Friday, January 17, 2014

Duane Jarvis

By Praguefrank

August 1993 unknown – Duane Jarvis
001 FULL MOON MAN; Twin/Tone- Medium Cool  89259
002 BANK OF BEYOND Twin/Tone- Medium Cool  89259
003 THIS IS WHERE I BELONG Twin/Tone- Medium Cool  89259
004 HOUSE OF STONE Twin/Tone- Medium Cool  89259
005 A LITTLE BIT OF HURT Twin/Tone- Medium Cool  89259
006 CAN HARDLY WAIT Twin/Tone- Medium Cool  89259
007 GOOD ON PAPER Twin/Tone- Medium Cool  89259
008 SHE'S LIKE A DRINK Twin/Tone- Medium Cool  89259
009 THREE WEEKS FROM CHRISTMAS Twin/Tone- Medium Cool  89259
010 DARLINGHURST ROAD Twin/Tone- Medium Cool  89259
011 LOOK UP AT THE STARS Twin/Tone- Medium Cool  89259
ca 1997  MoonDog Studios, Nashville, TN – Duane Jarvis (Steve Allen [ac gt/piano/organ,/percussion], Garry Tallent [ac gt/percussion], Paul Griffith [drums], Buddy Miller [bck vcl])
012 FAR FROM PERFECT    Watermelon CD-1070
013 DRIVE BACK TO YOU    Watermelon CD-1070                
014 YOU MET YOUR MATCH    Watermelon CD-1070                  
015 MR. DEPENDABILITY   Watermelon CD-1070       
016 VANISHING BREED     Watermelon CD-1070             
017 I'M NOT GONNA LET YOU BREAK MY HEART    Watermelon CD-1070
018 HAT CHECK GIRL     Watermelon CD-1070
019 THERE IS A LIGHT  Watermelon CD-1070               
020 GIRL THAT'S HIP     Watermelon CD-1070              
021 LOVE ON A MINSTREL'S WAGE     Watermelon CD-1070                               
022 COCKTAIL NAPKIN    Watermelon CD-1070
023 BROKEN CLOCK    Watermelon CD-1070             
Btw 1993/1997 Los Angeles, CA/Nashville, TN – Duane Jarvis
024 DOVE IN THE SNOW  Glitterhouse 462
025 WEDDING DAY  Glitterhouse 462 
026 ORDINARY MAN  Glitterhouse 462 
027 BILL I DON'T BLAME YOU  Glitterhouse 462 
028 DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY  Glitterhouse 462
029 LAST TIME THAT YOU CRIED  Glitterhouse 462
030 YOU MIGHT AS WELL LOVE ME  Glitterhouse 462 
1990s [live radio broadcast] Amsterdam, NED – Duane Jarvis
03001 IF YOU FIND MY LOVE  Glitterhouse 462 
03002 MEET ME AT THE EXIT/IN  Glitterhouse 462  
03003 A GIRL THAT'S HIP  Glitterhouse 462  
03004 MR. DEPENDABILITY  Glitterhouse 462 
03005 FORGIVE THE FOOL  Glitterhouse 462 
03006 HALF FULL HEART  Glitterhouse 462 
03007 FAR FROM PERFECT  Glitterhouse 462 
03008 HAT CHECK GIRL  Glitterhouse 462  
2000 [Down To the Promised Land: 5 Years Of Bloodshot Records] unknown – Duane Jarvis
031 BROKEN A/C BLUES Bloodshot
2001 unknown – Duane Jarvis
032 CERTIFIED MIRACLE Slewfoot SF-803               
033 FORGIVE THE FOOL Slewfoot SF-803                
034 LOVE Slewfoot SF-803                            
035 SOMETIMES Slewfoot SF-803                       
036 INTOXICATE ME Slewfoot SF-803                   
037 YOU STOPPED LOVIN'ME Slewfoot SF-803            
038 IF THAT'S ALL YOU NEED Slewfoot SF-803          
039 SQUEAKY WHEEL Slewfoot SF-803                   
040 STILL I LONG FOR YOUR KISS Slewfoot SF-803      
041 SAD BLUE YEAR Slewfoot SF-803                   
042 BROKE NOT BUSTED Slewfoot SF-803                
043 MY BRUSH IS DRY Blue Buffalo BBOCD-006/Slewfoot SF-803                 
044 POCKET OF COINS Slewfoot SF-803                 
045 LAST TIME YOU CRIED Slewfoot SF-803             
2001 unknown - Duane Jarvis with Dave Coleman and Coal Men
046 LOVE SOMETIMES Blue Buffalo BBOCD-006
047 FOUR LETTER MAN  Blue Buffalo BBOCD-006
048 MY BRUSH IS DRY  Blue Buffalo BBOCD-006
049 JAMESTOWN  Blue Buffalo BBOCD-006
050 COMEBACKVILLE Blue Buffalo BBOCD-006
2002 [soundtrack The Rookie] unknown – Duane Jarvis
052 THERE IS A LIGHT Hollywood
2003 unknown – Duane Jarvis
054 CAN'T BUILD A BETTER LOVE Slewfoot SF-813 
055 COME BACK AGAIN Slewfoot SF-813 
056 MANDOLIN MOON Slewfoot SF-813 
057 PRODIGAL DAUGHTER Slewfoot SF-813 
058 SPREAD MY SOUL TOO THIN Slewfoot SF-813 
059 BEYOND BEAUTIFUL Slewfoot SF-813 
060 DELICIOUS Slewfoot SF-813 
061 I MISS YOU ALREADY Slewfoot SF-813 
2003 [sessions for: For Anyone That’s Listening: A Tribute to Uncle Tupelo] unknown – Duane Jarvis and Dave Coleman
063 NEW MADRID  Flat Earth
ca 2005 [sessions for: Lowe Profile: A Tribute to Nick Lowe]  unknown – Duane Jarvis


