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Melissa Etheridge

*29-05-1961 Leavenworth, KS
By Praguefrank

19-23 October 1987 Cherokee Studio I, Hollywood, CA – Melissa Etheridge (Melissa Etheridge [vl/gt], Waddy Wachtel [gt], Johnny Lee Schell [gt], ); Kevin McCormick [bass], Craig Krampf [drums/ percussion], Scott Thurston/ Wally Badarou [keyboards]. Producer: Craig Krampf, Kevin McCormick, Melissa Etheridge, Niko Bolas)
001 SIMILAR FEATURES Island PR 2258-2 90875-2 B0001049-02  [remix:] B0005137-2
002 CHROME PLATED HEART Island PR 2713/90875-2 B0001049-02 
003 LIKE THE WAY I DO Island 90875-2 B0001049-02  [remix:] B0005137-2
004 PRECIOUS PAIN Island PR 2258-2 90875-2 B0001049-02 
005 DON’T YOU NEED? Island PR-2258 90875-2 B0001049-02 
006 THE LATE SEPTEMBER DOGS Island 90875-2 B0001049-02 
007 OCCASIONALLY Island 90875-2 B0001049-02 
008 WATCHING YOU Island 90875-2 B0001049-02 
009 BRING ME SOME WATER Island PR-2258/90875-2 B0001049-02  [remix:] B0005137-2
010 I WANT YOU Island 90875-2 B0001049-0
25 April 1988 [live] unknown – Melissa Etheridge (Melissa Etheridge [vcl/ac gt])
01001 CHROME PLATED HEART Island B0001049-02
01002 DON’T YOU NEED? Island B0001049-02
01003 SIMILAR FEATURES Island B0001049-02
01004 BRING ME SOME WATER Island B0001049-02
01005 PRECIOUS PAIN Island B0001049-02
11 October 1988 [live] The Roxy Theatre, 9009 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA – Melissa Etheridge)
01006 CHROME PLATED HEART Island PR 2555/B0001049-02  [edit:] PR 2713-2
01007 DON’T YOU NEED? Island B0001049-02
01008 SIMILAR FEATURES Island PR 2555/B0001049-02
01009 PRECIOUS PAIN Island B0001049-02
01010 OCCASIONALLY Island B0001049-02
01011 THE LATE SEPTEMBER DOGS Island PR 2555/B0001049-02 
01012 WATCHING YOU Island B0001049-02
01013 I WANT YOU Island B0001049-02
01014 BRING ME SOME WATER Island PR 2555-2/B0001049-02
01015 LIKE THE WAY I DO Island PR-2555-1/B0001049-02
24-26 May 1989 A+M Studios, Hollywood, CA/ Devonshire Studios, North Hollywood, CA – Melissa Etheridge (Melissa Etheridge [vcl/12-string gt], Waddy Wachtel [gt], Bernie Larsen [gt], Kevin McCormick [bass], Mauricio Fritz Lewak [drums], Bono [harmonica], Scott Thurston [keyboards])
011 NO SOUVENIRS  Island 7 91285-2  [remix:] B0005137-2
012 BRAVE AND CRAZY  Island 7 91285-2 
013 YOU USED TO LOVE TO DANCE  Island 7 91285-2 
014 THE ANGELS  Island 7 91285-2 
015 YOU CAN SLEEP WHILE I DRIVE  Island 7 91285-2  [remix:] B0005137-2
016 TESTIFY  Island 7 91285-2 
017 LET ME GO  Island PR 3109-2/ 7 91285-2 
018 MY BACK DOOR  Island 7 91285-2 
019 SKIN DEEP  Island 7 91285-2 
020 ROYAL STATION 4/16  Island 7 91285-2
20 October 1989 [live] unknown – Meloissa  Etheridge
02002 SKIN DEEP PR 3136-2
02003 ROYAL STATION 4/16 PR 3136-2
02004 LET ME GO  PR 3136-2 PR 3109-2 2-99127
Poss. from same concert:
02005 NO SOUVENIRS 7-99176
02006 THE ANGELS 2-99138  PR 3062
02007 CHROME PLATED HEART  2-99138 PR 3062
02008 OCCOASIONALLY  2-99127
1991 A + M Recording Studio, 1416 North La Brea Ave., Hollywood, CA – Melissa Etheridge (Melissa Etheridge [vcl/gt/piano], Mark Goldenberg [gt], Steuart Smith [gt], Kevin McCormick [gt/bck vcl], Mauricio-Fritz Lewak [drums/ percussion/ bck vcl], Debra Dobkin [percussion],  Dermot Mulroney [cello], Ian McLagan [piano/ organ], Richard Gibbs/ Scott Thurston [keyboards]. Producer: Kevin McCormick, Melissa Etheridge)
021 AIN’T IT HEAVY  Island 512 120-2
022 2001  Island 512 120-2  [remix:] B0005137-2
023 DANCE WITHOUT SLEEPING  Island 512 120-2
024  PLACE YOUR HAND  Island 512 120-2
