Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Saul Broudy

By Praguefrank

January 1977 Flite Three Studio, Baltimore, MD – Saul Broudy (Saul Broudy [vcl/ac gt/harmonica], Steve Burgh [gt], Ken Bloom [gt], David Bromberg [gt-1],  Vianemaker Lewis [banjo], Winnie Winston [banjo/steel], Lew London [mandolin/dobro],  Dennis Germley/Hugh McDonald [bass], Steve Mosley [drums], Jay Ungar [fiddle], John Duffy, Mike Auldridge, Glenn Schnittke [bck vcl])  [overdub sessions: January/February 1977 Blue Rock Studio, new York City]
001 OLD HOME PLACE Adelphi AD 2011 
003 LEAVIN' LOVE BEHIND Adelphi AD 2011
004 ALONE AND FORSAKEN Adelphi AD 2011
005 I AIN'T GOT NO HOME Adelphi AD 2011
006 BAYOU BARTHOLOMEW Adelphi AD 2011 
007 OH, LONEMOME ME Adelphi AD 2011 
008 LONGEST TRAIN Adelphi AD 2011
009 GIVE MY LOVE TO ROSE Adelphi AD 2011
010 JOHN HARDY -1 –instr.- Adelphi AD 2011
011 BEI MIR BIST DU SCHON (SHOLOM SECUMDA) –instr.-  Adelphi AD 2011
012 NO LONESOME TUNE Adelphi AD 2011
There is also album The Art of The Banjo, no details known

Adelphi AD 2011 Travels With Broudy: Old Home Place; I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday; Leavin' Love Behind; Alone And Forsaken; I Ain't Got No Home; Bayou Bartholomew; Oh, Lonemome Me; Longest Train; Give My Love To Rose; John Hardy; Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (Sholom Secumda); No Lonesome Tune  - 77
Sonoton SCD 248 The Art Of The Banjo: (tracks unknown) - 20-05-97

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