Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wood Newton

*16-09-1946 Hampton, AR
By Praguefrank, Lennart Gustavsson
Ca August 1978 Hilltop Recording Studios, 902 Due West Ave., Nashville, TN – Wood Newton (Wood Newton [vcl], Johnny Christopher [ac gt], Danny Stockard [el gt], Billy Linneman [bass], Buster Phillips [drums], Scott Saunders [piano], Robert Crain [French horn], Sherry Grooms [hmny vcl]. Producer: Even Stevens)
001 TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE  Elektra E 45528 /6E-176  
002 THE LAST EXIT FOR LOVE  Elektra E 45528 /6E-176   
1978 Quadrafonic Studio, Nashville, TN/ Woodland Sound Studio, Nashville, TN – Wood Newton (Wood Newton [vcl], Jimmy Capps/ Johnny Christopher [ac gt], Jon Goins [ld gt], Chris Leuzinger/Steve Gibson [el gt], Sonny Garrish [steel], Scott Sanders [harpsichord],  Jack Williams [bass], Buster Phillips [drums], Terry McMillan [congas/harmonica],   Buddy Spicher [fiddle], Roy Christensen [cello],  Hargus Robbins [piano], Charlie McCoy [harmonica], Sherry Grooms, Paul Overstreet, Danny Stockard, Hurschel Wiginton [hmny vcl] + strings. Producer: Even Stevens) [overrub sessions: Studio By The Pond, Nashville, TN]
003 LOCK, STOCK AND BARREL  Elektra E 46013 /6E-176   
004 I GOTTA GET BACK TO YOU  Elektra 6E-176  
005 SO EASY FOR YOU  Elektra E 46537 /6E-176  
006 JULIE  Elektra E 46059 /6E-176  
007 CALIFORNIA CHRISTMAS  Elektra 6E-176  
008 DREAMS OF DESIRE  Elektra E 46013 /6E-176  
009 LOVE THE HURT AWAY  Elektra E 46537 6E-176  
010 COTTON PICKIN' TIME  Elektra E 46059 /6E-176   
Wood Newton recorded after 1978, some info in albums list


Elektra 6E-176 Wood Newton: Lock, Stock And Barrel;  I Gotta Get Back To You; So Easy For You; Julie; California Christmas; Dreams Of Desire; Love The Hurt Away; Too Good To Be True; Last Exit For Love;  Cotton Pickin' Time – 28-03-79  
Rope A Note no # Just for the Love of It: Daddy Went to Heaven in a Pickup Truck; Seventh Direction; I Can See Arkansas; Just for the Love of It; Nouveau Blues; Dixie Twister; Lonestar Lonely; It Goes Without Saying; Wake Up Heart; Barefooted Boys; Lady Luck; Same Ol' Song and Dance -93 (reissued in November 2019)
Rope A Note no # My Roots Are in These Trees: Fifteen Minutes of Fame; Bubba's in Baghdad; Lilly's White Lies; Person of Clay; Bobbie Sue; One; Riding With Private Malone; What I Didn't Do; Twenty Years Ago; My Roots Are in These Trees – 04 (reissued in November 2019)
Rope A Note no # Hampton: Wiley Moore; Champagnole Creek; Blind Hog; Cornbread Wedding Cake; A Night Like That; Collar on the Nail; My Wife's Gonna Leave You; Unfriend My Girlfriend; Hank Williams Blues; Double Agent for the Lord; Knife Fight – 07-11-19 (probably reissue date)

Elektra (1978-79)               
E 45528 The Last Exit For Love / Too Good To Be True - 10-78
E 46013 Lock Stock And Barrel / Dreams Of Desiree - 02-79
E 46059 Julie / Cotton Pickin' Time - 06-79
E 46537 So Easy For You / Love The Hurt Away - 09-79

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