025 MUST BE CRAZY FOR ME  Island 512 120-2
026 MEET ME IN THE BACK  Island 512 120-2
027 THE BOY FEELS STRANGE  Island 512 120-2
028 KEEP IT PRECIOUS  Island 512 120-2
029 THE LETTING GO  Island 512 120-2
030 IT’S FOR YOU  Island 512 120-2 
1993 A + M Recording Studio, 1416 North La Brea Ave., Hollywood, CA – Melissa Etheridge (Melissa Etheridge [vcl/gt],  Waddy Wachtel [el gt], Pino Palladino/ Kevin McCormick/ David Sutton [bass], Mauricio Fritz Lewak [drums/ percussion], James Fearnley [accordion], Ian McLagen [organ], Scott Thurston [keyboards])
031 I’M THE ONLY ONE Island PRCD 6790-2/848 660-2 [edit:] PRCD 6790-2 / B0005137-2
032 IF I WANTED TO Island 848 660-2 B0005137-2
033 COME TO MY WINDOW Island 858 029-2/848 660-2 [edit:] B0005137-2
034 SILENT LEGACY Island 848 660-2
035 I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME Island 848 660-2
036 ALL-AMERICAN GIRL Island 848 660-2
037 YES I AM Island 848 660-2
038 RESIST Island 848 660-2
039 RUINS Island 848 660-2
040 TALKING TO MY ANGEL Island 848 660-2
1993 [live] unknown – Melissa Etheridge
04001 AIN’T IT HEAVY?  Island 858 029-2 
04002 THE LETTING GO  Island 858 029-2 
04003 I’M THE ONLY ONE   Island 858 029-2
04004 I’M THE ONLY ONE  PRCD 6798
04005 MUST BE CRAZY FOR ME 74321 135902
04006 KEEP IT PRECIOUS 74321 135902
04007 COME TO MY WIONDOW 74321 20578 2
04008 ALL AMERICAN GIRL 74321 20578 2
June 1994 [live] Los Angeles, CA - Melissa Etheridge
October 1994 [live] New York City – Melissa Etheridge
04010 ALL AMERICAN GIRL  854 426-7/MMR CD 9503 
December 1994 [live] Los Angeles, CA – Melissa Etheridge
04011 HAPPY XMAS WAR IS OVER/ GIVE PEACE A CHANCE  PRCD 6899-2/MMS CD 9503 [edit:] PRCD 6899-2
January 1995 [live- R’nR Hall Of Fame Concert] unknown – Melissa Etheridge

21 March 1995 [MTV-live] Brooklyn Academy Of Music, New York City – Melissa Etheridge, *w. Bruce Springsteen
04013 COME TO MY WINDOW MMR CD 9503 Island 524 169-2
04014 AIN’T IT HEAVY MMR CD 9503 Island 524 169-2
04015 IF I WANTED TO  MMR CD 9503
04017 MAGGIE MAY  MMR CD 9503
04018 YES I AM MMR CD 9503 Island  524 169-2
04019 THUNDER ROAD*  MMR CD 9503
04020 I'M THE ONLY ONE  MMR CD 9503
04021 LIKE THE WAY I DO  MMR CD 9503
04022 NO SOUVENIRS Island  524 169-2
1995 A + M Recording Studio, 1416 North La Brea Ave., Hollywood, CA – Melissa Etheridge (Melissa Etheridge [vcl/gt],  John Shanks [gt/ keyboards], Mark Browne [bass], Dave Beyer / Kenny Aronoff [drums/ percussion])
041 YOUR LITTLE SECRET Island 524 154-2 524 169-2
042 I REALLY LIKE YOU Island 524 154-2 524 169-2
043 NOWHERE TO GO Island 524 154-2 524 169-2
044 AN UNUSUAL KISS Island 524 154-2 524 169-2
045 I WANT TO COME OVER Island 524 154-2 524 169-2 [remix:] B0005137-2
046 ALL THE WAY TO HEAVEN Island 524 154-2 524 169-2
047 I COULD HAVE BEEN YOU Island 524 154-2 524 169-2
048 SHRINER’S PARK Island 524 154-2 524 169-2
049 CHANGE Island 524 154-2 524 169-2
050 THIS WAR IS OVER Island 524 154-2 524 169-2  

1998 [sessions for Tammy Wynette… Remembered] unknown – Melissa Etheridge
050a APARTMENT NO 9 Asylum 62277-2
1999 unknown – Melissa Etheridge (Melissa Etheridge [vcl/gt],  Greg Leisz [el gt/steel/mandolin], John Shanks [gt/ autoharp/ dulcimer/ marimba/ bass/ Theremin/ loops/ bck vcl], Jon Brion [gt], Pino Palladino/ Mark Browne [bass], Steve Ferrone [drums/ percussion], Matt Chamberlain [drums/ loops], Jim Keltner/ Abe Laboriel Jr. [drums], Loopalicious, Gota Yashiki, Brian Macleod [loops], Patrick Warren [keyboards/ vibraphone], Rami Jaffee [keyboards], Kenny Aronoff [marimba/ drums/ shaker/ loops])
