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Rex Dallas

*06-11-1938 Wallerawang, AUS
2nd version
By Praguefrank, Vaclav Zpatecka, Michael De Looper
There is not enough space for creating sessionography

Hadley [AUS] HLP 1223 The Harry Torrani Yodelling Album: Mountain Echo Yodel; Fireside Yodel; Yodel All Day; The Roaming Yodeller; Dutch Girl Yodel; My Swiss Miss Yodel; My Lancashire Yodelling Lass; Yodeller’s Dream Girl; Mammy’s Yodel; Yodelling Boy; Cuckoo Yodel; Mocking Bird Yodel -  75 (rec. Hadley House Studios, Tamworth, NSW, AUS; reissued as part of HCD 1314 24 Harry Torrani Yodelling Songs)
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1224 The Harry Torrani Yodelling Album, vol. 2: My Yodelling Lady;  Australian Yodel; Prairie Yodel; Mississippi Yodel; Starlight Serenade; Gypsy Yodel; Yodel And Smile;  Happy and Free Yodel; Cuckoo Waltz; Yodelling Erick; Mexican Yodel; Hear The Yodeller – 75 (rec. Hadley House Studios, Tamworth, NSW, AUS;  reissued as part of HCD 1314 24 Harry Torrani Yodelling Songs)
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1226 In The Days When I Was Me: 18 Year Old Travellin’ Man; Rose Marie; Help Me Make It Through The Night; Livin’ In A Big Big City; Oh Danny Boy; White Lightning; In The Days When I Was Me; Before The Next Teardrop Falls; Lit Up And Seeing Double; Love In The hot Afternoon; Children; Love Song Of The Waterfall – 76 (rec. 25,26 Feb,, 8,15 March 1976 Hadley House Studios, Tamworth, NSW, AUS)
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1234 I Love The Old Bush Ballads: I Love The Old Bush Ballads; Forget About The Car; Thank The Bush For The Likes of Them; The Coloured Lad; Snowy Mountain Yodel; Australian Bush Call; The Flea; Gum Trees Are Falling; The Old Briar Pipe; Trumby's Mate; Portrait of a Truckie; I Went Back To Dodd's Hotel; Old Wallerawang; Let Me Sing You A Song of the Country; The Old Retired Showman; Bluey -  77 (reissued in 2005 on Briar I Love Old Bush Ballad Songs/ Hadley Masters)
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1240 Old Wallerawang: Old Wallerawang; On Strike; Mama Take Me Home; Outback Country; Papa's Wagon; Australian Hot Meat Pie; Trumby's Mate; I Thought I Was Sober; Let Me Sing You a Song of the Country; Bicycle Wreck; The Old Retired Showman - 78
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1244 Here’s To The Song Writer: The Legend of Lennie Legg the Shearer; The Biggest Fool This World Has Ever Seen; The Old Rodeo Clown; Greasy George; Ellensborough Falls; I'm off with Old Matilda; Please Daddy, Take Me with You When You Go; Watson; Country Hoedown; The Ballad of Ben Brown; I'll Pay All the Debts That I Owe; Driving into the Sunset at 100 Miles an Hour - 79
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1255 Yodelling Mad: Yodelling Mad; Maybe I'll Cry over You; Sister of Sioux City Sue; Indian Love Call; Freight Train Yodel; Roundup Time; Yodelling Around Australia; Big Rock Candy Mountain; Mocking Bird Hill; It Takes Too Long to Heal a Broken Heart; Swiss Moonlight Lullaby; There's a Love Knot in My Lariat – 10-08-79
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1262 Buckjump And Saddle Tales: Mandrake; The Endurance Ride; Rocky ned; Red Morning Sun; Old Boko And Me; That Dappled Grey Bronco Of Mine; Saddle Boy; His Spurs Are Rusty Now; Curio Of Marrabelle; Aristocrat; Strawberry Roan; Chain Lightning The Outlaw – 05-06-81
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1267 Remembering Those Hillbilly Hits: The Soldier’s Last letter; Parson Joe; Red River Valley; The Newsboy’s Message; Také It Back And Change It For A Boy; Don’t Ever Také Ribbons From Your Hair; He Holds The Lantern; Where The Lazy Murray River Rolls Along; Over Hilltop And Hollow; Where The W hitefaced Cattle Roam; The Overlander Trail; Music In My Pony’s Feet; Old Shep; One Golden Curl; The Blue Velvet Band – 82 (rec. Hadley House Studios, Tamworth, NSW, AUS)
