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by Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst
SESSIONS Originally named: Calvary Mountain Boys and later Sacred Bluegrass
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ALBUMS (listed only albums released as The Isaacs
Sacred Sounds SSC 5835 The Isaacs Featurning Not Afaid: Little Community Churchhouse;  Devil Don't Stop At My House;  Something Got A Hold Of Me;  Not Afraid;  Everyday My Lord Touches Me;  Meeting Me In The Air;  The Sea Of Galilee;  Reunion In Heaven;  Jesus Guides Me;  The Reason He Died;  Lord, Protect My Soul;  He Loved Us So - 85
Sacred Sounds SSC 5837 My Trust In Him: Stop, Look And Listen;  Rescue Me, Lord;  Man On The Mule;  Harbor Of Love;  Jesus Made The Difference;  Come Walk The Pathway;  Let's Win The Lost;  My Trust In Him;  No More Love;  Send Down The Fire;  Pray For Me;  Little Black Train – 86 (Cassette)
The Isaacs ? Heartbeat: Another Valley;  What Will You Say?;  Heartbeat From Heaven;  Jesus Is The Light;  I’ll Sail For Higher Ground;  What A Debt He Paid For Me;  He’s Done More;  Mother, How I Love You;  Enter Into The Joy Of The Lord;  What’s Ever Happened To Love?. – 15-02-88
The Isaacs ? Family Chain: Forever In Heaven;  I Found It All In The Blood;  Someone Is Waiting For You;  Walk Beside Me;  I’ll Be A Witness;  Family Chain;  Let Your Light Shine For Jesus;  I’m Tired Of Sin;  The Power Of The Holy Spirit;  Jesus, I’ll Never Forget. – 89 (Cassette)
Morning Star MS 4108 Live At Hominy Valley: Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies;  No Burdens Pass Through;  In His Arms;  Talk To Him;  Garden Tomb;  I Pressed Through The Crowd;  The World’s Greatest Story;  Meeting In The Air (Instrumental). – 01-05-90
Morning Star MS/MSCD 4120 A Labor Of Love: Proud Of The American Flag;  When The Mob Cried;  Let Go, Let God;  He’s My Constant Companion;  Romans 10:9;  Hallelujah, I’ve Been Saved;  The Beautiful Rose;  My Destiny;  He’s My Dearest Friend;  Look At My Side, Thomas – 24-09-90 (CD version contains bonus tracks: Garden Tomb (Live At Hominy Valley); I Pressed Through The Crowd (Live At Hominy Valley); Forever In Heaven; I Found It All In The Blood; Another Valley; What A Debt He Paid For Me)
Morning Star MSCD 4135 20th Anniversary: By His Stripes;  Jesus, My Soul Provider;  Where No One Stands Alone;  Who Will Sing For Me?;  Is Not This The Land Of Beulah?;  Sweet Holy Spirit;  A Portion Of Love;  No Greater Love;  I Owe It All To Thee;  I Have A Father Who Can  - 01-10-91
Morning Star MSCD 4157 Live In Atlanta: A Portion Of Love;  Medley;  I Have A Father Who Can;  Spiritual Strings;  Thank You (For The Things That I’ve Never Thanked You For);  He’ll Make A Diamond Of You;  Paul’s Ministry;  Is Not This The Land Of Beulah?;  By His Stripes;  True Love;  Windows Of Heaven;  From The Depths Of My Heart. - 92

Morning Star MSCD 4169 Songs To Remember: Mother How I Love You; What A Debt He Paid For Me; Another Valley; I'll Sail For Higher Ground; What Will You Say?; Jesus Is The Light; He's Done More; The Power Of The Holy Spirit; I Found It All In The Blood; Forever In Heaven; Family Chain; Let Your Light Shine For Jesus; I'll Be A Witness; I'm Tired Of Sin; Garden Tomb; No Burdens Pass Through; In His Arms; I Pressed Through The Crowd; Meeting In The Air – 93