051 BREAKDOWN  Island 562 345-2 546 608-2
052 ANGELS WOULD FALL  Island 562 345-2 546 608-2 [remix:] B0005137-2
053 STRONGER THAN ME  Island 562 345-2 546 608-2
054 INTO THE DARK  Island 562 345-2 546 608-2
055 ENOUGH OF ME  Island 562 345-2 546 608-2
056 TRUTH OF THE HEART  Island 562 345-2 546 608-2 
057 MAMA I’M STRANGE  Island 562 345-2 546 608-2
058 SCARECROW  Island 562 345-2 546 608-2
059 HOW WOULD I KNOW?  Island 562 345-2 546 608-2 
060 MY LOVER  Island 562 345-2 546 608-2 
061 SLEEP  Island 562 345-2 546 608-2
062 TOUCH AND GO  Island  546 608-2 
063 CHERRY AVENUE  Island  546 608-2  BELOVED  Island 546 608-2
2001 Capitol studios, Los Angeles, CA/The Village Recorder, Los Angeles, CA – Melissa Etheridge (Melissa Etheridge [vcl/gt/ mandolin/ harmonica/ keyboards/bck vcl], Mark browne [bass], Kenny Aronoff [drums], Gota Yashiki [loops], David Cole [keyboards/ programming/ drum programming],Meg Ryan [bck vcl])
064 LOVER PLEASE  Island 548 661-2
065 THE PRISON  Island 548 661-2
066 WALKING ON WATER  Island 548 661-2
067 DOWN TO ONE  Island 548 661-2
068 GOODNIGHT  Island 548 661-2
069 IT’S ONLY ME  Island 548 661-2
070 I WANT TO BE IN LOVE  Island 548 661-2
071 PLEASE FORGIVE ME  Island 548 661-2
072 THE DIFFERENT  Island 548 661-2
073 HEAL ME Island 548 661-2
2001 [live] Kodak Theatre, Los Angeles, CA – Melissa Etheridge
07301 COME TO MY WINDOW Island 7201833 (dvd)
07302 ALL AMERICAN GIRL Island 7201833 (dvd)
07303 DOWN TO ONE Island 7201833 (dvd)
07304 ROYAL STATION 4/16 Island 7201833 (dvd)
07305 I WANT TO COME OVER Island 7201833 (dvd)
07306 CHROME PLATED HEART Island 7201833 (dvd)
07307 THE WEAKNESS IN ME Island 7201833 (dvd)
07308 I TAKE YOU WITH ME Island 7201833 (dvd)
07309 SCARECROW Island 7201833 (dvd)
07310 NO SOUVENIRS Island 7201833 (dvd)
07311 YOU CAN SLEEP WHILE I DRIVE Island 7201833 (dvd)
07312 THE DIFFERENT Island 7201833 (dvd)
07313 READY TO LOVE Island 7201833 (dvd)
07314 OCCASSIONALLY Island 7201833 (dvd)
07315 I WANT TO BE IN LOVE Island 7201833 (dvd)
07316 YOUR LITTLE SECRET Island 7201833 (dvd)
07317 LOVER PLEASE Island 7201833 (dvd)
07318 BRING ME SOME WATER Island 7201833 (dvd)
07319 I'M THE ONLY ONE Island 7201833 (dvd)
07320 LIKE THE WAY I DO Island 7201833 (dvd)
07321 HEAL ME Island 7201833 (dvd)
07322 PLEASE FORGIVE ME Island 7201833 (dvd)
2002 [live] The Roxy, Hollywood, CA – Melissa Etheridge
07323 YOU HAVE NO IDEA One Way Out
07324 LIFE GOES ON One Way Out
2003 London Bridges Studios, Seattle, WA/ The Village Recorder, Los Angeles, CA/ Tree House, Studio City, CA – Melissa Etheridge (Melissa Etheridge [vcl/gt], James Harrah [gt], Eric Schermerhorn [gt], Mark Browne [gt], John Shanks [gt], Blues Saraceno [gt],  Mark Brown/ Paul Bushell [bass], Kenny Aronoff [drums/ tambourine/ percussion], Matt Laug [drums/ percussion], Josh Preese [drums], David Cole [programming], Rami Jaffee [keyboards/bck vcl],  Jamie Muhoberac/ David Cole [keyboards], Rick Hopkins [organ], Jay Bellarose [loops], Bernie Barlow, Kipp Lennon, Brandi Carlile [bck vcl])
074 LUCKY  Island B0001822-02  B0005137-2
075 THIS MOMENT  Island B0001822-02  
076 IF YOU WANT TO  Island B0001822-02  
077 BREATHE  Island B0001822-02  
078 MERCY  Island B0001822-02  
079 SECRET AGENT  Island B0001822-02  
080 WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME?  Island B0001822-02
081 MEET ME IN THE DARK  Island B0001822-02
082 TUESDAY MORNING  Island B0001822-02
083 GIANT  Island B0001822-02  
084 COME ON OUT TONIGHT  Island B0001822-02  
