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Jewel (Kilcher)

Jewel Kilcher, *23-05-1974 Payson, UT
by Praguefrank

1994 [demo session] unknown – Jewel
00001 RACE CAR DRIVER Atlantic PRCD 5999-2
1994 Redwood Digital, Broken Arrow Ranch, Woodside, CA -  Jewel (Jewel Kilcher [vcl/gt], The Stray Gators: Tim Drummond [bass], Oscar Butterworth [drums], Spooner Oldham [keyboards] + Kris Wilkinson [strings]. Producer; Ben Keith)
001 WHO WILL SAVE YOUR SOUL Atlantic 2-87151 PRCD 5999-2/82700-1 82700-2 Rhino R2-534620
002 FOOLISH GAMES Atlantic 2-87021 /82700-1 82700-2 Rhino R2-534620 [radio edit:] PRCD 8141
003 PAINTERS Atlantic 82700-1 82700-2
004 MORNING SONG Atlantic 82700-1 82700-2 [radio mix:] 7567-84082-2 [reggae mix:] 7567-84082-2
005 ADRIAN Atlantic 82700-1 82700-2
006 I'M SENSITIVE Atlantic PRCD 5999-2/ 82700-1 82700-2
007 YOU WERE MEANT FOR ME Atlantic 2-87021 /82700-1 82700-2 Rhino R2-534620
008 DON'T Atlantic 82700-1 82700-2
009 DADDY Atlantic 82700-1 82700-2
010 ANGEL STANDING BY Atlantic 82700-1 82700-2
011 AMEN Atlantic 82700-1 82700-2
012 EMILY Atlantic 84515-2/82700-1
013 ROCKER GIRL Atlantic 82700-1
014 EVERYTHING BREAKS Atlantic 82700-1
015 COLD SONG Atlantic 82700-1
016 ANGEL NEEDS A RIDE Atlantic 82700-1
017 GOD’S GIFT TO WOMEN  Atlantic PRCD 5999-2
1994 [live] The Innerchange Coffehouse, San Diego, CA – Jewel (Jewel [vcl/gt])
01701 PIECES OF YOU Atlantic 82700-1 82700-2
01702 LITTLE SISTER Atlantic 82700-1 82700-2
01703 NEAR YOU ALWAYS Atlantic 2-87151/82700-1 82700-2
01704 I‘M SENSITIVE Atlantic PRCD 5999-2 84491-2
01705 FLOWER Atlantic PRCD 5999-2
1995 Juan's NYC apartment, 52nd St. Digital, New York City – Jewel (Jewel [vc], Jesse Harris [ac gt], Dan Seiden [el gt], Rich Mercurio [drums])
019 COLD SONG PROCD 6416-2
1995 WBCN FM Boston, MA - Jewel
021 EMILY PROCD 6416-2
1995 [demo session] unknown – Jewel
02102 FOR THE LAST TIME  Showtime STR 4298
March 1998 unknown – Jewel
022 A NIGHT WITHOUT ARMOR Atlantic 51016
November 1997 [live] Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, UK – Jewel
02201 FAT BOY 84491 2
1998 Groove Masters, Santa Monica, CA - Jewel (Producer: Patrick Leonard)
023 DEEP WATER Atlantic 82950-2
024 WHAT'S SIMPLE IS TRUE Atlantic PRCD 9044/ 82950-2 [radio remix:] PRCD 9044
025 HANDS Atlantic 82950-2 Rhino R2-534620
026 KISS THE FLAME Atlantic 82950-2
027 DOWN SO LONG Atlantic 82950-2 Rhino R2-534620 [remix:] 84491-2
028 INNOCENCE MAINTAINED Atlantic 82950-2
029 JUPITER (SWALLOW THE MOON) Atlantic 82950-2  [single vrsion:] Rhino 84515-2/R2-534620
030 FAT BOY Atlantic 82950-2
031 ENTER FROM THE EAST Atlantic 82950-2 [acoustic:] 7567-84415-9
032 BARCELONA Atlantic 82950-2
033 LIFE UNCOMMON Atlantic 82950-2
034 DO YOU Atlantic 82950-2
035 ABSENCE OF FEAR Atlantic 82950-2
036 THIS LITTLE BIRD Atlantic 82950-2
1998 [live] unknown – Jewel
03601 DEEP WATER 84515-2
ca Spring 1999 Tally Studio, Palo Cedro, CA - Merle Haggard with Jewel
037 THAT'S THE WAY LOVE GOES  BNA 65895-7/07863-67844-2
