Saturday, September 21, 2013

Chalee Tennison

By Praguefrank

ca Early 1999 Ocean Way Nashville, Nashville, TN/House Of Gain, Nashville, TN – Chalee Tennison (Chalee Tennison [vcl], Michael Spriggs [ac gt], Kerry Marx [el gt], Brent Rowan [el gt], Sonny Garrish [steel/lap steel], Spady Brannan [bass], Shannon Forrest/ Brian Barnett [drums],   Larry Franklin [fiddle], Steve Conn [piano/ Hammond B3 organ],  Steve Konn/ Jimmy Nichols/ Billy Kirsch [piano], Kim Nash, Bill Nash [bck vcl], The Nashville String Machine. Producer: Jerry Taylor)
001 SOMEONE ELSE'S TURN TO CRY  Asylum 7-64044/62371-2 
002 LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT  Asylum 62371-2 
003 HANDFUL OF WATER  Asylum 62371-2 
005 LEAVE IT AT THAT  Asylum 62371-2 
006 A STOLEN CAR  Asylum 62371-2 
007 I CAN FEEL YOU DRIFTING  Asylum 62371-2 
008 IT AIN'T SO EASY  Asylum 7-64044/62371-2 
009 THERE'S A WAR IN ME  Asylum 62371-2 
010 SOMETIME  Asylum 62371-2 
011 I'D RATHER MISS YOU  Asylum 62371-2
ca Spring 2000 Starstruck Studios, Nashville, TN/Loud Recording, Nashville, TN/Ocean Way, Nashville, Nashville, TN  – Chalee Tennison (Chalee Tennison [vcl], Biff Watson [gt], Brent Rowan [gt], Aubrey Haynie [mandolin/fiddle], Paul Franklin [steel], Michael Rhodes [bass], Eddie Bayers [drums], Jimmy Nichols [piano/synthesizer] + Kim Parent, Russell Terrell [bck vcl]. Producer: Jerry Taylor)
012 YES, I WAS Warner/Asylum 7-16846/47820-2
013 SOMEBODY SAVE ME Warner/Asylum 47820-2
014 I'M HEALING Warner/Asylum 47820-2
015 MAKIN' UP WITH YOU  Warner/Asylum 7-16846/47820-2 
016 THIS WOMAN'S HEART  Warner/Asylum 47820-2 
017 GO BACK  Warner/Asylum 47820-2 
018 BREAK IT EVEN  Warner/Asylum 47820-2 
019 WE DON'T HAVE TO PAY  Warner/Asylum 47820-2 
020 WHY I TELL MYSELF  Warner/Asylum 47820-2 
021 YOU CAN'T SAY THAT  Warner/Asylum 47820-2 
022 I AIN'T  Warner/Asylum 47820-2 
023 UNDER YOUR SKIN  Warner/Asylum 47820-2 
ca Summer 2002 Nashville, TN – Chalee Tennison (musician similar as below. Producer: James Stroud)
024 LONESOME ROAD DreamWorks 450813 B0000405-32/50044-50374-2
025 REAL BAD MOON DreamWorks 450813
ca Spring 2003 Emerald Studios, Nashville, TN/ LOUD Recourding, Nashville. TN/ Ocean Way Nashville, Nashville, TN/ Sound Stage Studios, Nashville, TN – Chalee Tennison (Chalee Tennison [vcl], Biff Watson, Mark Casstevens, Mark Gillespie [ac gt], Brent Mason, Brent Rowan [el gt],  Charlie Cushman [banjo],  Paul Franklin [steel], Michael Rhodes/ Gary Lunn [bass]. Eddie Bayers/ Shannon Forrest/ Paul Leim [drums], Aubrey Haynie,/Stuart Duncan [fiddle],  Steve Nathan/ John Jarvis/ John Hobbs [piano/ keyboards],  Wes Hightower, Liana Manis, Kim Parent [bck vcl]. Producer: James Stroud)
026 I AM LOVE  DreamWorks 50044-50374-2 
027 PARADING IN THE RAIN  DreamWorks 50044-50374-2 
028 EASY LOVIN' YOU  DreamWorks B0000405-32/50044-50374-2 
029 THE MIND OF THIS WOMAN  DreamWorks 50044-50374-2 
030 ME AND MEXICO  DreamWorks 50044-50374-2 
031 I AM PRETTY  DreamWorks 50044-50374-2 
032 CHEATER'S ROAD  DreamWorks 50044-50374-2 
033 MORE TO THIS THAN THAT  DreamWorks 50044-50374-2 
034 BELIEVE  DreamWorks 50044-50374-2 
035 PEACE  DreamWorks 50044-50374-2


Asylum 62371-2 Chalee Tennison:  Someone Else's Turn To Cry; Let Him Get Away With It; Handful Of Water; Just Because She Lives There; Leave It At That; A Stolen Car; I Can Feel You Drifting; It Ain't So Easy; There's A War In Me; Sometime; I'd Rather Miss You – 08-06-99
Warner/Asylum 9-47820-2 This Woman's Heart: Yes, I Was;  Somebody Save Me;  I'm Healing; Makin' Up With You; This Woman's Heart; Go Back; Break It Even; We Don't Have To Pay; Why I Tell Myself; You Can't Say That; I Ain't; Under Your Skin – 10-10-00
DreamWorks 60044-50374-2 Parading In The Rain: I Am Love; Parading In The Rain; Easy Lovin' You; Lonesome Road;The Mind Of This Woman; Me And Mexico; I Am Pretty; Cheater's Road; More To This Than That; Believe; Peace – 16-09-03

Asylum  (1999-2000)               
7-64044 Someone Else's Turn To Cry / It Ain't So Easy - 18-03-99
7-16846 Makin' Up With You / Yes, I Was - 22-08-00
Dreamworks  (2002-)             
450813 Lonesome Road / Real Bad Moon – 14-10-02
B0000405-32 Easy Lovin' You / Lonesome Road – 20-05-03 (CD single)
DRMR-14191-2 Parading In The Rain – 03 (CD Promo)

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