085 KISS ME  Island B0001822-02  
086 WHEN YOU FIND THE ONE  Island B0001822-02
2004 [live] Roseland Ballroom, New York City – Melissa Etheridge
08601 LUCKY Universal 0003312-00 (dvd)
08602 WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME Universal 0003312-00 (dvd)
08603 IF YOU WANT TO Universal 0003312-00 (dvd)
08604 BREATHE Universal 0003312-00 (dvd)
08605 WHEN YOU FIND THE ONE Universal 0003312-00 (dvd)
08606 SECRET AGENT Universal 0003312-00 (dvd)
08607 MERCY Universal 0003312-00 (dvd)
08608 GOOD GIRLS AND BOYS Universal 0003312-00 (dvd)
08609 TUESDAY MORNING Universal 0003312-00 (dvd)
08610 MEET ME IN THE DARK Universal 0003312-00 (dvd)
08611 THIS MOMENT Universal 0003312-00 (dvd)
08612 KISS ME Universal 0003312-00 (dvd)
08613 COME ON OUT TONIGHT Universal 0003312-00 (dvd)
08614 GIANT Universal 0003312-00 (dvd)
2005 unknown – Melissa Etheridge
087 REFUGEE  CATR 05172-2/B0005137-02
088 I RUN FOR LIFE CATR 05178-2/B0005137-02
090 PIECE OF MY HEART B0005137-02
091 THIS IS NOT GOODBYE B0005137-02
2005 [soundtrack An Inconvenient Truth]
092 I NEED TO WAKE UP CATR 05213-2
2007 The Document Room, Malibu, CA; The Woodshed Studio, Malibu, CA – Melissa Etheridge (Melissa Etheridge [vcl/gt], Philip Sayce [gt/bck vcl], Fritz Lewak [drums/ percussion], Bernie Barlow, Lily Wilson [bck vcl])
093 ALL THERE IS Island B0009463-02 
094 CALIFORNIA Island B0009463-02
095 AN UNEXPECTED RAIN Island B0009463-02 
096 MESSAGE TO MYSELF Island B0009463-02
097 GOD IS IN THE PEOPLE Island B0009463-02
098 MAP OF THE STARS Island B0009463-02
099 THREESOME Island B0009463-02
100 ALL WE CAN REALLY DO Island B0009463-02
101 I'VE LOVED YOU BEFORE Island B0009463-02
102 A SIMPLE LOVE Island B0009463-02
103 HEROES AND FRIENDS Island B0009463-02
104 THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN Island B0009463-02
105 OPEN YOUR MIND Island B0009463-02
106 THE  UNIVERSE LISTENED Island B0009463-02
107 IMAGINE THAT Island B0009463-02
108 WHAT HAPPENS TOMORROW Island B0009463-02 
2008 Grand-Vu Studio, Piermont, NY/ NRG Studio, North Hollywood, CA – Melissa Etheridge (Melissa Etheridge [vcl/gt],  Philip Sayce [gt/bck vcl], Mark Browne [gt/ bass gt],  Fritz Lewak [drums/ percussion], Paul Trudeau [keyboards/ bck vcl],  Lily Wilson Browne, Bernie Barlow [bck vcl])
109 BLUE CHRISTMAS  Island B0011475-02
110 GLORIOUS  Island B0011475-02
113 RING THE BELLS  Island B0011475-02
114 MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY  Island B0011475-02
115 CHRISTMAS IN AMERICA  Island B0011475-02
116 LIGHT A LIGHT  Island B0011475-02
117 IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME  Island B0011475-02
118 O NIGHT DIVINE  Island B0011475-02
2009 Henson Studios, Hollywood, CA/ The Document Room, Malibu, CA – Melissa Etheridge (Melissa Etheridge [vcl/gt], John Shanks [gt], Victor Indrizzo [drums], Jamie Muhoberac [keyboards])
119 FEARLESS LOVE  Island B0014020-02
120 THE WANTING OF YOU  Island B0014020-02
121 COMPANY  Island B0014020-02
122 MISS CALIFORNIA  Island B0014020-02
123 DRAG ME AWAY  Island B0014020-02
124 INDIANA  Island B0014020-02
125 NERVOUS  Island B0014020-02
126 HEAVEN ON EARTH  Island B0014020-02
127 WE ARE THE ONES  Island B0014020-02
128 ONLY LOVE  Island B0014020-02
129 TO BE LOVED  Island B0014020-02
130 GENTLY WE ROW  Island B0014020-02 
2012 Nashville, TN – Melissa Etheridge
131 KANSAS CITY Island B0017307-02 B0017306-02
132 4TH STREET FEELING Island B0017307-02 B0017306-02
133 FALLING UP Island B0017307-02 B0017306-02
