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Jessica Andrews

Jessica Danielle Andrews, *29-12-1983 Huntington, TN
2nd version

By Praguefrank

Fall 1998 Ocean Way Nashville, 1200 17th Ave. South, Nashville, TN - Jessica Andrews (Jessica Andrews [vcl], Byron Gallimore [gt/piano/ keyboards/ bass], Larry Byrom [ac gt], Larry Beaird [ac gt], Biff Watson [ac gt], Brent Mason [el gt], B. James Lowry [el gt], Michael Landau [el gt], Mark Casstevens [banjo], Aubrey Haynie/ Stuart Duncan [mandolin/fiddle],  Dan Dugmore/ Paul Franklin [steel], Glenn Worf/ Mike Brignardello [bass], Lonnie Wilson [drums], Terry McMillan [harmonica/ percussion], Steve Nathan [piano/ keyboards], Kim Parent, Chris Rodriguez, Michael Mellet, Russell Terrell, Michael Salacuse, Dan Shafer [bck vcl], The Nashville String Machine. Producer: Byron Gallimore) [overdub sessions at various Nashville studios]
002 YOU GO FIRST DreamWorks DRMD-50104 Geffen B0015005-02 Greatest Hits
003 THE RIVERSIDE DreamWorks DRMD-50104
004 WHATEVER DreamWorks DRMD-50104
005 UNBREAKABLE HEART DreamWorks 459042/DRMD-50104 Geffen B0015005-02  Greatest Hits [alt.] 459042
006 HUNGRY LOVE DreamWorks DRMD-50104
007 HEART SHAPED WORLD DreamWorks DRMD-50104
008 I'LL TAKE YOUR HEART DreamWorks DRMD-50104
009 I DO NOW DreamWorks DRMD-50104 Geffen B0015005-02 Greatest Hits
011 RUBY SHOES DreamWorks DRMD-50104
012 I WILL BE THERE FOR YOU DreamWorks 59021/DRMD-50104 Geffen B0015005-02 Greatest Hits
2000 Ocean Way Nashville, 1200 17th Ave. South, Nashville, TN - Jessica Andrews (Jessica Andrews [vcl], Biff Watson [ac gt], Jerry McPherson [el gt], Michael Landau [el gt], B. James Lowry [el gt], Brent Mason [el gt], Paul Franklin [dobro/steel], Aubrey Haynie [mandolin/fiddle], Lonnie Wilson [drums], Steve Nathan [piano/organ] + Chris Rodriguez, Gene Miller, Kim Parent, Bekka Bramlett [bck vcl]. Producer: Byron Gallimore)
013 NOW I KNOW DreamWorks 0044-50248-2
014 EVERY TIME DreamWorks 0044-50248-2
015 I DON'T LIKE ANYONE DreamWorks 0044-50248-2
016 KARMA DreamWorks 50859/0044-50248-2 Geffen B0015005-02 Greatest Hits
017 HELPLESSLY HOPELESSLY DreamWorks 50918/0044-50248-2 Geffen B0015005-02 Greatest Hits
018 WHO AM I DreamWorks 50918/0044-50248-2 Geffen B0015005-02 Greatest Hits
019 THESE WINGS DreamWorks 0044-50248-2
020 NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD DreamWorks 0044-50248-2
021 MAKE ME LOVE YOU DreamWorks 0044-50248-2
022 WISHING WELL DreamWorks 0044-50248-2
023 GOOD FRIEND TO ME DreamWorks 0044-50248-2 Geffen B0015005-02
024 SHOW ME HEAVEN DreamWorks 50859/0044-50248-2
2002 Nashville, TN - Jessica Andrews (Jessica Andrews [vcl], B. James Lowry ([ac gt], Pat Buchanan [el gt], Kenny Greenburg [el gt], Michael Landau [el gt], Paul Franklin [slide gt/steel], Mark Casstevens/John Willis [banjo], Aubrey Haynie [mandolin/fiddle], Stuart Duncan [mandolin], Glenn Worf/Mike Brignardello [bass], Lonnie Wilson [drums/shaker/tambourine], Vinnie Colaiuta/Shannon Forrest [drums], Bekka Bramlett [tambourine/bck vcl], Jonathan Yudkin [viola/cello], Steve Nathan [piano/Wurlitzer piano/Hammond B-3 organ/keyboards], Tony Harrell [piano/keyboards], Byron Gallimore [synthesizer], Frank Macek [programming] + Lisa Cochran [bck vcl]. Producer: Byron Gallimore)