Morning Star MSCD 4175 Our Style: Cold Jordan;  He Never Failed Me;  Whisper Away;  Heading For That City;  A Soldier’s Prayer;  The Reason He Died;  This Side Of Heaven;  Reaping In The Spirit;  In Your Own Time;  Don’t Neglect The Rose.  24-11-93
Horizon HZD 0101 Carry Me: Carry Me;  Unlike Me, Just Like Him;  I'm Gonna Move;  That Occasion;  Look Over The Beautiful Fields;  Peace Like A River;  Only One Love;  Don't You Wanna Go To Heaven (When You Die);  You'll Be Rewarded Over There;  Take His Love;  Cry From The Cross;  Honestly;  Peaceful Waters – 06-12-94
Horizon HZD 0702 I Feel The Christmas Spirit: I Feel The Christmas Spirit;  Christmas Means Jesus To Me;  Beast Of The Fields;  New Kid In Town;  Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem;  The Night Before Christmas;  Messiah Lullaby;  The Greatest Gift;  Christmas Time Is Near;  That's Why There's A Christmas Day;  Christmas In Heaven;  What Do You See - 01-10-95
Horizon HR 05742 Live: Mountain Praise: Don't You Want To Go To Heaven; The Lowest Valley; Remind Me Dear Lord; Cast The First Stone; Master's Bouquet; Carry Me; Father's Blacksmith; Hold Fast To The Right; God Sent An Angel; I'm Gonna Move; Look What God Gave Me; How Great Thou Art – 09-08-96
Horizon HR 05622 Bridges A Man Without God;  The Sunny Side Of Life;  He's Here With Me;  Man On The Mule;  In God's Hands;  That's All That Matters To Me;  The Lowest Valley;  Wandering Boy;  Wish You Were Here;  The Bridges That You've Burned;  He Lifts Me;  Dreaming Of A Little Cabin;  The Least I Can Do – 04-03-97
New Haven NHD 2042 The Very Best Of The Isaacs:  Have A Father Who Can; Cold Jordan; Is Not This The Land Of Beulah;  By His Stripes; This Side Of Heaven; From The Depths Of My Heart; A Portion Of Love; The Reason He Died; Reaping In The Spirit; Thank You (For The Things I've Never Thanked You For) - 08-09-97                                  
Horizon HR 07042 Increase My Faith They Don't Know What God Knows;  Rest On The Rock;  Promise From On High;  See The King;  I Need Jesus;  Come And Dine;  Increase My Faith;  Ye Men Of Galilee;  She Cries;  Goodbye;  I Could Make It One More Day;  I've Come To Take You Home;  I Just Want To Thank You  - 11-10-98
Horizon HR 07682 Pieces Of Our Past: I Found It All in the Blood; In His Arms I'm Not Afraid; He Never Failed Me; I Have a Father Who Can; Is This Not the Land of Beulah; From the Depths of My Heart; Wayfaring Stranger; Thank You; Medley; Reaping in the Spirit; By His Stripes; Family Chain; Paul's Ministry– 21-11-99
Horizon HR 08422 Stand Still: Stand Still;  I Know God;  Prophets Admiration;  I Brought You To Jesus;  I’m Ready To Go;  I Can’t Make It Lord, Without You;  Bring Your Vessels;  The Reach Of His Hand;  Mubraga;  I Said I’ll Go;  I Come In The Name Of The Lord;  Christ Arose - 00
Horizon HR 08542 Christmas Spirit: The First Noel;  The Night Before Christmas;  O Holy Night;  What Child Is This?;  Away In A Manger;  Messiah Lullaby;  Silent Night;  What Do You See?;  Joy To The World;  I Feel The Christmas Spirit;  Go Tell It On The Mountain;  O Come All Ye Faithful;  New Kid In Town;  Hark The Herald Angels Sing;  Go Where I Send Thee. – 03-10-00
