Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Carter And Carter

Merelyn Carter and David  Carter
By Praguefrank

There is not enough info for creating sessionography


WJO  [AUS] CC 001 Dance Away The Night: Change His Mind;  You Were There; Dance Away The Night; A Little Place Called Love; Dance With The Devil; Stone In The Rain; Show Me Heaven; A Moment In Time; A Little Out Of Control; Bordertown; Fly Away With You; More Than Just A Feeling – 01-10-00
WJO [AUS] CC 004 Every Minute: Lead Me Home; Easy Making Love; Dancing Shoes; (Make The Most Of) Every Minute;  Busy Man; One Of Those Days; Right Kind Of Words; Hello Again; Is It Just Us; Love's Got A Hold Of You Now; Chameleon; Candlelight And Kisses – 10-01-03
WJO [AUS] CC 006  Acoustic Gospel: A Missing Piece of Heart; Turn Your Radio On;  Just a Closer Walk With Thee; A Mother's Prayer; The Old Rugged Cross: Amazing Grace; Shower the People; God Didn't Make Mistakes;  Glory, Glory Hallelujah Etc.; Chidren's Eyes; Somebody Bigger Than You and I; Jesus Loves Me – 19-01-04
WJO [AUS] CC 008 Leap Before You Look: Run Away; The Best Things In Life Are Free; My Little Girl; When God Takes a Photograph; Ride; Puttin' Off Til' Tomorrow; Slow Dancing At Midnight;  My Mother's Face; Open Road; Leap Before You Look; Play That Song; Home Away from Home – 18-04-07
WJO [AUS] CC 010 Surviving Black Saturday: Surviving Black Saturday;  Trust Me; Lead Me Home (Live); Leap Before You Look (Live); Candlelight and Kisses (Live); One of Those Days (Live); The Best Things In Life Are Free (Live); Slow Dancing At Midnight (Live); Why Me Lord – 01-08-09
WJO [AUS] CC 011 To The Moon and Back: Dance In The Rain; Little Patch Of Heaven; To The Moon And Back; Keeps Getting Better; Let's Choose Love; I Promise You; Family Was Everything; When A Heart Breaks; He Found Her At Christmas; A Good Life; Second Time Around; Please Come Home -  09-09-11
WJO [AUS] CC 013  Wonderful World: Blessings; Never Say Amen; Good News;  He's Got the Whole World In His Hands; How Great Thou Art;  A Living Prayer;  What a Wonderful World; God Mends Broken Things; Raise Your Voice; The Spirit of the Drover; Put a Little Love In Your Heart (Live);  This Little Light of Mine (Live) – 17-01-14

Rocket [AUS] 33000289 Better Day: Stand Tall;  Better Day;  World Full Of Angels;  Life's About The Little Things;  Mask;  Love Makes The World Go 'round;  Together We Can;  Beautiful Silence;  Sorry;  We Are Family;  If These Walls Could Speak – 14-04-17


WJO [AUS] CC 009 Unchained: Unchained Melody [Exclusive Recording];  Lead Me Home [Video Clip];  Dancing Shoes [Video Clip];  Play That Song [Video Clip];  Ride [Video Clip];  Slow Dancing At Midnight [Video Clip];  Open Road [Video Clip];  Run Like The Wind [Video Clip];  Candlelight and Kisses [Lounge Room Concert];  Lead Me Home [Lounge Room Concert];  One Of Those Days [Lounge Room Concert];  Leap Before You Look [Lounge Room Concert];  The Best Things In Life Are Free [Lounge Room Concert];  Slow Dancing At Midnight [Lounge Room Concert];  Exclusive Interviews;  Highlights – 25-08-10

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