134 SHOUT NOW Island B0017307-02 B0017306-02
135 THE SHADOW OF A BLACK CROW Island B0017307-02 B0017306-02
136 BE REAL Island B0017307-02 B0017306-02
137 A DISASTER Island B0017307-02 B0017306-02
138 SYMPATHY Island B0017307-02 B0017306-02
139 ENOUGH RAIN Island B0017307-02 B0017306-02
140 A SACRED HEART Island B0017307-02 B0017306-02
141 I CAN WAIT Island B0017307-02 B0017306-02
142 ROCK AND ROLL ME Island B0017307-02 B0017306-02
143 YOU WILL Island B0017306-02
144 THE BEATING OF YOUR HEART Island B0017306-02
145 CHANGE THE WORLD Island B0017306-02
2013 Henson Studios, Los Angeles, CA – Melissa Etheridge
145a ONE WAY OUT One Way Out
145b AS COOL AS YOU TRY One Way Out
145c I’M NO ANGEL MYSELF One Way Out
145d  FOR THE LAST TIME One Way Out
145e  SAVE MYSELF One Way Out
145f THAT WOULD BE ME One Way Out
145g WILD WILD WILD One Way Out
+ more unknown unissued tracks
2014 Boom Boom Room, Los Angeles, CA/ Platinum Sound Recording Studio, New York City/Skies Fall Studio, WI/  Steakhouse Studios, Los Angeles, CA – Melissa Etheridge
147 TAKE MY NUMBER  ME 001 MLEM 700264
149 DO IT AGAIN  ME 001 MLEM 700264
150 MONSTER  ME 001 MLEM 700264
151 AIN'T THAT BAD  ME 001 MLEM 700264
152 ALL THE WAY HOME  ME 001 MLEM 700264
153 LIKE A PREACHER  ME 001 MLEM 700264
154 STRANGER ROAD  ME 001 MLEM 700264
155 A LITTLE BIT OF ME  ME 001 MLEM 700264
157 SOUL BROTHERS  MLEM 700264 ME 001 (d.l.)
158 FAVORITE SONG   ME 001 (d.l.)
159 WHAT I DO  ME 001 (d.l.) MLEM 700264
12 December 2014 [live] Orpheum Theater, Los Angeles, CA – Melissa Etheridge, *w. Delta Rae
16001 I WANT TO COME OVER Shout 15937
16002 CHROME PLATED HEART Shout 15937
16004 RUINS Shout 15937
16005 A LITTLE BIT OF ME Shout 15937
16006 IF I WANTED TO Shout 15937
16007 MEET ME IN THE BACK Shout 15937
16008 BRING ME SOME WATER Shout 15937
16009 I'M THE ONLY ONE* Shout 15937
16010 I LIKE THE WAY I DO Shout 15937(dvd)
16011 MONSTER* Shout 15937 )dvd)
There are also many unlisted tracks from radio and TV shows
2016 Memphis, TN – Melissa Etheridge
161 MEMPHIS TRAIN Stax 7200206  
163 WHO’S MAKING LOVE Stax 7200206  
164 HOLD ON, I’M COMING Stax 7200206
166 ANY OTHER WAY Stax 7200206
167 I’M A LOVER Stax 7200206  
168 ROCK ME BABY Stax 7200206
169 I FORGOT TO BE YOUR LOVER Stax 7200206
170 WAIT A MINUTE Stax 7200206  
171 BORN UNDER A BAD SIGN Stax 7200206  
172 DREAMS TO REMEMBER Stax 7200206
2018 unknown – Melissa Etheridge
173 THE MEDICINE SHOW Concord CRE 00921  
174 WILD AND LONELY Concord CRE 00921  
175 SHAKING Concord CRE 00921  
176 WOMAN LIKE YOU Concord CRE 00921  
177 FADED BY DESIGN Concord CRE 00921  
178 KNOW YOU Concord CRE 00921
179 THIS HUMAN CHAIN Concord CRE 00921  
180 LOVE WILL LIVE Concord CRE 00921  
181 HERE COMES THE PAIN Concord CRE 00921  
182 SUEDE Concord CRE 00921  
183 LAST HELLO Concord CRE 00921
2021 unknown – Melissa Etheridge and Trace Adkins
184 LOVE WALKS THROUGH THE RAIN digital single [rel. Aug. 26]



Island 7 90875-2 Melissa Etheridge: Similar Features;  Chrome Plated Heart;  Like The Way I Do;  Precious Pain;  Don’t You Need?;  The Late September Dogs;  Occasionally;  Watching You;  Bring Me Some Water;  I Want You – 02-05-88 (reissued in 2003 as double CD De Luxe Edition on Island B0001049-02, CD2: [Live at the Roxy, October 11, 1988]: Chrome Plated Heart; Don’t You Need?; Similar Features; Precious Pain; Occasionally; The Late September Dogs;  Watching You; I Want You; Bring Me Some Water; Like The Way I Do [Solo Acoustic Performances, April 25, 1988:] Chrome Plated Heart; Don’t You Need?; Similar Features; Bring Me Some Water; Precious Pain)