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1275 Mother’s Flower Garden: Mother’s Flower Garden; Sweet Mother’s Love;  Medals For Mother; M.O.T.H.E.R.; I Dreamed About Mom Last Night; Mother, Queen Of My Heart; Mother Was The Strong Side Of My Life;  Mother; A Mother As Lovely As You; Gentle Mother; The Sweetest Gift; Mumma’s Hands – 82 (rec. Hadley House Studios, Tamworth, NSW, AUS)
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1280 Easy Lovin': Easy Lovin'; A Stranger in My Place; Begging to You; Yippi Cry I; Bluest Heartache of the Year; Fraulein; (I'd Be) A Legend in My Time; And I Love You So; As Big as a River; Gonna Find Me a Bluebird – 84
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1284 Born To The Saddle: Born to the Saddle; Number Thirteen; Fill My Glass; Dark Sons Of Australia; Childhood Sweetheart; Back in the Long Ago; A Real Australian Country Music Song; The Hut; Pedestal of Hearts; As Long As There's a Mountain; The Coloured Hills That Cradle Alice Springs; Remember Me - 84  (rec. Hadley House Studios, Tamworth, NSW, AUS)
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1288  For Valour - Tribute To Anzacs: They March On Anzac day; Gallipoli;  Stockmen in Uniform; Australia Is His Name; Did You See My Daddy Over There; The Boy Soldier;  for Valour; A Rose Of Red; Three Survivors; White Crosses In The Jungle; She Wasn't There To Meet Me;  Here Come The – 85 (rec. Hadley House Studios, Tamworth, NSW, AUS)
Selection [AUS] PRL 055 Duelling Yodellers: Duelling Yodellers [1,2]; Those Old Tex Morton Blues [2]; Dandenong Yodel [1]; Snowy River Yodel [2]; Blue Mountain Yodel [1]; Yodel Sweet Molly [1,2]; Chicken Yodel [2]; Lullaby Yodel Song [1]; A Yodel Puts Everything Right [2]; Demonstration Yodel [1,2]; Here's to the Aussie Yodellers [1]; Jingle Bell Yodel [1,2] - 85 Rex Dallas [1],  Owen Blundell [2] (MX: 300233/4)
Briar [AUS] BLP 1 Rex Dallas And Sons: Gone But Not Forgotten; A Song For Darwin; The Centre; Old Wallerawang; Mountain Girl Yodel; Foggy Mountain Breakdown; All In The Family; Don't Cry For Me Argentina; Freight Train; The Mermaid; Under The Double Eagle; Three Legged Man; Ghost Riders In The Sky; Gotta Get Rid Of The Band – 86
Briar [AUS] BLP 2 Harry Torrani Classics Volume 3: Scottie The Yodeller; Yodelling Bunkhouse Boy; Yodelling Rag Man; Gambling Darkie; Lonesome Yodeller; Crazy Yodel; Honeymoon Yodel; Dwarf's Yodel Song; The Water Mill; The Shepherd's Yodel; Nursery Rhyme Yodel; Yodelling To You; Dan Dan The Yodelling Man; Mountain Spook Yodel - 86
Sundown  [AUS] SUN 0420 We Dig Coal: The Miners; I'm a Miner's Son; Pitt Ponies Skips and Wheelers; Heroes of the Pitt; I Learnt to Yodel in the Ivanhoe Mine; Marked by Lumps of Coal; We Dig Coal; The Western Main; Old Henry; I Was 12 and He Was 63; Jack the Pegleg; The Miner's Ladies; Coal Trucks Roll; Red Dog – 90
Music World [AUS] MARC 869 Aussie Yodels: I Learnt to Yodel; Scottie the Yodeller; Yodellng Bunkhouse Boy; Yodelling Rag Man; Lonesome Yodeller; Crazy Yodel; Honeymoon Yodel; Dwarf's Yodel Song; The Nursery Rhyme Yodel; Yodelling to You; Mountain Spook Yodel; Gone but Not Forgotten; The Centre; Mountain Girl Yodel; All in the Family; The Mermaid; Three Legged Man; Gotta' Get Rid of the Band – 95 (prob. sampler; reissued on K-Tel in 2013)
Hadley [AUS] HCDM 1310 Heartland: South Australia; These Old Eyes; This Side of Town; Where Brumby Runs; Shenandoah; Old Steam Trains; Farmer and The Eagle; Letter From A Child; Hooky Bill; Sonny’s Dream; Wild Rose ` Scottish Country Medley: Scotland The Brave; I Love A Lassie Roaming in the Gloaming; Road To The Isles – 01-08-95
LBS [AUS] LBS 022CD Songs of my Country: King Of Them All; The Ringers Room; The All Star Western Show; The Letter; Song of My Country; Summertime Yodel; Good Old Days; Moonbi Ranges Crosses by The Road; Rain; Our Buddy; Highway of Song – 95
Briar [AUS] BCD 003 40 Years Down The Track: A Memory or Two; Mustering Again; Yodelling king; Playroom Rodeo ` The Border; Dusty Tree; Mountain Girl Yodel; Yodelling Down Under ` Rusted Love People Call Me Country; I’m a Miner’s Son ` The Western Main; Old Wallerawang – 97?
