Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Farr Brothers

By Praguefrank, Henk Scholts, Mario Manciotti
see also Sons Of The Pioneers
ca. December 1946  RCA Victor Studio, 1016 North Sycamore, Hollywood, CA  – Farr Brothers (Hugh Farr [fiddle], Karl Farr [gt], Pat Brady [bass])
001 FARR-AWAY BLUES RCA 20-2101/LP/5088
002 SOUTH IN MY SOUL  20-2101/LP-5088
003 THE FARR BROTHERS STOMP 20-2242 /LP-5088
004 TEXAS SKIPAROO  20-2242/LP-5088
ALBUMS (note- Radio transcriptions recorded with The Son of The Pioneers)
Cattle [GER] LP-1 South In My Soul: Cow Across The Road; South In My Soul; Blues In E; Jack Of Diamonds; Gambler's Blues; Boggy Road To Texas; Over The Santa Fe Trail; Long Long Ago; A Rag; Fire Alarm Blues; Tom And Jerry; Kelly Waltz; Spanish Cavalier; Indiant Scout; Riddle Rhythm; Churnin' Butter; Outlaw; Carlen Stomp; Cagen Stomp; Darkness On The Delta; Limehouse Blues – 77 (radio transcriptions)
JEMF 107 Texas Crapshooter: Deed I Do; Fine Time At Our House; Farr Into Night; Old Maderis Waltz; Bye Bye Blues; Skinner's Sock; Main Street; Oom Pah Rag; Lazy River; Bon Ton Schottische; Tom And Jerry; Ragtime Annie; Now Ot Never; Bluebird Blues; Prairie Reverie; Soldier's Joy; Alabamy Stomp; Seaside Schottische; Rye Whiskey Waltz; Desert Hokus; Karlen Stomp; Whing Ding; Texas Crapshooter – 78
Country Routes [UK] RFD-CD-11 Hot'n'bluesy Duets: 1934-1940: Blues In; Main Street; Buglers Blues; Bluebird Rhythm; Fire Alarm Blues; Milenberg Joys; Cajun Stomp; St. Louis Blues; Kilocycle Stomp; Outlaw Rag; Riddle Rhythm; 'Deed I Do; Lazy River; Now or Never; Swingin' the Bow; Cricket Hop; Dance of the Dogies; Cactus Swing; Heart to Heart; I Said Goodbye; Comin' Thru the Rye; Memories in Blue; Dark Eyes; Texas Stomp; Farr Away Stomp; The Knock Me over Easy Mama/Don't Take All My Spending Money/I'll Buy That New Car For You Blues – 92 (radio transcriptions)
Cowgirlboy [GER] LP-5088 The Sons Of The Pioneers and Friends In The Studio: [Sons Of The Pioneers: One More River To Cross; I Hang My Head And Cry; [Roy Rogers:] New Worried Mind; Melody Of The Plains; Dangerous Ground; I'm Restless; [Farr Brothers: ] Farr-Away Blues (Instr); South In My Soul (Instr); Farr Brothers Stomp (Instr); Texas Skiparoo (Instr); [Bob Nolan:] Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Solo Version); Manhunt (Dragnet Closing In On Me); An Angel In The Choir; The Mystery Of His Way; [Gene Autry With Pioneers Band:] As Long As Got My Horse; The Dude Ranch Cowhands - 92

RCA Victor (1947)
20-2101 Farr-Away Blues / South In My Soul - 01-47
20-2242 The Farr Brothers Stomp / Texas Skiparoo - 05-47 (rev. May 17)

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