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Herald Goodman

*08-08-1900 Tennessee, +01-03-1974
2nd version

By Tony Russell, Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst, Henk Scholts

SESSIONS also recorded in 1933 With The Vagabonds For Old Cabin; Victor; Bluebird

27 September 1938 Andrew Jackson Hotel, 223 E. Main St.,  Rock Hill, SC  -  Herald Goodman and His Tennessee Valley Boys (Herald Goodman [vcl], Billy Byrd [gt], Virgil Atkins [banjo], Joe Forrester [bass], Howdy Forrester [fiddle], Arthur Smith [fiddle])
001 BS-027719-1 TELL ME Bluebird B-8033 Montgomery Ward M-7684/BACM CD D 261
002 BS-027720-1 THE OLD MOUNTAIN MAN  B-8065 M-7680 Regal Zonophone G23937/ BACM CD D 261
003 BS-027721-1 IS YOUR NAME WRITTEN THERE  B-8065 M-7682/ BACM CD D 261
004 BS-027722-1 TENNESSEE SWING  B-7868 M-7683/ Krazy Kat KKCD 30 BACM CD D 261
005 BS-027723-1 THE GREAT SHINING LIGHT   B-7999 M-7681/ BACM CD D 261
006 BS-027724-1 THAT‘LL DO NOW, THAT‘LL DO  B-8033  M-7684/ BACM CD D 261
007 BS-027725-1 (NEW) LAMP LIGHTING TIME IN THE VALLEY  B-7999 M-7681 Ft 8714/ BACM CD D 261
008 BS-027726-1 THE LAMPLIGHER’S DREAM  B-7935 M-7682 G23720/ BACM CD D 261
009 BS-027727-1 DAD’S LITTLE BOY  B-7935 M-7680 G23720/ BACM CD D 261
010 BS-027728-1 BANJO RAG –instr.-  B-7868 M-7683 G23937/ BACM CD D 261
Note: The Same Group Without Goodman Recorded On 27 September 1938 As Arthur Smith (Fiddlin’) And His Dixieliners

BACM [UK] CD D 261 Southeastern Swing Bands/ Complete Recordings: [The Swing Billies:] Moonshine In The Carolina Hills; St. Louis Blues; Leavin’ Home; From Buffalo To Washington; I Can’t Give You Anything But Love; Somebody Loves You Yet; Melancholy Baby; If You’re Sorry, Say You’re Sorry; Every Day Away From You; Crazy Yodeling Blues [Hi Neighbor Boys:] Keep Truckin’; Honky Tonk Mamma; I’m Through With You Little Girl; Zeb Terney’s Stomp; Down Among The Faded Roses; You Took My Sunshine; On Your Way; Are You Lonesome For Me (Tonight Old Pal); Guitar Fantasy; [Herald Goodman and his Tennessee Valley Boys:] Tell Me; The Old Mountain Man; Is Your Name Written There; Tennessee Swing; The Great Shining Light; That’ll Do Now, That’ll Do; New Lamp Lighting Time in The Valley; The Lamplighter’s Dream; Dad’s Little Boy; Banjo Rag - 09

Bluebird (1938)
B-7868 Tennessee Swing  / Banjo Rag – 11-38
B-7935 Dad’s Little Boy / The Lamplighter’s Dream – 12-38
B-7999 (New) Lamp Lighting Time In The Valley / The Great Shining Light – 01-39
B-8033 That‘ll Do Now, That’ll Do / Tell Me – 02-39
B-8065 The Old Mountain Man / Is Your Name Written There – 03-39
Montgomery Ward
M-7680 The Old Mountain Man / Dad’s Little Boy - 39 
M-7681 The Great Shining Light / (New) Lamp Lighting Time In The Valley - 39
M-7682 The Lampligher’s Dream / Is Your Name Written There – 39
M-7683 Tennessee Swing  / Banjo Rag - 39
M-7684 Tell Me / That‘ll Do Now, That‘ll Do – 39
FT 8714 New Lamp Lighting Time In The Valley / [Blue Sky Boys:] Little Bessie -
Regal Zonophone [AUS]
G23720 Dad’s Little Boy / The Lamplighter’s Dream -
G23937 Banjo Rag / The Old Mountain Man -


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