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Chris Bouchillon

By Henk Scholts, Tony Russell
ca. 7 July 1925 Atlanta, GA – Chris Bouchillon (Chris Bouchillon [vcl], Uris Bouchillon [gt], Charlie Bouchillon [fiddle])
001 9234-A  SHE DOODLE DOOED  45004
4 November 1926 Atlanta, GA – Chris Bouchillon (Chris Bouchillon [vcl/speach], Uris Bouchillon [gt], ? [vcl-1])
002 W143060-2  TALKING BLUES  15120-D 02977/OHCS 181 JSP 7746
003 W143061-1  HANNAH -1 15120-D Velvet Tone 2498-V Clarion 5438-C  02977/OHCS 181 JSP 7746
26 March 1927 Atlanta, GA – Chris Bouchillon (Chris Bouchillon [vcl/speach], Uris Bouchillon [gt], ? [vcl-1])
004 W143771-1-2  WALTZ ME AROUND WILLIE -1  15244-D Velvet Tone 7104-V Clarion 5144-C /OHCS 181 JSP 7746
005 W143772-1-2  LET IT ALONE    15178-D /OHCS 181 JSP 7746
006 W143773-1  YOU LOOK AWFUL GOOD TO ME  15244-D Velvet Tone 7104-V Clarion 5144-C
007 W143774  IN A CITY FAR AWAY  unissued
5 April 1927 Atlanta, GA – Chris Bouchillon
008 W143896  SOUTH CAROLINA BLUES  unissued
009 W143897-3 MY FAT GIRL 15178-D/OHCS 181 JSP 7746
010 W143898-2 BORN IN HARD LUCK   15151-D Ve 2498-V Clarion 5438-C/OHCS 181 JSP 7746
011 W143899-2 THE MEDICINE SHOW   15151-D/OHCS 181 JSP 7746
10 November 1927 Atlanta, GA – Chris Bouchillon
012 W145208  CHRIS VISITS THE BARBER SHOP  15213-D Regal G 20264
013 W145209  BULLFIGHT IN MEXICO    15213-D Regal G 20264
014 W145210  A WEEK END AT SAM STOVER'S  unissued
015 W145211  HEBREW AND HOME BREW   unissued
016 W145212  GOOD NIGHT HON  unissued
017 W145213  SAM STOVER AND THE CLERGYMAN  unissued
16 April 1928 Atlanta, GA – Chris Bouchillon (Chris Bouchillon [vcl/speach], Uris Bouchillon [gt], ? [banjo-1], ? [whistle-2])
018 W146085-1  OLD BLIND HECK    15262-D/OHCS 181 JSP 7746
019 W146086-1  NEW TALKING BLUES  15262-D /OHCS 181 JSP 7746
020 W146087-2  I GOT MINE -1-2           15317-D
021 W146088-1  I'VE BEEN MARRIED THREE TIMES    15289-D /OHCS 181 JSP 7746
022 W146089-2 MY WIFE'S WEDDING     15289-D /OHCS 181 JSP 7746
023 W146090-2 OYSTER STEW        15317-D /OHCS 181 JSP 7746
29 October 1928 Atlanta, GA – Chris Bouchillon (Chris Bouchillon [gt/duet speech], Mrs Chris Bouchillon [duet speech])
024 W147333-2  ADAM AND EVE - PART 1         15345-D /OHCS 181 JSP 7746
025 W147334-2  ADAM AND EVE - PART 2      15345-D /OHCS 181 JSP 7746
026 W147335  ADAM AND EVE  - PART 3   unissued                       
027 W147336  ADAM AND EVE -  PART 4    unissued         
30 October 1928 Atlanta, GA – Chris Bouchillon (Chris Bouchillon [speech/gt])
028 W147339-2 SPEED MANIAC       15373-D /OHCS 181 JSP 7746
029 W147340-1 AMBITIOUS FATHER     15373-D /OHCS 181 JSP 7746
030 W147341-2 GIRLS OF TODAY     15508-D /OHCS 181 JSP 7746
031 W147342-2 OH MISS LIZZIE    15508-D /OHCS 181 JSP 7746

