Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Southern Trio

By Praguefrank

ca. February 1964 unknown - Southern Trio
001 TROUBLED WATERS  Starday SLP-287                        
002 LITTLE MOSES  Starday SLP-287                           
003 DESTINATION IN GLORY  Starday SLP-287                   
004 NEARER MY GOD TO THEE  Starday SLP-287                  
005 HONEY IN THE ROCK  Starday SLP-287                      
006 ANGEL BAND  Starday SLP-287
007 MAN OF GALILEE  Starday SLP-287                         
008 I'M CLIMBING HIGHER  Starday SLP-287                    
009 HARVEST TIME  Starday SLP-287                           
010 JUST TO HAVE YOU LORD  Starday SLP-287                   
011 I'M GONNA GO TO CHURCH  Starday SLP-287                 
012 JUDGEMENT DAY  Starday SLP-287                          
013 PRECIOUS DAY  Starday SLP-287                           
014 CLIMBING JACOB'S LADDER  Starday SLP-287                 


Starday SLP-287 Gospel Songs From Dixie:  Troubled Waters; Little Moses; Destination In Glory; Nearer My God To Thee;  Honey In The Rock;  Angel Band; Man Of Galilee; I'm Climbing Higher; Harvest Time; Just To Have You Lord; I'm Gonna Go To Church;  Judgement Day; Precious Day; Climbing Jacob's Ladder - 64                

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