1999 Right Track Recording, New York City – Jewel (Jewel [vcl/gt], Chieli Minucci [gt], Ira Siegel [gt], Larry Campbell [steel], Jerry Barnes/Wayne Pedzwater [bass], Shawn Pelton [drums], Willie Martinez [percussion] Robbie Kondor, Arif Mardin, Joe Mardin [keyboards]. Producer: Arif Mardin)
038 JOY TO THE WORLD Atlantic 83250-2
039 O HOLY NIGHT Atlantic 83250-2
040 SILENT NIGHT Atlantic 83250-2
041 WINTER WONDERLAND Atlantic 83250-2
042 O LITTLE TOWN OF BETHLEHEM Atlantic 83250-2
043 AVE MARIA Atlantic 83250-2
044 HARK! THE HERALD ANGELS SING Atlantic 83250-2
046 FACE OF LOVE Atlantic 83250-2
048 I WONDER AS I WANDER Atlantic 83250-2
049 GLORIA Atlantic 83250-2
050 HANDS (CHRISTMAS VERSION) Atlantic 83250-2
2000 unknown – Jewel
051 CHASING DOWN THE DAWN (non musical) Atlantic
1999 [live-VH1 Music first] unknown – Jewel (Jewel [vcl/gt], Steve Poltz [ac gt/bck vcl], Doug Pettibone [el gt/steel], Tony Hall [bass/bck vcl], Brady Blade [drums], Steve George [keyboards])
05103 COLD SONG 2-84484
1999 Sony Studios, ? – Jewel
052 LIFE UNCOMMON 2-84550
2001 Nashville, TN – Jewel (Jewel [vcl/ac gt], B. James Lowry [ac gt], John Willis [ac gt], Dan Huff [el gt], Jerry McPherson [el gt],  Jimmie Sloas/Kenny Greenberg [bass], Chris McHugh /  Steve Brewster [drums], Eric Darken [percussion],  Steve Nathan /  Tim Akers [keyboards]. Producer: Dann Huff, Jewel Kilcher)
053 STANDING STILL Atlantic 7-85185/83518-2 Rhino R2-534620
054 JESUS LOVES YOU Atlantic 83518-2
056 BREAK ME Atlantic 85310 2/83518-2   [radio remix:] Rhino 85310 2/R2-534620
057 DO YOU WANT TO PLAY? Atlantic 83518-2
058 TILL WE RUN OUT OF ROAD Atlantic 83518-2
059 SERVE THE EGO Atlantic 83518-2
060 THIS WAY Atlantic PRCD 300751/83518-2  [radio remix:] PRO 300751
061 CLEVELAND Atlantic 83518-2
062 I WON'T WALK AWAY Atlantic 83518-2
063 LOVE ME, JUST LEAVE ME ALONE Atlantic 83518-2
064 NEW WILD WEST Atlantic 83518-2
Summer 2001 [live] Humphrey’s By the Bay,  2241 Shelter Island Dr, San Diego, CA  – Jewel
06401 PER LA GLORIA D'ADORARVI Eagle Eye RFD 39019(dvd)
06402 NEAR YOU ALWAYS Eagle Eye RFD 39019(dvd)
06403 KISS THE FLAME Eagle Eye RFD 39019(dvd)
06404 ROSY AND MICK Eagle Eye RFD 39019(dvd)
06406 SOMETIMES IT BE THAT WAY Atlantic 83518-2/Eagle Eye RFD 39019(dvd)
06407 GREY MATTER Atlantic 7-85185/83518-2  Eagle Eye RFD 39019(dvd)
06408 BREAK ME Eagle Eye RFD 39019(dvd)
06409 THE NEW WILD WEST 7567-85310-2 Eagle Eye RFD 39019(dvd)
06410 YOU WERE MEANT FOR ME Eagle Eye RFD 39019(dvd)
06411 HANDS Eagle Eye RFD 39019(dvd)
06413 WHO WILL SAVE YOUR SOUL Eagle Eye RFD 39019(dvd)
2001 [live] unknown - Jewel
06414 A LONG SLOW SLIDE 7567-83492-2
2002 [soundtrack Sweet Home Alabama] unknown – Jewel
065 SWEET HOME ALABAMA Hollywood 83421-2
2003 Conway Studios, Hollywood, CA – Jewel (Jewel [vcl/gt], Mark Oakley [ac gt], David Levita [el gt], Rusty Anderson [el gt], Paul Bushnell [bass], Abraham Laboriel Jr.[drums/pecusssion],  Lisa germano [violin/vcl], Lester Mendez [keyboards],  Patrick Warren [piano/keyboards], Mick Bolger [accordion],  Mick Bolger [trombone/trumpet].