Briar [AUS] BCD 004 Souvenir Edition: I’m A Miner’s Son; The Western Main; Ivanhoe Mine; Heroes Of The Pit; Pit Ponies; The Miner’s Ladies; Lumps Of Coal; We Dig Coal; Jack The Pegleg; The Miners; Coal trucks; Old Wallerawang; A Memory Or Two; Mustering Again; King Of Them All; The Ringer’s Room; Playroom Rodeo; The Slim Dusty Tree; Song Of The Country; Moonbi Rangers; When Australia Was Young – 97
Briar [AUS] no # 17 Treasure Tracks 60’s-80’s: Bicycle Wreck; That’s My Love; Just For You; A Picture And Memories Of You; Australian Bush Call; I’m Crying In My Beer; I’ll Také You Home Again, Kathleen; Yodel And Smile; Starlight Serenade; Ellensbourg Falls; Two Little Boys; She Taught Me To Yodel; Our Buddy’s Gone Home; The Engineers Don’t Wave From The Trains Anymore; Mountain Girl Yodel; The Mermaid; All In The Family; All Star Western Show [bonus track] – 00
? Remembers Unforgettable Favourites: Ramblin‘ Rose; That’s Amore; Mona Lisa; Spanish Harlem; Portrait Of My Love; Are You Lonesome Tonight; Blue Spanish Eyes; Crying; Young Girl; It’s Now Or Never; Unchained Melody; A Man Without Love – 03
Briar  [AUS] BCD 007 Working Man: Rainbow Over The Rock; Dark Sons; Ballad Of Ben Brown; Scars On The Land; Ireland; Grandad Show How To Yodel; Working Man; The Cattlemens Hut Jailbirds Can’t Fly; Wino’s Sherrie; Australia Day In Heaven; Tribute to Australian C. M.King Bonus Track – 0-
Briar [AUS] BCD 008 Big Old Land: Big Old Land; Who Burns the Gidgee; Love The Sound of a Train; Heaven  Dot Com; Raising The Bar; Is There A Yodeller Home; Old Cook Town; Roll On Summertime; Kooriwadjula; Pine Covered Hills Sweet Memory Waltz; Sing Australia – 05?           
Briar [AUS] BCD 011 Everybody’s Goin‘ Outback: Australian Brand; Everybody’s Goin‘ Outback; Ain’t It Grand; Sunrise Of The Outback; Song Of My Country; On The Border; Crosses By The Roadside; Crafted Saddles; If We Had A Verandah; Drovers Of Camooweal; Mustering Again; One More For The Road -  09
Briar [AUS] no # Memories For Sale: The Australian Brand; Mystery Of Saddle Girl; Forty Shades / How Great Thou Art; The Brass Well; Memories For Sale; Corvette Song; Waltzing Matilda; Communication Breakdown; Funiculi Funicula - 12
Kross Kut [AUS] KRR 188CD Country Legend: The Music Man; The Days Of Old Khancoban; Paloma Blanca; Danny Boy's Coming Home;     Dreamtime Soldier; The Runaway Train; It's A Small World; Ballad Of Harry Morgan; Someday My Time Will Come and I Can Live Forever; Love For The Music; I'm In Love Again; Let The Children Sing; Back To Wallerawang; Sons Of Fathers - 15
Music Factory [AUS] ? Australian Yodels: Crazy Yodels; Hooked On Yodelling; Sing A Country Song; I Learnt To Yodel; He Taught Me To Yodel; One Day At A Time; Scottie The Yodeller; Mocking Bird Yodel; Mountain Girl Yodel; Big Mike; Honeymoon Yodel; Yodelling Polka; The Nursery Rhyme Yodel; I Yodel For Jesus; Yodelling Bunkhouse Boy; The Goatherd Song; Glory Bound Train; Mountain Spook Yodel – 01-11-16 Rex Dallas, George Dobbie, Jan Windolf