Old Homestead OHCS 181 The Original Talking Blues Man: Born In Hard Luck; Talking Blues; New Talking Blues; Hannah; Old Blind Heck; Let It Alone; My Fat Girl; Waltz Me Around Willie; Ambitious Father; You Look Awful Good To Me; The Medicine Show; I've Been Married Three Times; My Wife's Wedding; Adam And Eve - Part One; Adam And Eve - Part Two; Oyster Stew; Oh Miss Lizzie; Girls Of Today – 87 (reissued in 2005 as disc D in 4CD set  JSP JSP 7746 [UK] Tom Darby and Jimmie Tarlton Also Starring Chris Bouchillon)

45004 She doodle dooed / [George Walburn and Emmet Hethcox:] K.C. Railroad - 25
15120-D Talking Blues / Hannah - 26
15151-D Born In Hard Luck / The Medicine Show - 27
15178-D Let It Alone / My Fat Girl - 27
15213-D Chris Visits The Barber Shop / A Bull Fight In Mexico - 27
15244-D Waltz Me Around Willie / You Look Awful Good To Me - 27
15262-D New Talking Blues / Old Blind Heck - 28
15289-D I’ve Been Married Three Times / My Wife’s Wedding - 28
15317-D I Got Mine / Oyster Stew - 28
15345-D Adam And Eve: Part 1 / Adam And Eve: Part 2 - 28
15373-D Speed Maniac / Ambitious Father - 29
15508-D Girls Of To-Day / Oh Miss Lizzie
5144-C Waltz Me Around Willie / You Look Awful Good To Me - As Jean Mendigal
5439 Hannah (Transfer Matrix 100585) / Born In Hard Luck (Transfer Matrix 100586) - As Clay Chapman
Velvet Tone
2498-V Hannah (Transfer Matrix 100585) / Born In Hard Luck (Transfer Matrix 100586) - As Clay Chapman
7104-V Waltz Me Around Willie - As Jean Mendigal / [Williams and Williams:] Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet
7105-V You Look Awful Good To Me - As Jean Mendigal / [Williams and Williams:] In The Garden
02977 Talking Blues / Hannah
Regal [AUS]
G20264 Chris Visits The Barber Shop / A Bull Fight In Mexico

Warren H. Williams

Warren Hedley Williams, * 27-12-1963 Ntaria Hermannsburg, Northern Territory, AUS
By Praguefrank
SESSIONS  also recorded with Johnny Williamson
There is not enough info for creating sessionography