Producer: Jewel Kilcher, Lester Mendez)
066 STAND Atlantic 83638-2
067 RUN 2 U Atlantic 83638-2
068 INTUITION Atlantic 83638-2 Rhino R2-534620
069 LEAVE THE LIGHTS ON Atlantic 83638-2
070 2 FIND U Atlantic 83638-2
071 FRAGILE HEART Atlantic 83638-2
072 DOIN' FINE Atlantic 83638-2 2
073 2 BECOME 1 Atlantic 88287-2/83638-2
074 HAUNTED Atlantic 83638-2
075 SWEET TEMPTATION Atlantic 88287-2/83638-2
076 YES U CAN Atlantic 83638-2
077 U AND ME = LOVE Atlantic 83638-2
078 AMERICA Atlantic 83638-2
079 BECOMING Atlantic 83638-2
European version from 2010 contains alternative versions
2006 El Dorado Studios, Burbank, CA -  Jewel (Jewel Kilcher [vcl/gt], Greg Suran [gt], Tim Pierce [gt],  Rob Cavallo [gt], Paul Bushnell/  John Pierce [bass], Dorian Crozier [drums], Luis Conte [percusssion],  Jamie Muhoberac [piano/keyboards]. Producer: Jewel, Rob Cavallo)
080 AGAIN AND AGAIN MSI single/83799-2
081 LONG SLOW SLIDE Atlantic 83799-2
083 GOOD DAY Atlantic 83799-2  Rhino R2-534620 [radio version:] PRCD 302252
084 SATELLITE Atlantic 83799-2
085 ONLY ONE TOO Atlantic 83799-2
086 WORDS GET IN THE WAY Atlantic 83799-2
087 DRIVE TO YOU Atlantic 83799-2
088 LAST DANCE RODEO Atlantic 83799-2
089 FRAGILE HEART Atlantic 83799-2
090 STEPHENVILLE, TX Atlantic 83799-2
091 WHERE ARE YOU Atlantic 83799-2
092 1000 MILES AWAY 83799-2
2006 [live] unknown – Jewel
09201 FOOLISH GAMES  94222 2
2006 unknown – Jewel
2008 Blackbird Studios, Nashville, TN/ The Sound Kitchen, Franklin, TN – Jewel (Jewel [vcl/ac gt], Danny Rader [ac gt/mandolin],  Adam Shoenfeld [el gt], Jonathan Yudkin [banjo/ dulcimer/ fiddle/mandolin], Mike Johnson [steel], Ethan Pilzer/ Glenn Worf/ Mike Brignardello [bass], Steve Brewster [drums],  Eric Darken [percussion], Jason "Turtle" Freese [mellotron/organ],  Michael Rojas [accordion/organ/piabo].  Producer: Jewel, John Rich)
094 STRONGER WOMAN Valory 0101/0100  [radio edit:] Valory VMCJK 0101/Rhino R2-534620
095 I DO Valory 0102/ 0100  [radio edit:] VMCJK 0102
096 LOVE IS A GARDEN Valory 0100
097 ROSEY AND MICK Valory 0100
098 ANYONE BUT YOU Valory 0100
099 THUMP THUMP Valory 0100
100 TWO BECOME ONE Valory 0100
101 'TILL IT FEELS LIKE CHEATING Valory 0100 [radio edit:] VWMJK 0103
104 PERFECTLY CLEAR Valory 0100
2009 unknown – Jewel (Jewel [vcl/ac gt], Ken Halford [ac gt], Yonathan Judkin [gt/mandolin/ flute/ viola/ violin/ cello],  Jonathan Ahrens [bass],  Jason Freese [piano/triangle/mellotone/ gt]. Producer: Jewel Kilcher)
105 RAVEN Fisher Price 47913
106 ALL THE ANIMALS Fisher Price 47913
107 SWEET DREAMS Fisher Price 47913
109 CIRCLE SONG Fisher Price 47913
110 COWBOY'S LAMENT Fisher Price 47913
111 DAYDREAM LAND Fisher Price 47913
112 SOV GOTT (SLEEP WELL) Fisher Price 47913
113 DREAMER Fisher Price 47913
114 FOREVER AND A DAY (ALWAYS) Fisher Price 47913
115 GLORIA Fisher Price 47913
116 SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW Fisher Price 47913 Rhino R2-534620
117 ANGEL STANDING BY Fisher Price 47913
118 SIMPLE GIFTS Fisher Price 47913
119 BRAHMS' LULLABY Fisher Price 47913