Twin/Tone- Medium Cool  89259  D.J.'s Front Porch: Full Moon Man; Bank of Beyond;This Is Where I Belong; House of Stone; A Little Bit of Hurt; Can Hardly Wait;Good on Paper;She's Like a Drink; Three Weeks from Christmas; Darlinghurst Road; Look Up at the Stars – 22-02-94
Watermelon CD-1070  Far From Perfect:  Far From Perfect; Drive Back To You; You Met Your Match; Mr. Dependability; Vanishing Breed; I'm Not Gonna Let You Break My Heart; Hat Check Girl ; There Is A Light; Girl That's Hip; Love On A Minstrel's Wage; Cocktail Napkin; Broken Clock – 24-02-98        
Glitterhouse [GER] 462 Combo Platter:  Dove in the Snow;Wedding Day; Ordinary Man; Bill I Don't Blame You; Death Takes a Holiday;Last Time That You Cried;You Might as Well Love Me;  If You Find My Love; Meet Me at the Exit/In;  A Girl That's Hip;  Mr. Dependability; Forgive the Fool; Half Full Heart; Far from Perfect; Hat Check Girl - 99
Slewfoot SF-803 Certified Miracle:  Certified Miracle; Forgive The Fool; Love; Sometimes; Intoxicate Me; You Stopped Lovin'me; If That's All You Need; Squeaky Wheel; Still I Long For Your Kiss; Sad Blue Year; Broke Not Busted; My Brush Is Dry; Pocket Of Coins; Last Time You Cried  - 26-06-01
Slewfoot SF-813 Delicious:  Coulda Shoulda Woulda; Can't Build a Better Love; Come Back Again; Mandolin Moon; Prodigal Daughter; Spread My Soul Too Thin; Beyond Beautiful; Delicious; I Miss You Already; Lower Than Lonely Happy Town  – 23-12-03

Blue Buffalo (2001)
BBOCD-006 The Duane Jarvis / Dave Coleman & Coal Men: Love Sometimes;  Four Letter Man; My Brush is Dry;  Jamestown;  Comebackville; I Can't Thank You Enough

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