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Shannon Grayson (by Dick Grant)


                                       Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade Street     Charlotte, N.C.:  Tuesday 25th July 1939
Cliffor “Cliff” Carlisle (vcl-5/stl gtr); William Tolliver “Bill” Carlisle (vcl-6//rhy gtr); Shannon Grayson (vcl-7/mand-8/gtr-11); Thomas “Sonny Boy” Carlisle (vcl-9), Unk (gtr-10).                          Producer:

66001-A              WABASH CANNON BALL  -1-10                               Decca 5713 A, Melotone 45326, Decca 46045
66002-A              SPARKLING BLUE EYES  -1-5-10                                        5713 B,                 45326, Minerva M-14144
                          ()                                                                                                   Decca 46045
66003-A              FAR BEYOND THE STARRY SKY                            -2-5-6-9-10          Decca 5716 A, Melotone 45329, Minerva M-14156
                          (Cliff Carlisle)
66004-A              TRAVELING HOME                                                -3-5-6-9               Decca 5793 B
                          (Cliff Carlisle)
66005-A              SHINE YOUR LIGHT FOR OTHERS                         -2-5-6-9-10          Decca 5752 A
                          (Cliff Carlisle)
66006-A              THE UNCLOUDED DAY    -2-5-6-9-10                       Decca 5716 B,                 45329,               M-14156
                          (Cliff Carlisle)
66007-A              GONNA RAISE A RUCKUS TONIGHT                      -4-5-6-8-9            Decca 5774 A, Minerva M-14158
66008-A              BENEATH THE OLD PINE TREE                              -4-5-9                 Decca 5807 B, Minerva M-14157
                          (Cliff Caelisle)
66009-A              DITTY WAH DITTY                                                 -1-8-9-11             Decca 5718 A
                          (Bill Carlisle)
66010-A              DON’T BE ASHAMED OF MOTHER                         -1-7-9-10             Decca 5762 A
                          (Bill Carlisle)
66011-A              GOIN’ DOWN THE VALLEY ONE BY ONE-4-6-7-8      Decca 5807 A,               M-14157
66012-A              A MOUSE BEEN MESSIN’ AROUND                        -1-11                  Decca 5718 B
                          (Bill Carlisle)

NB(1): DECCA 5713 released Monday 31st July 1939.
NB(2): DECCA 5716 released Tuesday 1st August 1939.
NB(3): DECCA 5718 released Thursday 10th August 1939.
NB(4): DECCA 5752 released Wednesday 18th October 1939.
NB(5): DECCA 5762 released Thursday 16th November 1939.
NB(6): DECCA 5774 released Tuesday 26th December 1939.
NB(7): DECCA 5793 released Tuesday 30th January 1940.
NB(8): DECCA 5807 released Monday 4th March 1940.
NB(9): MINERVA M-14144 released Canada 1940.
NB(10): MINERVA M-14156 released Canada 1940.
NB(11): MINERVA M-14157 released Canada 1940.
NB(12): MINERVA M-14158 released Canada 1940.
NB(13): MELOTONE 45326 released Canada 1940.
NB(14): MELOTONE 45329 released Canada 1940.
NB(15): DECCA 46045 reviewed BILLBOARD Saturday 31st May 1947.
NB(16): DECCA 46045 released Tuesday 3rd June 1947.

                                      Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade Street     Charlotte, N.C.:  Wednesday 26th July 1939
Cliff Carlisle (vcl-4/stl gtr-5); Bill Carlisle (vcl-6/rhy gtr); Shannon Grayson (vcl-7/mand-8/gtr-9); Unk (gtr-10).