2010 Nashville, TN – Jewel (Jewel Kilcher [vcl/ac gt/ bck vcl], Ilya Toshinsky [gt/ banjo/ mandolin/ keyboards/ percussion/ piano], Nathan Chapman [ac gt/el gt/ kyboards/ percussiopn/ steel], Ken Halford [ac gt/piano], Mike Johnson [steel],  Jimmie Lee Sloas/ Tim Marks [bass], Nick Buda [drums], Eric Darken [percussion], Stuart Duncan [fiddle], Tim Lauer [accordion/pianp/ synthesizer/flute/ otgan], Jason Freese [golckenspiel/mellotron],.    Producer: Jewel, Nathan Chapman)
122 NO GOOD IN GOODBYE Valory 0200
123 I LOVE YOU FOREVER Valory 0200
124 FADING Valory 0200
125 WHAT YOU ARE Valory 0200
126 BAD AS IT GETS Valory 0200
128 STAY HERE FOREVER Valory 0200
129 NO MORE HEARTACHES Valory 0200
130 ONE TRUE THING Valory 0200
131 TEN Valory 0200
132 SATISFIED  Valory 0200   [radio edit:] Rhino R2-534620
Album VMJCD 0200B (and EP VMJK 0200G) contains also acoustic versions of all tracks
2011 unknown - Jewel
133 SAMMY THE SPIDER Fisher-Price 55536 
134 SUPERMARKET SONG Fisher-Price 55536
135 JUST LIKE PENGUINS DO Fisher-Price 55536 
136 BUCKY THE BULL Fisher-Price 55536
138 SARA SWAN SLEEPY HEAD Fisher-Price 55536
139 PLAY DAY Fisher-Price 55536
140 ONLY SHADOWS Fisher-Price 55536
141 OH! SUSANNA Fisher-Price 55536
142 GIVE ME THE RAINBOW Fisher-Price 55536
143 MY FAVORITE THINGS Fisher-Price 55536 
145 SNOOZE BUTTON BLUES Fisher-Price 55536        
146 HAPPY Fisher-Price 55536
147 IN MY ROOM Fisher-Price 55536
148 COUNT ON M Fisher-Price 55536 
2012 or sooner unknown – Jewel, with Pistol Annies [1], Kelly Clarkson [2]
149 YOU WERE MEANT FOR ME -1 Rhino R2-534620
150 FOOLISH GAMES  -2 Rhino R2-534620
151 TWO HEARTS BREAKING Rhino R2-534620
2013 Alder Sound; Avatar Studios; Frank's Basement; Gridley Studios; Nunoise Studio; Slipshod Sound; Spin Recording Studios; Steve Skinner Music; The House; The Jewel Box, Stephenville, TX; The Magic Shop – Jewel
152 LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! Somerset 55626 60285
154 DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR? Somerset 55626 60285
156 IT'S CHRISTMASTIME Somerset 55626 60285 WHAT CHILD IS THIS? Somerset 55626 60285
157 PANIS ANGELICUS Somerset 55626 60285
158 BLUE CRYSTAL GLOW Somerset 55626 60285
159 SLEIGH RIDE Somerset 55626 60285
160 WHITE CHRISTMAS Somerset 55626 60285
161 CHRISTMAS IN THE COUNTRY Somerset  60285
162 SILVER BELLS Somerset 55626 60285
163 I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS Somerset 55626 60285
164 THE CHRISTMAS SONG Somerset 55626 60285
165 ANGELS WE HAVE HEARD ON HIGH Somerset 60285 
166 IT CAME UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR  Somerset  60285
2015 Nashville, TN/ 2015 [live]  RCA Victor Studio, Nashville, Tn (before audience) – Jewel, with Rodney Crowell [1], Dolly Parton [2]
167 LOVE USED TO BE Sugar Hill 37804 
168 A BOY NEEDS A BIKE Sugar Hill 37804 
169 EVERYTHING BREAKS Sugar Hill 37804 
170 FAMILY TREE Sugar Hill 37804 
171 IT DOESN'T HURT RIGHT NOW -1  Sugar Hill 37804 
172 HIS PLEASURE IS MY PAIN Sugar Hill 37804 
173 HERE WHEN GONE Sugar Hill 37804 
174 THE SHAPE OF YOU Sugar Hill 37804 
175 PLAIN JANE Sugar Hill 37804 
176 PRETTY FACED FOOL Sugar Hill 37804 
177 NICOTINE LOVE Sugar Hill 37804 
178 CARNIVORE Sugar Hill 37804 
179 MY FATHER'S DAUGHTER -2 Sugar Hill 37804 
180 MERCY Sugar Hill 37804


