Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bryan Smith

By Praguefrank

1996 Digiquest Recording, Nashville, TN/ Oak Valley Sound, Nashville, TN – Bryan Smith (Bryan Smith [vcl],  Shane Theriot [gt], Kelly Back [gt], Bobby All [ac gt], Buddy Emmons [steel], David Smith [bass gt], Jerry Kroon [drums/ percussion], Dirk Johnson [piano/ keyboards])
001 RANGE OF EMOTION Step One SOR-0100                       
002 JACK OF ALL TRADES Step One SOR-0100                     
003 TEXAS TWIST HER Step One SOR-0100                        
004 BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT Step One SOR-0100                   
005 EYES IN THE BLACK OF HER HEART Step One SOR-0100         
006 IF YOUR LOVE SHOULD DIE Step One SOR-0100                
007 COME AS YOU ARE Step One SOR-0100                        
008 LOST IN YOU Step One SOR-0100                            
009 LOOK AWAY Step One SOR-0100
010 HE DRIVES ON Step One SOR-0100                           
011 YIF YOU BUILD IT LOVE WILL COME Step One SOR-0100        
012 DRIVING  Step One SOR-0100        


Step One SOR-0100 Range Of Emotion:  Range Of Emotion; Jack Of All Trades; Texas Twist Her; Benefit Of The Doubt; Eyes In The Black Of Her Heart; If Your Love Should Die; Come As You Are; Lost In You; Look Away; He Drives On; If You Build It Love Will Come;  Driving  - 04-03-97                 

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