Horizon HR 09162 Eye Of The Storm He Ain't Ever Done Me Nothin' But Good;  Walking Down The Road;  It Is Well (Elisha's Song);  Evergreen Shore;  The Sun Will Never Set Again;  Who Will Survive The Storm;  He's Taking Care Of Me;  Levi (He's Taking Care Of Me);  There Through It All;  Don't Let Your Light Grow Dim;  He Is Leading Me;  Why Are You Hungry?;  Another Soldier Down;  Star Spangled Banner - 02
Horizon HR 09752 Songs Of The Faith: O Come Angel Band; Talk About Suffering; I'll Live Again; Blessed Assurance; Are You Afraid To Die; Swing Medley; How Great Thou Art; I Have Found The Way; I Surrender All; Bluegrass Medley; Amazing Grace - 18-11-03
Horizon HR 10162 Bluegrass Preserved: Look Over The Beautiful Fields; Wandering Boy; Dreaming Of A Little Cabin; Cry From The Cross; A Man Without God; The Sunny Side Of Life; In God's Hands; Prophets Admiration; Bring Your Vessels; Are You Afraid To Die; He Never Failed Me; Is Not This The Land Of Beulah; Wayfaring Stranger; Thank You; Medley; Family Chain; Paul's Ministry; Evergreen Shore; The Sun Will Never Set Again; Why Are Y – 12-04
Gaither Music Group SHD 2514 Heroes Friend 'Til The End;  Peace Like A River;  Heroes;  If That Don't Make You Want To Go;  Yours And Mine;  Half A Day Away;  Great Is Thy Reward;  In His Hands;  Sweet Holy Spirit;  Peace - 24-08-04
Horizon HR 10282 Radio Hits: Carry Me; I'm Gonna Move; Honestly; I Have a Father Who Can; Unlike Me, Just Like Him; That's All That Matters to Me; The Lowest Valley; Stand Still; He Understands My Tears; He Ain't Never Done Me Nothin' But Good; It Is Well (Elisha's Song); He's Taking Care of Me; From the Depths of My Heart; I Surrender All - 19-04-05 (Sampler)
Horizonn HR 10502 Bluegrass: A Cappella  Don't You Want To Go To Heaven;  Least I Can Do;  What Do You See;  Christ Arose;  There Through It All;  Star Spangled Banner;  Reaping In The Spirit;  Talk About Suffering;  Amazing Grace;  I Have A Father Who Can. - 05 (Sampler)    
Horizon ? Lily:  Bridges That You've Burned;  Peaceful Waters;  I Brought You To Jesus;  By His Stripes;  Only One Love;  I Said No;  Who Will Survive The Storm;  In His Arms I'm Not Afraid;  He Is Leading Me;  Christmas In Heaven. – 19-04-05                        
Gaither Music Group SHD 2717 Big Sky: Big Sky;  Through The Valley;  The One I’m Dying For;  I Bring It To You;  Barbie Bandaids;  Love Is A Cross You Bear;  Walk On;  That’s Alright By Me;  When A Broken Heart Heals;  Umbrella. – 24-04- 07
Gaither Music Group SHD 6014 Naturally: An Almost A Cappella Collection  Little Bit Of Heaven;  Hard Times Come Again No More;  I Will Praise Him;  Mama's Teaching Angels How To Sing;  Come My Child;  Healin' Stream;  The Three Bells;  No Shortage;  He Can Be Found;  Does Jesus Care?;  Hallelujah;  Hear The Voice Of My Beloved;  When God Seems So Near;  There's Something About That Name;  Peace Be Still;  It Is Well With My Soul – 08-09-09
Gaither Music Group SHD 6077 Christmas  Winter Wonderland;  I'll Be Home For Christmas;  The Christmas Song;  What Child Is This?;  It's Christmastime Again;  Silent Night ; O Holy Night;  Silver Bells;  Santa Claus Is Real;  The Savior Of The World Has Come;  Labor Of Love;  Grown-Up Christmas List;  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen ; We Three Kings;  Mary Did You Know?;  Away In A Manger – 28-09-10