66013-A              THERE IS NO MORE THAN I CAN SAY                   -1-4-5-8               Decca 5774 B, Minerva M-14158
66014-A              MAKES NO DIFFERENCE WHAT LIFE MAY BRING-2                        Decca 5732 A, Decca 46105
                          (Cliff Carlisle)
66015-A              BLACK JACK DAVID                                              -2                                   5732 B
                          (Tex Tyler)
66016-A              FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW                                  -2-5-6-8               Decca 5720 A, Decca 46105
66017-A              SALLY LET YOUR BANGS HANG DOWN                 -3-5-7-9               Decca 5742 A
                          (Bill Carlisle)
66018-A              I DREAMED I SEARCHED HEAVEN FOR YOU-3-5-8-9                       Decca 5724 A
66019-A              ROLL ON OLD TROUBLES ROLL ON                       -3-5-8                             5724 B
                          (Bill Carlisle)
66020-A              I’M SORRY THAT’S ALL I CAN SAY                         -1-5-6                 Decca 5793 A
66021-A              LITTLE PAL                                                           -3-9-10                Decca 5742 B
66022-A              DON’T LET ME WORRY YOUR LITTLE MIND-1-4-6-7-8                       Decca 5778 A
                          (Bill Carlisle)
66023-A              LIFE’S TROUBLED PATHWAY                                 -3-5-7-8               Decca 5762 B
66024-A              BROKEN HEART              -1-4-6-10                         Decca 5778 B
                          (Bill Carlisle)
66025-A              MY LITTLE SADIE                                                  -2-6                    Decca 5720 B, Minerva M-14111
                          (Cliff Crlisle)
66026-A              PREPARE ME OH LORD  -2-6                                Decca 5752 B

NB(1): DECCA 5720 released Thursday 10th August 1939.
NB(2): DECCA 5724 released Thursday 10th August 1939.
NB(3): DECCA 5732 released Friday 22nd September 1939.
NB(4): DECCA 5742 released Monday 9th October 1939.
NB(5): DECCA 5778 released Tuesday 26th December 1939.
NB(6): MINERVA M-14111 released Canada
NB(7): DECCA 46105 released Tuesday 30th December 1947.          

                                      Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade Street     Charlotte, N.C.:  Monday 16th September 1940
Cliff Carlisle (vcl-1/stl gtr-2): Bill Carlisle (vcl-3/rhy gtr-4); Shannon Grayson (mand-5/gtr-6); Tommy Carlisle (vcl-7); Unk (gtr-8).

68102-A              THERE’LL COME A TIME  -1-2-3-5                           Decca 5881 A
68103-A              JUANITA                                                               -1-2-3-5-7                        5881 B
68105-A              I WONDER WHO’S SORRY NOW                           -2-3-5                 Decca 6075 A, Melotone 45547
                          (Bill Carlisle-Mel Foree-Dave Durham)
68106-A              FLAG THAT TRAIN                                                 -1-2-3-5               Decca 5921 A, Melotone 45419
                          (Frank Otto-Martin Hickey-Clark Van Ness)              
68107-A              I’D LIKE TO BE YOUR SHADOW IN THE MOONLIGHT-1-3-5-8             Decca 6075 B, Melotone 45547
                          (Bill Carlisle-Mel Foree-Dave Durham)
68108-A/AA         TO LOVE AND BE LOVED                                       Decca (Uniss)
68109-A              DON’T MENTION ME        -1-2-6                              Decca 5892 A
                          (Roy Kirkland Jr.-Dave Durham-Mel Foree)
68110-A              GO AND LEAVE IF YOU WISH TO                                                    Decca 5921 B, Melotone 45419

NB(1): DECCA 5881 released Thursday 26th September 1940.
NB(2): DECCA 5892 released Tuesday 15th October 1940.
NB(3): DECCA 5921 released Friday 7th February 1941.
NB(4): DECCA 6075 released Wednesday 14th October 1942.
NB(5): MELOTONE 45419 released Canada
NB(6): MELOTONE 45547 released Canada 

                                      Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade Street     Charlotte, N.C.:  Tuesday 17th September 1940
Cliff Carlisle (vcl-1/stl gtr-2); Bill Carlisle (vcl-3/rhy gtr-4); Shannon Grayson ((mand-5/gtr-6): Tommy Carlisle (vcl-7).

68104-A              SOMEWHERE SOMEBODY’S WAITING FOR YOU-2-3-5                     Decca 5903 B, Melotone 45405
68111-A/B           YOU’LL NEVER KNOW     -1-2-3-5                           Decca (Uniss)
68112-A              WILL YOU ALWAYS LOVE ME DARLING                 -1-2-3-5               Decca 5903 A, Melotone 45405
                          (Mary E.Carlisle)
68113-A              THREE WOMEN TO EVERY MAN                            -1-2-5                 Decca 5913 B
                          (Bobby Gregory)
68114-A              A DOLLAR’S ALL I CRAVE                                      -1-2-5                             5913 A
68115-A              NOBODY CARES                                                   -1-2-3-5-7            Decca 5892 B
                          (Cliff Carlisle-Mel Foree)