Atlantic 82700-1/82700-2 Pieces of You: Who Will Save Your Soul; Pieces Of You; Little Sister; Foolish Games; Near You Always; Painters; Morning Song; Adrian; I'm Sensitive; You Were Meant For Me; Don't; Daddy; Angel Standing By; Amen. - 28-02-95 (double vinyl version contains bonus tracks: Emily;  Rocker Girl; Everything Breaks; Cold Song; Angel Needs A Ride)
Atlantic 82950-1*/ 82950-2 Spirit: Deep Water; What's Simple Is True; Hands; Kiss The Flame; Down So Long; Innocence Maintained; Jupiter; Fat Boy; Enter From The East; Barcelona; Life Uncommon; Do You; Absence Of Fear; This Little Bird.  - 17-11-98 (*vinyl, double)
Atlantic 83250-2 Joy: A Holiday Collection: Joy To The World; O Holy Night; Silent Night; Winter Wonderland; O Little Town Of Bethlehem; Ave Maria; Hark! The Herald Angels Sing; Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer; Face Of Love; Medley: Go Tell It On The Mountain / Life Uncommon / From A Distance; I Wonder As I Wander; Gloria; Hands (Christmas Version) - 02-11-99
Atlantic 86518-1/83518-2 This Way: Standing Still; Jesus Loves You; Everybody Needs Someone Sometime; Break Me; Do You Want To Play?; Till We Run Out of Road; Serve the Ego; This Way; Cleveland; I Won't Walk Away; Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone; New Wild West; Grey Matter [live]; Sometimes It Be That Way [live]; Break Me [video, CD only] – 13-11-01 (Australian version on 7567-83492-2 contains one more live track: A Long Slow Slide)
Atlantic 83638-2 0304: Stand; Run 2 U; Intuition; Leave The Lights On; 2 Find U; Fragile Heart; Doin' Fine; 2 Become 1; Haunted; Sweet Temptation; Yes U Can; U and Me = Love; America; Becoming- 03-06-03
Atlantic 83799-2 Goodbye Alice in Wonderland: Again And Again; Long Slow Slide; Goodbye Alice In Wonderland; Good Day; Satellite; Only One Too; Words Get In The Way; Drive To You; Last Dance Rodeo; Fragile Heart; Stephenville, TX; Where Are You; 1000 Miles Away- 02-05-06
Valory VMCAJK 0100 Perfectly Clear: Stronger Woman; I Do; Love Is A Garden; Rosey And Mick; Anyone But You; Thump Thump; Two Become One; 'Till It Feels Like Cheating; Everything Reminds Me Of You; Loved By You (Cowboy Waltz); Perfectly Clear; Stronger Woman [video] - 03-06-08 (enhanced CD)
Fisher-Price [CAN] 47913 Lullaby: Raven; All The Animals; Sweet Dreams; Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star; Circle Song; Cowboy's Lament; Daydream Land; Sov Gott (Sleep Well); Dreamer; Forever and a Day (Always); Gloria; Somewhere Over the Rainbow; Angel Standing By; Simple Gifts; Brahms' Lullaby – 05-09-09 (also version with bonus tracks: It Came Upon A Midnight Clear; Angels We Have Heard On High; reissued as part of Fisher-Price 57229 Once Upon A Lullaby in 2011)
Valory VMCJK 0200 Sweet and Wild: No Good In Goodbye; I Love You Forever; Fading; What You Are; Bad As It Gets; Summer Home In Your Arms; Stay Here Forever; No More Heartaches; One True Thing; Ten; Satisfied - 08-06-10 (also deluxe 2 CD VMCJK0200B, CD 2 contains  acoustic versions of all tracks)
Atlantic [EU] ?  0304 (European Version- Alternate Enhancement): Stand; Run 2; Intuition; Leave the Lights On; 2 Find U; Fragile Heart; Doin' Fine; 2 Become 1; Haunted; Sweet Temptation; Yes U Can; U and Me =Love;  America; Becoming; Intuition – 16-02-10