Gaither Music Group SHD 6138 Why Can't We Hallelujah Turnpike;  Waiting In The Water;  Four Men Walkin' Around;  Why Can't We;  God Still Has A Plan;  You Can't Take My Joy;  Why;  I Still Trust You;  He Knows All About It;  Get On Board;  That Is Why I Sing;  I'm Gonna Kove You Through It;  I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Cavalry – 01-11-11
Gaither Music Group SHD 8774 The Living Years: The Living Years; Walk Together Children; If That Isn't Love; Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive; For Those Tears I Died; I Must Tell Jesus; Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout the Good Old Days); Daniel Prayed; I Wanna Be There; I Am a Child of God; Leave it All on the Altar; I Know Who Holds Tomorrow; Shalom My Home; The Lord's Prayer – 13-08-13
New Day/House Of Isaacs V 28270 Nature's Symphony In 432 (A Journey From Pain To Praise): Nature's Symphony; Fields; I Love You More; Lord of My Heart; This Is the Year; Bird on the Wing; Keep Breathing; I Find It All in You; Rocks; If That's What It Takes; Yours Amen; God Is Still with Me; Dining with the King; None so Lovely; Great Is Thy Faithfulness – 02-09-16
Gaither Music Group SHD 9392 Favorites: Revisited By Request : The Star-Spangled Banner; It Is Well (Elisha’s Song); He Never Failed Me; Is Not This The Land of Beulah; He Ain't Never Done Me Nothin' But Good; He Understands My Tears; I’ve Come To Take You Home; I Have A Father Who Can; By His Stripes; Stand Still; From The Depths Of My Heart – 01-06-18
House of  Isaacs ? Songs For The Times: Ain't No Grave (Gonna Hold My Body Down); Through It All; The Wilderness; Just Over Yonder;  The Love Of God; The Times They Are a Changing; Peace In Trusting;  Give Him What You Got; Medley Of Hymns (Old Rugged Cross, Softly And Tenderly, In The Garden, Nearer My God To Thee);  Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around (feat. Jason Crabb and Anglea Primm) – 23-10-20
House Of Isaacs ? The American Face: The American Face; We Can Work It Out;  You’re The Inspiration;  Never Too Late for Love;  Turn, Turn, Turn;  Just Words; Humpty Dumpty Heart;  Forever and for Always;  Dance with Me; More Than Words;  Love with All Your Heart; The Water is Wide – 13-08-21

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Isaacs no # The Writers Series vol. 1: Rain Barrel; Pray Anyway; God I Miss You; Just Another Red Sea; Your Cries Have Awoken The Master ; Welcome Home; Get On Board ; Lord Have Mercy; A Miracle Today; Help


Gaither SHDVD 4515 The Best Of The Isaacs/ Favorites From The Homecoming Series: He Ain't Never Done Me Nothin' But Good; Stand Still; It Is Well (Elisha's Song); The Star-Spangled Banner; He Nae Ma Tov; O Come, Angel Band; He Understands My Tears; I Have A Father Who Can; If That Don't Make You Want To Go; Blessed Assurance; I'm Gonna Move; The Least I Can Do; Carry Me; Look What God Gave Me; Did You Ever Go Sailin'; That's All That Matters To Me; The Prettiest Flowers Will Be Blooming; Heroes; Is Not This The Land Of Beulah?; Sweet Holy Spirit – 04
Gaither SHDVD 4818 Live From Norway: Great Is Thy Reward;  Big Sky;  If That Don't Make You Want To Go;  I Surrender All; Yours And Mine;  I'Ll Fly Away; Walk On; Barbie Bandaids;  Through The Valley;  It Is Well With My Soul;  Bring It To You;  He Touched Me;  Heroes;  That's Alright By Me;  Friend 'Til The End;  Love Is A Cross You Bear;  Old Rugged Cross;  One I'm Dying For  - 26-02-08

Morning Star
MST-45-22291 The Beautiful Rose / The Beautiful Rose – (promo)