Island 7 91285-2 Brave and Crazy: No Souvenirs;  Brave And Crazy;  You Used To Love To Dance;  The Angels;  You Can Sleep While I Drive;  Testify;  Let Me Go;  My Back Door;  Skin Deep;  Royal Station 4/16 – 11-09-89
Island 314-512 120-2  Never Enough: Ain’t It Heavy; 2001; Dance Without Sleeping; Place Your Hand; Must Be Crazy For Me; Meet Me In The Back; The Boy Feels Strange; Keep It Precious; The Letting Go; It’s For You – 09-03-92
Island 422-848 660-2 Yes I Am: I’m The Only One; If I Wanted To; Come To My Window; Silent Legacy; I Will Never Be The Same; All-American Girl; Yes I Am; Resist; Ruins; Talking To My Angel – 13-09-93
Island 314-524 154-2 Your Little Secret: Your Little Secret; I Really Like You; Nowhere To Go; An Unusual Kiss; I Want To Come Over; All The Way To Heaven; I Could Have Been You; Shriner’s Park; Change; This War Is Over – 06-11-95 (australian deluxe version on 524 169-2 contains bonus EP with live tracks: Come To My Window; No Souvenirs; Ain’t It heavy; Yes I Am)
Magic Mushrooms MMR CD 9503 Unplugged: Come To My Window; Ain't It Heavy; If I Wanted To; Bring Me Some Water; Maggie May; Yes I Am; Thunder Road (w. Bruce Springsteen); I'm The Only One; Like The Way I Do; Piece Of My heart; Happy Christnas/ Give Peace A Chance; All American Girl; Honkey Tonk Woman - 95
Island 314 562 345-2  Breakdown: Breakdown;  Angels Would Fall;  Stronger Than Me;  Into The Dark;  Enough Of Me;  Truth Of The Heart;  Mama I’m Strange;  Scarecrow;  How Would I Know?;  My Lover;  Sleep  – 05-10-99 (also deluxe edition on 314 546 608 with  Bonus Tracks: Touch And Go;  Cherry Avenue;  Beloved)
Island 314 548 661-2 Skin: Lover Please; The Prison; Walking On Water; Down To One; Goodnight; It’s Only Me; I Want To Be In Love; Please Forgive Me; The Different; Heal Me – 10-07-01
Island B0001822-02 Lucky: Lucky;  This Moment;  If You Want To;  Breathe;  Mercy;  Secret Agent;  Will You Still Love Me?;  Meet Me In The Dark;  Tuesday Morning;  Giant;  Come On Out Tonight;  Kiss Me;  When You Find The One – 10-02-04
Island B0005137-02 Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled: Refugee;  Similar Features; Like The Way I Do;  Bring Me Some Water;  You Can Sleep While I Drive;  No Souvenirs;  Ain't It Heavy;  I'm The Only One (Edit) ;  Come To My Window (Single Edit);  If I Wanted To;  I Want To Come Over;  Angels Would Fall;  Lucky;  Christmas In America*;  Piece Of My Heart*; This Is Not Goodbye*;  I Run For Life*  - 05 (*new tracks; also as deluxe edition on B0005196-00 with DVD containing musí videos)
Island B0009463-02 The Awakening: All There Is;  California; An Unexpected Rain;  Message to Myself; God Is in the People; Map of the Stars; Threesome;All We Can Really Do; I've Loved You Before; A Simple Love;  Heroes and Friends; The Kingdom of Heaven;  Open Your Mind; The  Universe Listened;  Imagine That;  What Happens Tomorrow - 25-09-07
Island B0011475-02 A New Thought For Christmas: Blue Christmas; Glorious; Christmas (Baby Please Come Home); Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas; Ring the Bells; Merry Christmas Baby; Christmas in America; Light a Light; It's Christmas Time; O Night Divine – 30-09-08
Island B0014020-02 Fearless Love: Fearless Love; The Wanting of You; Company; Miss California; Drag Me Away; Indiana; Nervous; Heaven on Earth; We Are The Ones; Only Love; To Be Loved; Gently We Row  - 27-04-10
