5-28569-2  0946-3-77458-2
036 BANG BANG BOOM  EMI 5-28569-2 0946-3-77458-2
037 CALIFORNIA  EMI 5-28569-2
038 ALWAYS IN MY HEART  EMI 5-28569-2
039 TYPICAL  EMI 5-28569-2
040 WALKING BEHIND  EMI 5-28569-2
042 I DONT'T [sic] WANT YOU TO WANT ME  EMI 5-28569-2
043 LIFE ON MARS  EMI 5-28569-2
044 WHO DO YOU LOVE  EMI 5-28569-2  0946-3-77458-2
045 CALL THE DOCTOR  EMI 5-28569-2
046 SPY  EMI 5-28569-2
2001 [live] unknown – The Moffatts
04602 WHY  EMI 889567
Btw 1998-2001 unknown – The Moffatts
047 YAYA 0946-3-77458-2
048 GIRLS OF THE WORLD 0946-3-77458-2
049 MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY (unplugged) 0946-3-77458-2
050 LARA (acoustic) 0946-3-77458-2

Polydor Nashville 314 527 374-2 It's A Wonderful World:
  (What A) Wonderful World;  Grandma; We're Off To The Rodeo; All I Have Is A Dream; Itty Bitty Smile; Bird Dog; I Think I'm Falling In Love; Dogs Is Dogs; Do Wah Diddy Diddy;That's All Right – 20-06-95
Polydor Nashville/Polydor [CAN] 314 527 373-2 The Moffatts: Think She Likes Me;  This Boy;  Guns Of Love;  Mama Never Told Me 'Bout You; Just Thinkin' About You;  When God Made You;  Caterpillar Crawl;  You Are What You Do;  A Little Something; Don't Judge This Book – 10-95
EMI 7243-8-95169-2 Chapter I: A New Beginning:  Until You Loved Me; Misery; Miss You Like Crazy; Written All Over My Heart; Girl Of My Dreams; Crazy; Say'n I Love You; Love; I'll Be There For You; Wild At Heart; Raining In My Mind;  If Life Is So Short -  14-07-98 (reissued on Capitol Nashville 7243-4-97939 in 1999)
EMI Music [CAN] 7243-5-28569-2-3 Submodalities: Just Another Phase; Bang Bang Boom; California; Always In My Heart; Typical; Walking Behind; Antifreeze & Aeroplanes; I Dont't [Sic] Want You To Want Me; Life On Mars; Who Do You Love; Call The Doctor; Spy – 10-00
EMI 0946-3-77458-2-3 Wild at Heart: The Best of The Moffatts: Miss You Like Crazy; Girl Of My Dreams;  If Life Is So Short; I'll Be There For You; Crazy; Misery; Who Do You Love; Love; Bang Bang Boom; Until You Love Me; Yaya; Girls Of The World; Written All Over My Heart;  Just Another Phase; Wild At Heart;Miss You Like ; Crazy (Unplugged Version); Lara (Acoustic Version); Sayin' I Love You (Live Version);  If Life Is So Short (Live Version) – 21-11-06

Polydor (1995)                                                                 
579 510-4  Guns Of Love - 27-06-95  (cassette single)
EMI (1998)
86593  Crazy Pt.1 - 02-03-99  (CD single)
86594  Crazy Pt.2 - 02-03-99  (CD single)
58769  Until You Loved Me - 20-04-99  (CD single)
889567  Just Another Phase / In My Dreams [Live] / Why [Live] – 09-06-01 (CD Single)