025 THERE'S MORE TO ME THAN YOU DreamWorks 0044-50356-2 Greatest Hits
026 WHEN GENTRY PLAYS GUITAR DreamWorks 0044-50356-2
027 I WISH FOR YOU DreamWorks 0044-50356-2
028 TO LOVE YOU ONCE DreamWorks 0044-50356-2
029 I BRING IT TO YOU DreamWorks 0044-50356-2
030 NEVER BE FORGOTTEN DreamWorks 0044-50356-2
031 THEY ARE THE ROSES DreamWorks 0044-50356-2
032 SUNSHINE AND LOVE DreamWorks 0044-50356-2
033 YOU'RE THE MAN (THAT BRINGS THE WOMAN OUT) DreamWorks 0044-50356-2
034 COWBOY GUARANTEE DreamWorks 0044-50356-2
035 NOW DreamWorks 0044-50356-2
036 SECOND SUNDAY DreamWorks 0044-50356-2
037 WINDOWS ON A TRAIN DreamWorks 0044-50356-2
038 GOD DON'T GIVE UP ON US DreamWorks 0044-50356-2
039 GOOD TIME DreamWorks 0044-50356-2 Geffen B0015005-02 Greatest Hits
040 THERE'S MORE TO ME THAN YOU [VERSION] DreamWorks 0044-50356-2 Geffen B0015005-02 Greatest Hits
Summer 2004 unknown - Bret Michaels and Jessica Andrews
late 2004 Nashville, TN - Jessica Andrews
042 THE MARRYING KIND Promo single/DreamWorks unissued Geffen B0015005-02 Jessica Andrews Greatest Hits
043 SUMMER GIRL Promo single/DreamWorks unissued Geffen B0015005-02 Jessica Andrews Greatest Hits
044 AIN'T THAT LIFE DreamWorks unissued Jessica Andrews
045 THAT'S WHO I WAS DreamWorks unissued Jessica Andrews
046 STRAIGHT TO THE BONE DreamWorks unissued Jessica Andrews
047 I'M GOING BACK DreamWorks unissued Jessica Andrews
048 FOREVER TO GO DreamWorks unissued Jessica Andrews
049 BAD GIRL BLUES DreamWorks unissued Jessica Andrews
050 WALKING OUT THE DOOR DreamWorks unissued Jessica Andrews
051 AIN’T THAT SOMETHING DreamWorks unissued Jessica Andrews
052 DIDN'T YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVED YOU DreamWorks unissued Jessica Andrews
053 I NEED A MAN DreamWorks unissued Jessica Andrews
054 ME DreamWorks unissued Jessica Andrews
055 POISON’S IN THE SUGAR DreamWorks unissued Jessica Andrews
056 SING THIS CITY HOME DreamWorks unissued  Jessica Andrews
057 WHEN WE GET THERE DreamWorks unissued Jessica Andrews
2008 unknown - Richard Marx and Jessica Andrews
October 2008 Nashville, TN - Jessica Andrews
059 EVERYTHING Promo single/Carolwood unissued Greatest Hits
060 THE CLOWN Carolwood unissued/ Greatest Hits
unknown tracks for unissued Carolwood album
2011 Nashville, TN - Jessica Andrews and Dave Pahanish
071 NOW OR NEVERLAND  digital single/ Greatest Hits
2012 Nashville, TN - Jessica Andrews
0725 THE PRAYER  digital single/Covers Your Eyes/ Greatest Hits
2013  Nashville, TN - Jessica Andrews and Marcel
073 I WON’T HOLD YOU DOWN Jessica Andrews
Track above issued on marcel album YOU ME, AND THE WINDSHIELD (MERCURY, 2013)
2016 and ooner Nashville, TN – Jessica Andrews
074 WHO I AM [acoustic version] Greatest Hits  [3AM pop:] Greatest Hits