Ntjakla Label [AUS] no # I’m Not Trying To Forget: I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World; If Tomorrow Never Comes; I'm Beginning To Forget You; No-One Will Ever Know; You Took Her Off My Mind; Play Born To Lose Again; I'm Not Trying To Forget; Last Come And Get Me; I've Already Loved You In My Mind; When Two Worlds Collide – 91 (cassette) Warren Williams and Country Ebony
CAAMA [AUS] M 225 Western Wind: (tracks unknown) -  95  Warren Williams
CAAMA [AUS] M 309 Country Friends And Me:  Raining On The Rock; Magazine;  Western Wind;  Window Up Above;  To A Fool Like Me;  Wished Upon A Star;  Baby Blue; Last Seen In Alice;. Big Red Rock;  What A Place;  A Town Like Alice;  Don't Play On The Tracks;. Someone Like You;  Were Here To Love;  Down That Road;  If Tomorrow Never Comes;  Mother Never Warned Me;  Coster Country - 99
CAAMA [AUS] M 359 Where My Heart Is: Clouds Are Rollin; What A Night; Lonely Bar; Lovin Arms; In The Park; Old Place; Dreamtime Baby; Like A Gambler; Called You Up; Too Good To Be True. – 00 (Warren H. Williams, vocals, guitar, bass, pedal steel ; with Herman MArcic, guitar ; Stanely Satour, bass ; Allen Murphy, drums ; Bill Davis, keyboards ; Emily Tahine, vocals ; Alice Springs Quartet (Claire O'Brien, Anne Jaquiery, violins ; Therese O'Brien, cello ; Peter Gilham, viola ; with BNicola Gilham, bass)
CAAMA [AUS] M 372 Places In Between: Hustle Bustle; Big Old Moon; Northern Wind; Sunburnt Country; Let It Rain; Just Because It Feels Good; What A Place; Free People; He Don't Love Her; Weary Heart; Seven Year Itch; Desert Sky; Northern Road; Cartoon Tune. – 02
Gumleaf/EMI [AUS] 7243 5 98183 2 0 Mates On The Road: Mallee Boy; Dear Little Quambatook; Chook Routine; It Goes Without Saying; Cracker Night; Forty Years Ago; Salisbury Street; Hawkesbury River Lovin’; The Flight Of The Blowfly; Boomerang Café; Buried In Her Bedclothes; You And My Guitar; Galleries Of Pink Galahs; Cootamundra Wattle; Old Man Emu; Teach Me To Drive, Dad; Cape York Peninsula; Crocodile Roll; Wrinkles; Diamantina Drover; Amazing Day; Three Sons; Keeper Of The Stones; A Thousand Feet; What A Place; Raining On The Rock; Chain Around My Ankle; I Cant Feel Those Chains Any Longer; Diggers Of The Anzac; Waltzing Matilda; A Number On My Back; True Blue; A Bushman Can’t Survive; Glory To Australia; Mates On The Road – 03 with Pixie Jenkins and Johnny Williamson (live, double)
CAAMA [AUS] M 391 Be Like Home: So Much Trouble; Highway Song; Learn My Song; Kimberley Queen; Be Like Home; Late Train; Don't Ignore My Love; Storyteller; Marlo; Milky Way; Only Eighteen; Mum, Mums; Diamonds – 05 (digital: 07-03-06)
Heartland [AUS] 2711303 Looking Out: Been Away; Drift Away; Boulevard; Dusty Ballerina; Family; Forever In My Arms; Tell Her You Love Her; Great Southern Land / Iva Davies; Looking Out; Turn Your Radio On; She's My Everything; You Are The Place; Jealous – 07-08-09
ABC Music [AUS] 2787255 Urna Marra: Motor Running; Have A Great Life; These Eyes; Just Called;  This Road; Had A Love;  Getting Over You;. Look Up Your Memories;  Someone's Always Worse;  Mend Another Broken Heart;  Sleepless Nights; Stories;  Story Of Joseph (Western Aranda) – 25-11-11
ABC Music [AUS] 2796239 Winanjjara: The Song Peoples Sessions: [CD 1: Warren H. Williams  and The Warumungu Songmen :] Winanjjara Songman;  Kirnawarinyi Kaarnungu Lonely Boy;  Ntarntarai! Look After!;  Jurnkurakurr Jurnkurakurr;  Warumungu Kirriji Warumungu Woman;  Ilanga Far Away;  Kampaju Kari Winanjjiki Gospel Song;  Mananta Searching;  Wurtai! Hello;. Turtu Kayakaya Warumungu Lullaby;. Kujjarra Kunjuku, Tjaiya Tharra Two Ways [CD 2:]  Warumungu Songmen tracks  - 12 Warren H Williams And The Warumungu Songmen (rec. Winanjjikari Studio, Tennent Creek, AUS)
ABC Music [AUS] 4796180 Desert Water: Mary Jane; This Time I’ll Give You More; Desert Water; Two Ships; Nothing Left To Burn; When You’re Leaving; One Lifetime; When You Lose Him Once; These Eyes; My Friend Bottle; Dusty Ute; Living Free – 22-07-16 W. Dani Young
ABC Music [AUS] 824900 These Are The Changes:  Morning Walkabout; One of These Days;  Remember; When the Morning Comes; Let Us Stand Together; Coffee Shop;  City Lights of Tamworth; These Are the Changes; Take the Long Way Home; Have Travelled – 17-01-20