Fisher-Price 55536 The Merry Goes 'Round: Sammy the Spider;  Supermarket Song; Just Like Penguins Do;  Bucky the Bull; She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain; Sara Swan Sleepy Head; Play Day; Only Shadows; Oh! Susanna; Give Me the Rainbow; My Favorite Things;  And the Green Grass Grows All Around; Snooze Button Blues; Happy; In My Room; Count On M – 16-08-11 (reissued as part of Fisher-Price 57229 Once Upon A Lullaby in 2011)
Rhino R2-534620 Greatest Hits: Who Will Save Your Soul; You Were Meant For Me (Album Edit); Foolish Games; Hands; Down So Long; Jupiter (Swallow The Moon) (Single Version); Standing Still; Break Me (Radio Remix); Intuition; Good Day; Stronger Woman (Radio Edit); Somewhere Over The Rainbow; Satisfied (Radio Edit); You Were Meant For Me (Feat. Pistol Annies); Foolish Games (Feat. Kelly Clarkson); Two Hearts Breaking- 05-02-13
Somerset Group 55626 Let It Snow – A Holiday Collection: Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!; Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas; Do You Hear What I Hear?;
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen*; It's Christmastime; What Child Is This?; Panis Angelicus; Blue Crystal Glow; Sleigh Ride; White Christmas; Christmas In the Country*; Silver Bells; I'll Be Home For Christmas; The Christmas Song; Angels We Have Heard On High*;  It Came Upon A Midnight Clear* – 12-11-13 (also  deluxe version 60285 containing *bonus tracks)
Sugar Hill 37804 Picking Up The Pieces: Love Used To Be;  A Boy Needs A Bike;  Everything Breaks;  Family Tree;  It Doesn't Hurt Right Now (w. Rodney Crowell);  His Pleasure Is My Pain;  Here When Gone;  The Shape Of You;  Plain Jane;  Pretty Faced Fool;  Nicotine Love;  Carnivore;  My Father's Daughter (w. Dolly Parton);  Mercy – 11-09-15

Harper Audio CD 10162/Atlantic 51016 A Night Without Armor – Poems By Jewel : A Night Without Armos (87 non musical tracks) – 19-05-98
Atlantic 83421-2 Chasing Down The Dawn: Part One; Part Two (62 nonmusical tracks) - 10-10-00 (double; also on Harper Audio CD 2925(2))
Atlantic 85398-2 Serve The Ego: Serve The Ego (Hani Num Club Mix) ; Serve The Ego (Mike Rizzo Club Mix); Serve The Ego (Wayne Rodriguez Club Mix); Serve The Ego (Gabriel + Dresden Club Mix); Serve The Ego (Hani Num Dub); Serve The Ego (Wayne Rodriquez Dub Mix); Serve The Ego (Mike Rizzo Dub Mix); Serve The Ego (Gabriel + Dresden Flashback) – 02 (one track only – various remixes)
Atlantic 88110 -2 Intuition: Intuition (Todd Terry In-House Mix); Intuition (Gabriel + Dresden Hi-Tek Digital Mix); Intuition (Markus Schulz Coldharbor Mix); Intuition (Ford's Extended Mix); Intuition (Tee's Freeze Mix); Intuition (Gabriel + Dresden Rhythm Club Mix); Intuition (Tee's Kat Mix); Intuition (Gabriel + Dresden Lo-Tek Analog Dub);[video :] Making Of "Intuition" Music Video – 27-05-03
Atlantic 88247-0 Stand: Stand (Markus Schulz Club Mix); Stand (Mike Rizzo Remix); Stand (Bastone and Burnz Club Mix); Stand (Bastone + Burnz Del Moody Mix); Stand (The Scumfrog Extended Re-Hash); Stand (Mike Rizzo Club Vox); Stand (Boris + Beck Club Mix); Stand (Bastone + Burnz Drum N Bass Mix – 03 (2 LP; one track only – various remixes)
Atlantic 94399-2 Only One Too: Only One Too Stonebridge Club Mix; Only One Too Lenny B. Club Mix; Only One Too Pull Club Mix; Only One Too Dj Volume Mix; Only One Too (Filter Factory Vs. Lenny B. Dub)  - 10-10-06 (one track only – various remixes)