2017 Nashville, TN - Jessica Andrews
075 WILD HORSES digital single [rel.June 24]
076 HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU digital single [rel. Aug. 30]
077 DID I MAKE YOU THIS WAY digital single [rel. Nov/ 21]

DreamWorks DRMD-50104 Heart Shaped World: James Dean In Tennessee; You Go First; The Riverside; Whatever; Unbreakable Heart; Hungry Love; Heart Shaped World; I'll Take Your Heart; I Do Now; I've Been Waiting For You; Ruby Shoes; I Will Be There For You - 23-03-99
DreamWorks 0044-50248-2 Who Am I? : Now I Know; Every Time; I Don't Like Anyone; Karma; Helplessly, Hopelessly; Who I Am; These Wings; Never Had It So Good; Make Me Love You; Wishing Well; Good Friend To Me; Show Me Heaven - 20-02-01
DreamWorks 0044-50356-2 Now: There's More To Me Than You; When Gentry Plays Guitar; I Wish For You ; To Love You Once; I Bring It To You; Never Be Forgotten; They Are The Roses; Sunshine And Love; You're The Man; Cowboy Guarantee; Now ; Second Sunday; Windows On A Train; God Don't Give Up On Us; Good Time; There's More To Me Than You [Version] - 15-04-03
DreamWorks no # Ain't That Life: Ain't That Life; Ain't That Something;  Bad Girl Blues;  Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You;  Forever To Go;  I Need A Man;  I'm Going Back;  The Marrying Kind;  Me;  Poison's In The Sugar;  Sing This City Home;  Straight To The Bone;  Summer Girl;  Walking Out That Door;  When We Get There;  That's Who I Was  - 05 (unissued. Released On Jessica Andrews Music in 2016 with bonus track I Won’t Hold You Down With Marcel)
Geffen B0015005-02 Icon: There's More To Me Than You; Good Time;  Who I Am;  Karma;  Summer Girl;  Unbreakable Heart;  Helplessly, Hopelessly;  Good Friend To Me;  I Will Be There For You;  I Do Now;  Marrying Kind;  You Go First (Do You Wanna Kiss) – 02-11-10 (digital album on iTunes titled The Best of Jessica Andrews)
Jessica Andrews ? Greatest Hits: More Than Miles: I Will Be There for You; You Go First; Unbreakable Heart; I Do Now; Who I Am; Who I Am (Acoustic Version); Who I Am (3AM Pop); Helplessly, Hopelessly; Karma; There's More to Me Than You; There's More to Me Than You (Ballad Version); Good Time; The Marrying Kind; Summer Girl; Everything; Now or Neverland; The Prayer; The Clown  - 29-07-16
Jessica Andrews Music ? Cover Your Eyes: Somewhere Over the Rainbow; Someone Like You; Old Time Rock N' Roll; Love Letter; Imagine; I Can't Make You Love Me; Brown Eyes Blue; Amazing Grace; The Prayer; Chain of Fools – 22-02-17 (non-sessions recordings)

Jessica Andrews Music ? Jessica Andrews Live: Poison's in the Sugar; There's More to Me Than You; I Don't Like Anyone; Heart Shaped World; Helplessly, Hopelessly; When Gentry Plays Guitar; Summer Girl; Goodtime; Imagine; Now I Know; Everything; Ain't That Life; Who I Am; The Clown; I'm Going Back; Old Time Rock and Roll; Love Letter; Unbreakable Heart; The Marrying Kind; Sunshine and Love; You Go First; About Life; I Do Now; Karma;The Heart of the Matter; Wishing Well; Have Yourself a Marry Little Christmas – 27-11-19 (digital; recording info unknown, not in sessionography)

Jessica Andrews ? Cover Your Eyes 2: Fly Over States; It Matters to Me; Don't Change Gone; Tennessee Whiskey; All of Me; Strawberry Wine; Girl Crush; What Do You Say to That; What's in It for Me; Burning House; Tin Man; Gunpowder and Lead; Smoke Break; Church Bells; Feeling This Way; Stayed; See Me Shine; The National Anthem -  28-02-20 (non-sessions recordings)
Jessica Andrews ? Cover Your Eyes 3: Heaven; Simple; Thanking Out Loud; With You I Am; Fast Car; Neon; Beautiful Crazy; Mercedes Benz; I Need You; The Woman Before Me; Officer Down; Any Ol' Barstool Clip – 23-03-20 (non-sessions recordings)
Jessica Andrews ? Cover Your Eyes 4: On My Way to You; Better Together; Whats Ifs; Fishing in the Dark; A Little More Summertime; Wild As You; I Don't Do Lonely Well; Hurricane; Over You; Give Me One Reason; Fancy; Every Girl in This Town – 25-03-20 (non-sessions recordings)
Jessica Andrews ? Cover Your Eyes 5: John Deere Green; Now That I Found You; How Could I Want More; The Lip of an Angel; See You Tonight; Just a Kiss; A Little Past Little Rock; Heads Carolina Tales California; A Little Bit Stronger; Back to December; Fallin for You; Love Yourself; You Got It Bad; I'm the Only One; If You Seek Amy – 24-06-20 (non-sessions recordings)


Dreamworks (1998-)
59021 I Will Be There For You / ? - 25-01-99
459042 Unbreakable Hearts / Unbreakable Hearts [alternate version] - 21-03-00
450859 Karma [remix] / Show Me Heaven - 00
450918 Who Am I / Helplessly Hopelessly - 11-00


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