Kobalt Music Publishing [AUS] 33003066 The A-Z Of Rex Dallas Volume One: My Swiss Miss Yodel; Ellenborough Falls; Old Wallerawang; Working Man; Yodelling Around Australia; His Spurs Are Rusty Now; Easy Lovin'; Yodel And Smile; Born To The Saddle; Song Of The Country; A Stranger In My Place; Miners Son; Bicycle Wreck; Rusted Love; The Old Briar Pipe; Love Song Of The Waterfall; Cuckoo Yodel; Gum Trees Are Falling; Australian Hot Meat Pie; White Crosses In The Jungle – 27-10-17 (prob. sampler)
William Osland Consulting [AUS] ? Show Boat Kalang: Show Boat Kalang; Kitchen Table; Music Is Life; Leura Cascades; Memory or Two; Rock 'n' Roll Yodel; In a Garden; Lady of the Road; Zig Zag Railway Line – 30-03-18
Rex Dallas [AUS] ? Sunrise Of The Outback: Sunrise Of The Outback;  Ain't It Grand;  Old Veranda;  Yummy Yella Belly;  If We Had A Veranda;  Crafted Saddles;  Everybody's Going Outback;  Steel City Blues;  24 Hour Run;  Bill Posters;  She Won T Go To Rodeo;  Yodelling Is Still Going Strong;  Thank God For The Firies - 19
Rex Dallas [AUS] ? Unchained: Rose in Spanish Harlem; Mona Lisa; Crying; Young Girl; Are You Lonesome Tonight; Blue Spanish Eyes; Unchained Melody; Always on My Mind; Lonely Is a Man Without Love; It's Now or Never; Portrait of My Love; That's Amore - 16-04-21

Festival [AUS] FX 10,341 Bicycle Week: Bicycle Wreck;  I Don't Hurt Anymore;  Tijuana Rose;  That's My Love – 61 (MX: MX 9279/80)
Troubadour [AUS] TEP 710 With The Cross Country Singers: (tracks unknown)  .  70
Hadley [AUS] HEP.541 The Australian Hot Meat Pie: The Australian Hot Meat Pie; Trumby's Mate / I Thought I Was Sober; Let Me Sing You A Song Of The Country – 73 (MX: HR 129/130)
Hadley [AUS] HEP.544 Old Wallerawang (1974) Old Wallerawang;  On Strike / Mama take me home;  Poor Chinee .  74

Rex [AUS]
RS 038 Bicycle Wreck / That's My Love – 10-60
Columbia [AUS]
DO 4477 Just For You / A Picture And Memories Of – 05-64
DO 4478 Australian Bush Crawl / I'm Crying In My Beer – 05-64
DO 4752 Yodel And Smile / I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen – 67
DO 4791 Starlight Serenade / Ellenborough Falls .  67
Hadley [AUS]
HS 22 Lit Up And Seeing Double / Love In The Hot Afternoon – 7-
HS 25 I Went Back To Dodd\s Hotel / The Colored Lad .  78
Briar [AUS]
BS 3 Our Buddy's Gone Home / The Engineers Don't Wave From The Trains Anymore .  87
Selection  [AUS]
PRS 165 Duelling Yodellers / Chicken Yodel – 88 w. Owen Blundell
Enrec [AUS]
ENS 111 I’m A Miner’s Son / We Dig Coal .  90

Jim and Jennie

By Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst
Early 1999 New York City – Jim and Jennie and The Pine Barons (Jim Krewson [vcl/gt], Jennie Benford [vcl/mandolin], Brad Hutchison [banjo], Brendan Skwire [bass fiddle],  Chris DiPinto [fiddle])
001 IT'S A PLEASURE TO KNOW YOU Phovsho 003-2
002 I'VE LOST MY PRIZE Phovsho 003-2  
003 LULU WALLS Phovsho 003-2  
004 GLORY BE Phovsho 003-2  
005 NO LETTER IN THE MAIL Phovsho 003-2  
006 GEORGIE BUCK Phovsho 003-2
007  JUST TWO MORE YEARS Phovsho 003-2  
008 NASHVILLE BLUES Phovsho 003-2  
009 BOWLING GREEN Phovsho 003-2  
010 ANGEL BAND Phovsho 003-2  
011 JOY BELLS Phovsho 003-2   
2000 Rockland Heights, Northampton, MA – Jim And Jennie with The Pinetops (Jim Krewson [vcl/gt], Jennie Benford [vcl/mandolin], Brad Hutchison [banjo], Brendan Skwire [bass])
012 LITTLE BIRDIE Overcoat 004  
014 HEAVENLY LIGHT Overcoat 004  
015 WELL ENOUGH ALONE Overcoat 004  