NB(1): DECCA 5903 released Friday 22nd November 1940.
NB(2): DECCA 5913 released Monday 13th January 1941.
NB(3): MELOTONE 45405 released Canada
SHANNON GRAYSON and his Golden Valley Boys
                                       King Studio, 1540 Brewster Avenue          Cincinnati,Oh.:  Wednesday 3rd May 1950
Shannon Grayson (ld vcl/bjo); Dewey Price (tnr vcl/gtr); Millard Presley (bari vcl/mand); Harvey Raborn (bs vcl); Unk (stl gtr); Unk (stg bs).                                             .                                                 Producer:

K-3044-4             I LIKE THE OLD TIME WAY                                                              King 880-A, King LP-556, King KG-0952-4-2
                          (Jess “Pa” Johnson)          (Cross and Crown-BMI)     Not Now NOT2CD260
K-3045-2             LET ME TRAVEL ALONE                                         King 892-A, Audio Lab AL-1523, Audio Lab AUL-0593-2
                          (Shannon Grayson)                                                                          King KG-0952-4-2
K-3046-1             SINCE HIS SWEET LOVE HAS RESCUED ME          King 892-AA, Audio Lab AL-1504, King KG-0952-4-2
                          (Roy Grant-Shannon Grayson-Arvel Logan)
K-3047-8             I’M GONNA WALK ON                                            King 880-AA, Audio Lab AL-1518,          KG-0952-4-2
                          (Clarence M.Beaty Jr.-Shannon Grayson)                 

NB(1): KING 880 released Tuesday 11th July 1950.
NB(2): KING 892 released Tuesday 22nd August 1950.
NB(3): KING 892 reviewed BILLBOARD C&W Releases Saturday 16th September 1950.
NB(4): KING LP-556 “SACRED FAVORITE SONGS” released April 1958.
NB(5): AUDIO LAB AL-1504 “SONGS OF FAITH” released 1959.
NB(6): AUDIO LAB AL-1518 “TIME FOR PRAYER” released 1959.
NB(7): AUDIO LAB AL-1523 “SONGS OF FAITH, Vol.2.” released 1959.
NB(8): KING KG-0952-4-2 “THE BEST OF KING BLUEGRASS” released 2004.
NB(9): NOT NOW NOT2CD260 “ESSENTIAL BLUEGRASS ANTHOLOGY” released United Kingdom 2008.
NB(10): AUDIO LAB AL-0593-2 “SONGS OF FAITH, Vol.2.” released

DEWEY PRICE    King Studio, 1540 Brewster Avenue                      Cincinnati, Oh.: Thursday 4th May 1950                                                                 
(vcl/gtr); Shannon Grayson (bjo); Millard Presley (mand); Harvey Raborn (); Unk (stl gtr); Unk (stg bs).

K-3048               BELIEVE ME                                                         -2                       King 879-AA
K-3049                IF YOU WERE ONLY IN MY ARMS                         -2                       King 898-AA
                          (Sy Baumgardner-Faye Templeton)
K-3050                SWEET MEMORIES                                               -2                               898-A
                          (Faye Templeton)
K-3051                I’LL SEND YOU KISSES AND LOVE                         -2                       King 879-A
                          (Sy Baumgardner-Faye Templeton)

NB(1): KING 879 released Tuesday 11th July 1950.
NB(2): KING 898 released Tuesday 19th September 1950.

SHANNON GRAYSON and his Golden Valley Boys
                          poss Brown Productions, 240½ 4th Avenue North Nashville, Tn:                                                       May 1951                                   
(ld vcl/bjo); Dewey Price (tnr vcl/gtr); Millard Presley (bari vcl/mand); Harvey Raborn (bs vcl/       ).

E1-VB-0942         SUNSET OF TIME                                                                           RCA Victor 20-4304, RCA Victor 47-4304
E1-VB-0943         SOMEDAY IN HEAVEN                                                             20-4304,                    47-4304
E1-VB-0944         CHILDHOOD DREAMS                                          RCA Victor 21-0488, RCA Victor 48-0488
E1-VB-0945         PRAY THE CLOUDS AWAY                                                              RCA Victor 21-0488, RCA Victor 48-0488
                          (Jimmy Martin-Paul Williams)

NB(1): RCA VICTOR Advert BILLBOARD Saturday 30th June 1951-RCA VICTOR 21-0488/48-0488.
NB(2): RCA VICTOR 21-0488 released Tuesday 3rd July 1951.
NB(3): RCA VICTOR 48-0488 released Tuesday 3rd July 12951.
NB(4): RCA VICTOR Advert BILLBOARD Saturday 6th October 1951-RCA VICTOR 20/47-4304.
NB(5): RCA VICTOR 20-4304 released Tuesday 9th October 1951.
NB(6): RCA VICTOR 47-4304 released Tuesday 9th October 1951.
NB(7): BILLBOARD Advance C&W releases Saturday 8th December 1951-RCA VICTOR 20-4304.
NB(8): RCA VICTOR 20-4304 re-released Tuesday 11th December 1951.