CMR Outlaw

Claudio Maurizo Romano, Jr
By Praguefrank
2017 Hive Studios, Hamilton, ON, CAN – CMR Outlaw (CMR Outlaw [vcl/gt], Eric Papky [bas/ slide gt/ harmonica/ gt], Michael Brown [drums])
Tracks above issued on album Divine Of Mankind
2018 414 Recording, St, Catharines, ON, CAN – CMR Outlaw
011 ON MY TRIP digital single [rel. July 2]/Nightmares
2018 Home studio, Toronto, ON – CMR Outlaw (CMR Outlaw [vcl/gt]) [overdub sessions:
414 Recordings, St, Catharines, ON, CAN: Eddie Lucciola [bass/ drums])
Tracks above issued on EP Nightmares
2018 Home studio, Toronto, ON – CMR Outlaw (CMR Outlaw [vcl/gt]) [overdub sessions:
414 Recordings, St, Catharines, ON, CAN: Eddie Lucciola [bass/ drums])
016 SOUTHERN RAISED digital single [rel. Feb 18, 2019]/Outlaw Man
017 AS THE EAGLE CRIES digital single [rel. March 22, 2019]
2019 414 Recordings, St, Catharines, ON, CAN – CMR Ouatlaw (CMR Outlaw [vcl/gt], Eddie Lucciola [bass/ drums/ organ])
018 IN GOD’S CARE digital single [rel. Aug. 26]
2019 Alex Vopatti home studio, ?,ON, CAN – CMR Outlaw (CMR Outlaw [vcl/gt])
019 OUTLAW MAN  Outlaw Man
2019 414 Recordings, St, Catharines, ON, CAN – CMR Ouatlaw (CMR Outlaw [vcl/gt], Lucas Suarez [banjo], Eddie Lucciola [bass/ drums], Hector Ruano [harmonica])
Tracks above issued on EP Outlaw Man
2020 414 Recordings, St, Catharines, ON, CAN – CMR Ouatlaw
023 I WISH I WAS BORN IN NASHVILLE digital single [rel. Apr. 14] June 29]
024 BE FREE digital single [rel. June 29]
025 KISS HER GOODBYE digital single [rel. July 14]
026 TO THE GALLOWS digiral single [rel. Oct. 5]
2021 unknown – CMR Outlaw (Claudio Maurizoo Romano [vcl/gt], ? [lap steel],  Dallas Rose Melo [bass/bck vcl], Sydney Tees [bck vcl])
027  F***ED YOUR COUSIN (NOT YOUR BROTHER) digital single [rel. July 14]
2021 home recording – CMR Outlaw and The Cousin Fuckers
028 FUCK YOU (YOU TAILGATIG SON OF A BITCH) digital single [rel. Jan. 5, 2022]
2022 unknown – CMR Outlaw
029 A FOR ALCOHOLIC digital single [rel. Nov. 23]
030 DIANA THE WITCH digital single [rel. Dec. 20]
031 FAT METAL QUEEN digital single [rel. Jan. 15, 2023]
032 SHE’S OUT OF MY MIND digital single [rel. Jan. 27, 2023]
033 A MOTHER’S SONG digital single [rel. Feb. 15, 2023]
034 THINKING OF YOU digital single [rel. Feb, 17, 2023]
2023 unknown – CMR Outlaw
035 BROKE BACK BROKE digital single [rel. March 15]
036 THREE LITTLE ANGELS digital single [rel. March 30]
037 I MISS MY OLD BUDDY DALLAS digital single [rel. Apr. 5]
038 FUCK BBUD LIGHT digital single [rel. Apr. 13]
039 DARLING PLEASE DON’T GO digital single [rel. Apr. 14]
040 BIG ASS TITTIE digital single [rel. May 1]
041 I HOPE IT’S NOT GOODBYE digital single [rel. May 7]
2023 unknown – CMR Outlaw (Claudio Maurizoo Romano [vcl/gt/bass], Bernardo Yacono [drums])
tracks above issued on EP Why Are You Crying?
2023 unknown – CMR Outlaw
046 I’D HAVE TO BE CRAZY digital single [rel. July 2]
047 OLD SCHOOL WAY digital single [rel. July 15]
048 BABY DON’T FEEL THAT WAY digital single [rel. July 28]

1373538 Records DK ?  Divine of Mankind: Maria; There Ain't No Life in Me; I'm Going Home; There's No Home Anymore; I'm Sick and Tired of It; The Beast; Hellbound; The Light; The Devil`s Valley; War Beast - 15-01-18

1373538 Records DK ?  Nightmares: Nightmares; Dark Matters Door; On My Trip; The Beggars Song; Angel from Hell - 26-11-18
1373538 Records DK ?  Outlaw Man: Outlaw Man; The Loving Women I Need; The Pain; White Rose; Southern Raised  - 07-01-20
1373538 Records DK ?  Why Are You Crying?:  Why Are You Crying?;  Old Vineland Farm;  Beautiful Woman;  Memories Of You – 27-05-23