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Monte Warden

*26-04-1967 Houston, TX
By Praguefrank, Lennart Gustavsson, Thieu Van De Vorst

1993 The Hit Shack, 1621 S. Lamart Blvd., Austin, TX – Monte Warden (Monte Warden [vcl], Brent Wilson [gt/ 6-string bass/bck vcl], Brett Wilson [gt/bck vcl], David Murray [el gt],  David Murray [el gt], Brad Fordham [bass gt/bck vcl], Mas Palermo [drums/ castanets/bck vcl], Dave McNair [percussion],  Ted Roddy [harmonica], Floyd Domino [piano], Nick Connolly [organ], Kelly Willis, Malford Milligan, Mike Cross [bck vcl]. Producer: Dave Menair, Mas Palermo)
001 DON'T KNOW A THING Munich MRCDS 792/Watermelon WMCD 1015  
002 FOREVER FROM NOW ON Watermelon WMCD 1015
003 TIL SHE WALKED IN Watermelon WMCD 1015  
004 GIVE MY HEART A BREAK Watermelon WMCD 1015
005 THE ONLY ONE Munich MRCDS 792/ Watermelon WMCD 1015
006 IT'S AMAZING Watermelon WMCD 1015  
007 FEEL BETTER Watermelon WMCD 1015  
008 EVERYDAY WE FALL IN LOVE Watermelon WMCD 1015  
009 JUST TO HEAR YOUR VOICE Watermelon WMCD 1015  
010 ALL I WANT IS YOU Watermelon WMCD 1015  
011 CAR SEAT Watermelon WMCD 1015  
1995 Pedernales Studios, Briarcliff, TX – Monte Warden (Monte Warden [vcl/gt/bck vcl], David Murray [gt], Brad Fordham [ac bass],  Mas Palmero [drums/ percussion/ bck vcl], Chris Searles [drums/ percussion], Floyd Domino [piano], Riley Osborne [organ], Kenneth Williams, Kris McKay, Mike Cross [bck vcl]. Producer: David Leonard, Mas Palermo)
012 HERE I AM Watermelon WMCD 1037
013 WAY I FEEL Watermelon WMCD 1037
014 I NEED YOU Watermelon WMCD 1037
015 DYIN' INSIDE Watermelon WMCD 1037
016 YOU'RE IN LOVE Watermelon WMCD 1037
018 TEARDROPS Watermelon WMCD 1037
019 WICKED LIES Watermelon WMCD 1037
020 JUST LIKE ME Watermelon WMCD 1037
021 DO YOU REMEMBER Watermelon WMCD 1037

1999 Masterfonics Studios, 28 Music Sq. East, Nashville TN – Monte Warden  (Monte Warden [vcl/ac gt], Mike Noble [ac gt/bck vcl], Greg Leish [ac gt/el gt/mandolin], Richie Davis [ac gt/el gt],Brent Rowan [el gt], Sonny Garrish [dobro/steel], Michael Rhodes/Glen Worf [bass], Eddie Bayers [drums], Larry Franklin [strings],  Joe Thomas [piano/Hammond B3], Floyd Domino [Hammond B3], Doug Swander [bck vcl]. Producer: Joe Thomas) [overdub sessions: Oceanway Recording, Hollywood, CA]
022 YOUR HEART WILL COME AROUND Asylum 62273-2  
023 LOVE YOU PROMISED ME Asylum 62273-2  
024 IT'S ONLY LOVE Asylum 62273-2  
025 FOR YOU Asylum 62273-2
026 I TAKE YOUR LOVE Asylum 62273-2
027 STRANGER TO ME NOW Asylum 62273-2
028 SOMEDAY Asylum 62273-2
029 JUST TO HEAR YOUR VOICE Asylum 62273-2
030 I CAN'T TELL MY HEART WHAT TO DO Asylum 62273-2
031 MADELINE Asylum 62273-2  
032 ANOTHER TRY Asylum 62273-2  

2002 [sessions for: Happy Birthday Buck: A Texas Salute to Buck Owens] Abbey Trails, Austin, TX – Monte Warden (Monte Warden [vcl], Casper Rawls [ac/el gt], Kevin Owens [steel],David Carroll [bass gt], Tom Lewis [drums], Eddie Perez [hmny vcl].Producer: Casper Rawlsm David Sanger)
033 HELLO TROUBLE Texas-Roundup 2003


Watermelon WMCD 1015 Monte Warden: Don't Know A Thing; Forever From Now On; Til She Walked In; Give My Heart A Break; The Only One; It's Amazing; Feel Better;  Everyday We Fall In Love; Just To Hear Your Voice; All I Want Is You; Car Seat - 93
Watermelon WMCD 1037 Here I Am: Here I Am;Way I Feel; I Need You; Dyin' Inside; You're In Love; Wall Around Your Heart; Teardrops; Wicked Lies; Just Like Me; Do You Remember- 95
Asylum 62273-2 A Stranger To Me Now: Your Heart Will Come Around; Love You Promised Me; It's Only Love; For You; I Take Your Love; Stranger To Me Now; Someday; Just To Hear Your Voice; I Can't Tell My Heart What To Do; Madeline; Another Try – 99

Munich [GER]
MRCDS 792 Don’t Know A Thing / The Only One - 94

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