SHANNON GRAYSON and his Golden Valley Boys
                          poss Brown Productions, 240½ 4th Avenue North Nashville, Tn:    October 1951
(ld vcl-1/bjo); Dewey Price (tnr vcl-2/gtr); Millard Presley (bari vcl/mand); Harvey Raborn (bs vcl/          ). 

E1-VB-4001         SECRET WEAPON                                                 -1                       RCA Victor 20-4426, RCA Victor 47-4426
                          (Ray Anderson)
E1-VB-4002         WORK IS ALL I HEAR      -2                                   RCA Victor 20-4647, RCA Victor 47-4647                                                                    
                          (Clarence M Beaty, Jr.) (RCA Victor  License)
E1-VB-4003         IF YOU DON’T LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR                  -1                       RCA Victor 20-4426, RCA Victor 47-4426 
                          (Jimmy Coley-Shorty Sullivan)
E1-VB-4004         ROSES AND THORNS      -1                                   RCA Victor 20-4647, RCA Victor 47-4647
                          (Nick & Charles Kenny) (Goldmine Music ASCAP)

NB(1): RCA VICTOR Advert BILLBOARD Saturday 15th December 1951-RCA VICTOR 20/47-4426.
NB(2): RCA VICTOR 20-4426 released Tuesday 18th December 1951.
NB(3): RCA VICTORE 47-426 released Tuesday 18th December 1951.
NB(4): BILLBOARD Advance C&W releases Saturday 26th April 1952-RCA VICTOR 20/47-4647.
NB(5): RCA VICTOR 20/47-4647 reviewed BILLBOARD Country & Western (Folk) reviews- Saturday 26th April 1952.
NB(6): RCA VICTOR 20-4647 released Tuesday 29th April 1952.
NB(7): RCA VICTOR 47-4647 released Tuesday 29th April 1952.

THE BRIARHOPPERS                   Lamon Sound Studio                                           Charlotte, N. C.:                                                      Unknown Date
                                                  ICCA Studio-5                                                      Charlotte, N. C.:                                                                     1996
Shannon Grayson (vcl-1/bjo); Roy “Whitey” Grant (vcl-2/gtr); Arval Hogan (vcl-3/mand); Hank Warren (fdl); Dwight Moody (fdl-4); David Deese (bjo-4); Walden “Don White” Whytsell (stg bs). Producer: David Moody

                          Theme- WAIT TILL THE SUN SHINES                                                Lamon LR 10259-2
                          SMILING TO HIDE A BROKEN HEART                                                           LR 10259-2
                          MY SADDLE HORSE IS MISSING                                                                  LR 10259-2
                          KANAWHA MARCH                                               (Inst)                               LR 10259-2
                          THE VIOLET AND THE ROSE                                                                        LR 10259-2
                          TRUCK DRIVING MAN                                                        LR 10259-2
                          BACK TO OLD SMOKY MOUNTAIN                                                                LR 10259-2
                          HE WILL SET YOUR FIELDS ON FIRE                                                           LR 10259-2
                          LEARNING TO LEAN ON JESUS                                                                   LR 10259-2
                          OLD RUGGED CROSS                                                        LR 10259-2
                          MEET ME SOMEWHERE IN YOUR DREAMS-4-5                   LR 10259-2
                          MY ADOBE HACIENDA    -4-5                                             LR 10259-2
                          FOGGY MOUNTAIN BREAKDOWN                          (Inst)-4-5                          LR 10259-2
                          Recitation- DRINKING FROM MY SAUCER-4-5                      LR 10259-2

NB: LAMON LR 10259-2 “THE LEGENDARY BRIARHOPPERS” released 1996.           

DISCOGRAPHY compiled by DICK GRANT with acknowledgements to Al Turner & Tony Russell.


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