016 CANNONBALL Overcoat 004  
017 REUBEN Overcoat 004   
018 THE OLD WOOD MILL Overcoat 004   
019 THIS ONE'S ON ME Overcoat 004  
020 NO TELEPHONE IN HEAVEN Overcoat 004   
021 THE TRUE HEART Overcoat 004   
022 I'M FEELING FINE Overcoat 004   
023 WON'T YOU COME AND SING FOR ME Overcoat 004  
024 RED ROCKING CHAIR Overcoat 004
2001 Soundgun, Philadelphia, PA -  Jim And Jennie with The Pinetops (Jim Krewson [vcl/gt/drums], Jennie Benford [vcl/gt/ mandolin], Brad Hutchison [banjo/gt/ bass], Brendan Skwire [bass], Travis Stuart [clawhammer banjo/ gt/ bass], Eric Levenson [bass], Emma O'Donnell [fiddle])
025 DRIVING RAIN Overcoat  OC 12   
026 PRETTY VALLEY Overcoat  OC 12  
027 ONE MORE IN THE CABIN Overcoat  OC 12  
028 THE LIGHT OF DAY Overcoat  OC 12   
029 MY GREY AND FADING DREAMS Overcoat  OC 12   
030 ELMORE MOUNTAIN ROAD Overcoat  OC 12  
031 FIRETOWER Overcoat  OC 12  
033 INSULT TO INJURY Overcoat  OC 12  
034  MOURNING DOVE Overcoat  OC 12   
035 CIDER PRESS Overcoat  OC 12  
036 THE MILLER AND THE HOUND Overcoat  OC 12  
037 THE ROAD TO PARADISE Overcoat  OC 12   
038 DEEP RUNNING RIVER Overcoat  OC 12
 2004 Dutch Cove, Canton, NC – Jim and Jennie and The Pinetops (Jim Krewson [vcl/rh gt/drums], Jennie  Benford [vcl/ac gt/mandolin/tambourine], Lawrence Dillingham [rh gt], Josh Haddick [el gt],  Brad Hutchison [banjo/ banjocaster], Adam Tanner [mandolin/steel], Charley Brophey [mandolin], Matt Downing [bass/uke], Trevor Stuart/ Travis Stuart [fiddle]. Producer: Jim and Jennie and The Pinetops)
039 COUNTRY BOY ROCK AND ROLL Bloodshot BS 118   
040 MT. ST. HELENS Bloodshot BS 118
041 BLACKIE MOORE Bloodshot BS 118  
042 RED ROCKING CHAIR Bloodshot BS 118   
043 KATY HILL Bloodshot BS 118   
044 QUIT BARKING AT ME Bloodshot BS 118   
045 THE POISON VINE Bloodshot BS 118  
046 THE WAY IT IS FOR ME Bloodshot BS 118   
047 COLD GREEN SEA Bloodshot BS 118   
048 HANNAH'S SONG Bloodshot BS 118  
050 WALKING IN MY SLEEP Bloodshot BS 118  
051 STARS FALL Bloodshot BS 118  

Phovsho 003-2  Jim And Jennie and the Pine Barons:  It's A Pleasure To Know You; I've Lost My Prize; Lulu Walls; Glory Be; No Letter In The Mail; Georgie Buck; Just Two More Years; Nashville Blues; Bowling Green; Angel Band; Joy Bells – 99 and The Pine Barons
Overcoat 004 Little Birdie: Little Birdie; Sing From The Back Of The Church;  Heavenly Light; Well Enough Alone;  Cannonball;  Reuben;  The Old Wood Mill;  This One's On Me;  No Telephone In Heaven;  The True Heart;  I'm Feeling Fine;  Won't You Come And Sing For Me;  Red Rocking Chair – 05-09-00 and The Pinetops
Overcoat OC 12 One More in the Cabin:  Driving Rain;  Pretty Valley; One More In The Cabin; The Light Of Day;  My Grey And Fading Dreams;  Elmore Mountain Road; Firetower; Who's Your Daddy Little Girl?; Insult To Injury;  Mourning Dove;  Cider Press;  The Miller And The Hound;  The Road To Paradise;  Deep Running River – 07-05-02
Bloodshot BS 118  Rivers Roll On By: Country Boy Rock and Roll;  Mt. St. Helens; Blackie Moore; Red Rocking Chair;  Katy Hill;  Quit Barking At Me;  The Poison Vine;  The Way It Is For Me;  Cold Green Sea;  Hannah's Song;  I Know You're Married But I Love You Still; Walking In My Sleep;  Stars Fall  - 26-04-05