Atlantic  85398-2 Serve The Ego: Serve The Ego Hani Num Club Mix;    Serve The Ego Mike Rizzo Global Club Mix; Serve The Ego Wayne Rodriguez Club Mix; Serve The Ego Gabriel + Dresden Club Mix; Serve The Ego (Hani Num Dub); Serve The Ego Wayne Rodriguez Dub Mix; Serve The Ego Mike Rizzo Dub Mix; Serve the Ego (Gabriel + Dresden Flashback ) - 28-08-07  (one track only – various remixes)

Image Ent. ID1116JKDVD A Life Uncommon: - 00
Eagle Eye Media RFD 39019 Live at Humphrey’s By the Bay: Per La Gloria D'Adorarvi; Near You Always; Kiss The Flame; Rosy And Mick; Everything Breaks Sometimes; Sometimes It Be That Way; Grey Matter; Break Me; The New Wild West; You Were Meant For Me; Hands; Everybody Needs Someone Sometime; Who Will Save Your Soul; [Bonus Performances:] Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone; Do You Want To Play?; Jesus Loves You; [Additional Bonus Features;] Standing Still (On The Road Video)- 23-03-04 (rec. 2001)

Atlantic PRCD 5999-2 Save The Lionoleum: God's Gift To Women; Intro; I'm Sensitive (Live Version); Who Will Save Your Soul; Race Car Driver (Demo version); Flower (Live Version); I'm Sensitive (LP Version) – 94 (promo)
Atlantic PROD 6416-2 You Were Meant For Me (Phyllis Barnabee Finally Gets A Bra): You Were Meant For Me (Phyllis Barnabee Finally Gets A Bra); Cold Song; Rocker Girl; Emily – 95 (promo)  
Atlantic 2-84481 Bits And Baubles: Innocence Maintained (Live); Who Will Save Your Soul (Live); Cold Song (Live);As A Child I Walked (Poem); Insecurity (Poem); Lost (Poem); Miracle (Poem) – 28-07-99
Valory Music VMCJK 0200G Sweet And Mild: No Good In Goodbye; Summer Home In Your Arms; Saty Here Forever; No More Heartaches; Satisfied – 10 (acoustic versions)

2-87151 Who Will Save Your Soul; Near You Always – 04-06-96 (CD)
2-87021 You Were Meant For Me / Foolish Games – 12-11-96
PRCD 8326-2 Angel Standing By / Christmas Greeting [0:04] – 97 (promo CD)
PRCD 8141 Foolish Games [radio edit] – 97 (promo CD)
PRCD 8703 Hands – 98 (promo CD)
7567-84415-9 Hands / Enter From The East [acoustic] – 98 (German issue)
PRCD 9044 What’s Simple Is True [radio remix],; What’s Simple Is True – 98
7567-84082-2 Morning Song [radio mix]; Morning Song; Morning Song [reggae mix] – 98 (German issue)
7567-84491-2 Down So Long [remix]; Fat Boy [live]; I’m Sensitive [live] – 06-99 (UK issue)
2-84515 Jupiter (Swallow the Moon); Deep Water [live]; Emily – 17-08-99
2-84550 Life Uncommon – 12-10-99
7-85185 Standing Still / Grey Matter [live] – 01
PRCD 300751 This Way [radio rmix]; This Way – 01
7567-85310-2 Break Me  [radio remix]; The New Wild West [live] – 02
88287-2 2 Become 1; Sweet Temptation – 03 (CD)
7567-94222-2 Again And Again; Foolish Game [live acoustic] – 06 (UK issue)
PRCD 302252 Good Day [radio version] – 06  (CD, promo)
PRCD-302433 Quest For Love – 06 (CD, promo)
Valory Music
VMCJK 0101 Stronger Woman (single version); Stronger Woman; Stronger Woman (single version)- 08 (CD promo)
VMCJK 0102 I Do; I Do (radio edit) – 23-06-08
VWMJK 0103 Till It Feels Like Cheating (Radio Edit) – 08 (CD, promo)

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