Island def jam [EU] 0602527499284  Icon: I Want To Come Over; Fearless Love; I'm The Only One; I Need To Wake Up; Bring Me Some Water; Come To My Window; Ain't It Heavy; Similar Features; Like The Way I Do; No Sovenirs; If I Wanted To – 11 (sampler)
Island B0017307-01/B0017307-2 4th Street Feeling: Kansas City; 4th Street Feeling;  Falling Up;  Shout Now;  The Shadow of a Black Crow;  Be Real;  A Disaster;  Sympathy;  Enough Rain;  A Sacred Heart;  I Can Wait;  Rock and Roll Me – 04-09-12 (also deluxe version on B0017306-02 with bonus tracks You Will;  The Beating of Your Heart;  Change the World)
M.E. ME-001 This Is M.E.: I Won't Be Alone Tonight; Take My Number; A Little Hard Hearted; Do It Again; Monster; Ain't That Bad; All The Way Home; Like A Preacher; Stranger Road; A Little Bit Of Me; Who Are You Waiting For – 30-09-14 (also as vinyl LP  MLEM 700264 with bonus tracks Soul Brothers; and target-deluxe edition with bonus tracks: Favorite Song ; What I Do; Soul Brothers; Saturday Dancing;
Shout! Factory 15937 A Little Bit of Me: Live in L.A.: (CD:) I Want To Come Over; Chrome Plated Heart; Take My Number;Come To My Window; Ruins; A Little Bit Of Me; If I Wanted To; Meet Me In The Back; Bring Me Some Water; I'm The Only One (w. Delta Rae); (DVD extra tracks:) Like The Way I Do; Monster (w. Delta Rae);  [special features;] Interviews With Melissa Etheridge, Her Band And Delta Rae; Backstage Pass - A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Orpheum Performance; Photo Gallery – 15 (CD+DVD)
Stax/Universal 7200207*/7200206 Memphis Rock And Soul:  Memphis Train;  Respect Yourself (People Stand Up);  Who’s Making Love;  Hold On, I’m Coming; I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now);  Any Other Way; I’m A Lover;  Rock Me Baby; I Forgot To Be Your Lover; Wait A Minute;  Born Under A Bad Sign;  Dreams To Remember – 07-10-16 (*vinyl)
Shockwaves ? Live in the Windy City (Live 1989): Introduction; The Angels; You Used to Love to Dance; Testify; Chrome Plated Heart; You Can Sleep While I Drive; Occasionally;
Similar Features; My Back Door; No Souvenirs; Brave and Crazy; Skin Deep; Royal Station 4-16; Bring Me Some Water; Let's Get It On / Like the Way I Do; Let Me Go; Ready to Love – 27-08-18 (digital, broadcast, not in sessions)
Concord CRE 00921 The Medicine Show: The Medicine Show; Wild And Lonely; Shaking; Woman Like You; Faded By Design; Know You; This Human Chain; Love Will Live; Here Comes The Pain; Suede; Last Hello – 12-04-19
M.L.E. Music ? One Way Out: One Way Out; As Cool As You Try;  I’m No Angel Myself;  For The Last Time;  Save Myself;  That Would Be Me;  Wild Wild Wild;  You Have No Idea (Live);  Life Goes On (Live) – 17-09-21
Firefly ? A Single Step (Live 1988):  Chrome Plated Heart;  Don't You Need;  The Angels;  Royal Station 4-16;  Similar Features;  Precious Pain;  The Late September Dogs;  No Souvenirs;  Skin Deep;  I Want You;  Bring Me Some Water;  Like The Way I Do (Live 1988) – 30-09-22 (The Bottom Line, New York City, Sept. 29, 1988. All tracks from bootleg Live at The Bottom Line, Moonlight ML 9515. Not in sessions)



Island Def Jam Music group 7201833 Live And Alone: Come To My Window; All American Girl; Down To One; Royal Station 4/16; I Want To Come Over; Chrome Plated Heart; The Weakness In Me; I Take You With Me; Scarecrow; No Souvenirs; You Can Sleep While I Drive; The Different; Ready To Love; Occassionally; I Want To Be In Love; Your Little Secret; Lover Please; Bring Me Some Water; I'm The Only One; Like The Way I Do; Heal Me; Please Forgive Me – 02 (recorded at Kodak theatre, L.A.)
