Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sherman Hayes

by Michel Ruppli, Praguefrank
1972 Hollywood, CA – Sherman Hayes (Sherman Hayes [vcl/gt], Thomas Kaplan [gt], Robert Schnitter [gt], David Cohe [gt], Dick Rosmini [gt], Chris Smith [gt], Collin Cameron/ Jim Osborne [bass], Dennis Conway/ Larry Brown [drums], Ralph Sauckett/ Larry Knechtel [jeyboards], Jonathan Avila [harmonica] + horns + The Blackberrise, Don Dunn, Katy briggs, Dann Lottermorer, Rita Jean Bodine, Linda Carry Sorgee. Producer: Dann Lottermoser)
001 72L-4656 CATMAN Barnaby BR-15009   
002 72L-4657 WINTER'S JUST LIKE COMIN' HOME Barnaby BR-15009  
003 72L-4658 THE SOUTH'S GONNA RISE AGAIN Barnaby BR-5012/BR-15009  
004 72L-4659 THE DREAMER Barnaby BR-15009  
005 72L-4660 KEEPIN' TO THE BACKROADS Barnaby BR-5012/BR-15009  
006 72L-4661 CREEPY CRAWLY FEELIN' Barnaby BR-15009
007 72L-4662 MANDY Barnaby BR-15009  
008 72L-4663 SPIRIT Barnaby BR-15009   
009 72L-4664 WAITIN' FOR TOMORROW Barnaby BR-15009
010 72L-4665 COUNTRY RAIN Barnaby BR-15009  
1972 [no 20106 – purchased masters] Sunwest Studios, Los Angeles, CA/Trident Studios, 17 St. Anne's Court, Soho, London, UK – Sherman Hayes (Sherman Hayes [vcl/gt], Mike Deasy [gt], Art Munson [gt], Arthur Richards [gt], Dean Parks [gt], Leland Sklar [bass], Mike Been [bass], Jim Gordon / Ron Tutt / Ed Green [drums], Gary Coleman [percussion], Larry Knechtel / Mike Melvoin/  Danny Timms [keyboards], Michael O‘ Martian [accordion], Ben Benay [harmonica], strings + horns, arr. by Jim Horn. Producer: Jay Senter)
011 78988 SLIDE UP UNDER MY SHOULDER  Capitol ST 11212
012 78989 TENNESSEE JACK  Capitol ST 11212
013 78990 JENNY  Capitol ST 11212
014 79258 PUMPKIN PATCH MOUNTAIN  Capitol ST 11212
015 79259 SWEET MUSIC  Capitol ST 11212
016 79260 SHUT MY MOUTH  Capitol ST 11212
017 79261 HAND ME DOWN MY WAY OF LIFE Capitol ST 11212 
018 79262 DON'T PUT NO STICKS IN MY BONES  Capitol ST 11212
019 79263 LOOKS LIKE THE CREEK'S RUN DRY  Capitol 3731/ST 11212
020 79264 WINTER'S JUST LIKE COMING HOME  Capitol 3731/ST 11212
3 February 1974 [no 20738] Los Angeles, CA – Sherman Hayes
021 91233 COUNTRY RAIN unissued
June 1974 [no 20788] Los Angeles, CA – Sherman Hayes
022 91378 MAMA TRIED unissued
023 91379 TENNESSEE WALTZ unissued
024 91380 WOODS ON FIRE unissued
025 91381 COUNTRY COMFORT unissued
026 91382 SWEET COLORADO unissued
027 91383 RAININ' unissued
028 91384 TWO WHEEL FANCY unissued
029 91385 SUNNY TENNESSEE unissued
030 91386 ROSE OF THE MOUNT unissued
1976 [no 21218] unknown – C. M. Lord and Sherman Hayes
031 92960 MOODY WOMAN  Capitol ST 11514


Barnaby BR-15009 Catman: Catman;  Winter's Just Like Comin' Home; South's Gonna Rise Again; The Dreamer; Keepin' To The Backroads; Creepy Crawly Feelin'; Mandy; Spirit;  Waitin' For Tomorrow; Country Rain – 73
Capitol ST-11212 Vagabond’s Roost: Tennessee Jack;  Pumpkin Patch Mountain; Sweet Music; Slide Up My Shoulder;  Jenny; Shut My Mouth; Hand Me Down Way Of Life; Don’t Put No Sticks In My Bones; Looks Like The Creek’s Run Dry;  Winter’s Just Like Coming Home - 73

Barnaby (1972)
B 5012 Keepin' To The Back Roads / The South's Gonna Rise Again – 03-73
Capitol (1972)
3731 Looks Like The Creek’s Run Dry / Winter’s Just Like Coming Home – 09-73

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