Universal 0003312-00 Lucky Live: Lucky; Will You Still Love Me; If You Want To; Breathe; When You Find The One; Secret Agent; Mercy; Good Girls and Boys; Tuesday Morning; Meet Me In The Dark; This Moment; Kiss Me; Come On Out Tonight; Giant  – 28-09-04 (rec. Roseland Ballroom. NYC)

Island PR-2258-2 Melissa Etheridge: Similar Features;  Bring Me Some Water;  Precious Pain;  Don't You Need – 88 (promo, CD)
Island PR-2555 Melissa Etheridge Live: Chrome-Plated Heart; The Late September Dogs; Similar Features; Bring Me Some Water; Like The Way I Do – 02-12-88
Island PR 3136-2 Live: Skin Deep; Royal Station 4/16; You Can Sleep While I Drive; Let Me Go – 89
Island [UK] ME 1 Live: Bring Me Some Water; Let Me Go; Skin Deep; Like The Way I Do  - 92
Island 422-858 029-2  Come To My Window: Come To My Window;  Ain’t It Heavy?;  The Letting Go;  I’m The Only One – 03-01-94 (CD)
Island 422-854 069-2 I’m The Only One: I’m The Only One (Album Version);  Maggie May;  Ain’t It Heavy;  I’m The Only One (Live) – 27-06-94 (CD)
Island 422-854 239-2 If I Wanted To: If I Wanted To + 3 – 21-02-95 (CD)
Island PRCD 6977-4 VH1 Present Melissa Etheridge: Bring Me Some Water (1988); Ain't It Heavy (1992); Come To My Window (1995) – 95 (cassette, promo)

PR 2466 Like The Way I Do – 88 (promo, 12“)
7-99287 Bring Me Some Water / Ocassionally - 88
7-99251 Similar Features / Bring Me Some Water – 88
PR 2713-2 Chrome Plated Heart; Chrome Plated Heart (live, edit) – 88 (promo, CD)
IS 472 You Can Sleep While I Drive /  You Can Sleep While I Drive - 89
PR-3109-2 Let Me Go; Let Me Go (live) – 16-11-89 (promo, CD)
7-99176 No Souvenirs / No Souvenirs (live) – 89
2-99138 The Angels; The Angels (live); Chrome Plated Heart (live) - 89
2-99127 Let Me Go; Let Me Go (Live); Occasionally (Live) – 01-12-89 (CD)
PR-3062-2 The Angels;  The Angels (live);  Chrome plated heart (live) – 05-02-90 (promo, CD)
PRCD 6700-2 Ain’t It Heavy – 14-02-92 (promo, CD)
PRCD 6790-2 I’m the Only One (edit); I’m the Only one – 93 (promo, CD)
74321 135902 Must Be Crazy For Me; Must Be Crazy For Me (Live); Keep It Precious (Live) – 93 (GER issue)
74321 20578 2 All American Girl; Come To My wiondow (live); All American Girl (live) – 94 (GER issue)
PRCD 6816-2 Come To My Window – 24-01-94 (promo, CD)
PRCD 6827-2 I Will Never Be The Same – 11-03-94 (promo, CD)
PRCD-6899-2 Happy Xmas (War Is Over)/ Give Peace A Chance; Happy Xmas (War Is Over)/ Give Peace A Chance (edit) – 21-11-94 (promo, CD)
PRCD-6917 If I Wanted To – 09-01-95 (promo, CD)
PRCD 7054-2 Your Little Secret – 25-09-95 (promo, CD)
422-854 426-7 Your Little Secret / All American Girl (live) - 95
422-854 580-7 I Want To Come Over / I’m The Lonely one - 95
PRCD-7136-2 I Want To Come Over – 11-12-95 (CD, promo)
PRCD-7155-2 I Want To Come Over [ac mix] – 11-12-95 (CD, promo)
422-854 528-2 I Want To Come Over; Your Little Secret – 22-01-96 (CD)
PRCD 7252-2 Nowhere To Go – 24-06-96 (promo, CD)
PRCD 7373-2 Nowhere to go = Si tener a donde ir – 11-11-96 (promo, CD)
314-562 345-8 Angels Would Fall: Angels Would Fall;  Into The Dark;  Beloved – 31-08-99
ISLR 15065-2 Enough Of me: Enough Of Me (Live Solo Acoustic - Edit W/O Applause); eEough Of Me (Live Solo Acoustic - Edit With Applause); Enough Of Me (Live Band Version); Enough Of Me (Mainstream Version); Enough Of Me (Mainstream Call Out Research Hook- 0:10); Interview – 00 (promo, CD)
562 645-2 Stronger Than me: Stronger Than Me; Touch And Go; Stronger Than Me (Live Solo Acoustic); Sleep (Live Solo Acoustic) – 00
ISLR 5298-2 I Want To be In Loe – 01 (promo, CD)
Ridge Road Films RRF 001-2 The Weakness In Me (radio edit) – 02
ISLR 16083-2 This Moment – 04 (promo CD)
CATR 05172-2 Refugee – 05 (promo, cd)
CATR 05178-2 I Run For Life – 05 (promo, cd)
CATR 05213-2 I Ned To wake Up – 05 (promo, CD)
ISLR 17009-2 Fearless Love – 09 (promo, CD)