Saturday, October 3, 2015

Rusty Rogers

By Henk Scholts
SESSIONS also member of Down Homers
There is not enough info for creating sessionography


Rusty ? Tribute To The American Cowboy: Introduction;  When Payday Rolls Around;  I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes;  Yellow Roses;  Happy Cowboy;  Cowboy Sweetheart; Song of The Bandit;  Mountain Dew;  Guitar Breakdown Boogie;  Old Shep;  Skyball Paint – 93?
Rusty ? Yesterday And Today: Introduction;  Out Where The West Wind Blows;  White Waterfall;  Yodel Polka;  Happy Go Lucky and Free;  A Western Melody;  Yodelin Fool;  Roly Poly;  Until It's Time For You To Go;  Me and Willies on the Road Again;  Cattle Call;  Way Out There;  Yodeling Trio;  Columbus Stockade Blues;  Springtime in The Rockies;  Just a Closer Walk With Thee;  I can't Stop Loving You;  Cold Cold Heart;  How Can I Thank You – 9-
Two Old Friends, Two Guitars and Old Standards: I Can't Stop Loving You;  Right or Wrong;  Phoenix;  Summertime;  How Can I Thank You;  Danny Boy; Autumn Leaves;  I Love You Because;  I'll Hold You In My Heart;  Blues Since You're Gone;  Dawn
Rusty Rogers no # Rusty Rogers Remembers The Down Homers: All Through the Years (Shorty  and Trio);  Blue Shadows on the trail (Trio);  In My Arms (Trio);  We Won't Say Goodbye (Shorty Cook);  There's Nothin' Clickin' Chicken (Rusty Rogers);  White Waterfall (Trio);  Yodel Polka (Kenny Roberts);  Hillbilly Style (Kenny Roberts);  Counting Tears (Bill Stallard);  I Wasted a Nickle (Bill Stallard);  San Antonio Polka (Rusty Rogers);  Square Dance Polka (Rusty Rogers);  Yodel Polka (Rusty Rogers);  Holiday Cruise (Trio);  Fiddle Tune (Slim Cox);  I Got a Girl in the Mountains (Rusty Rogers);  Sailor's Hornpipe (Slim Coxx);  Slew Foot Jane (Trio);  Far Out on the Mountains (Trio);  Square Dance (Shorty Cook);  You'll Be Sorry (Hank Gunder);  Twenty One Foggies (Trio);  Won't You Come Back to Me Annabelle (Trio);  Happy-go-lucky and Free (Rusty Rogers);  All Through the Years (Trio);  Lazy River Winding (Rusty Rogers);  Introduce Downhomers;  Following the Sun (Bill Haley); She Taught Me To Yodel (Bill Haley);  Heading for Heaven (Shorty Cook);  Yodeling Fool (Rusty Rogers);  Cool Water;  Old Shep (Rusty Rogers);  Sign Off Radio Show;  Epiloque (Rusty Rogers) – 04 (double)
Traveler ? (UPC634479294761) Live At The Bradley Inn/Two Old Friends: Drinkin' Champagne;  Bill King Blues;  The Night Life;  Bill King Polka;  Funny How Time Slips Away;  Autumn Leaves;  I Can't Stop Loving You;  Dawn;  Summertime;  Iron Curtain;  Phoenix;  How Can I Thank You – 18-04-06 w. Bill King

Tribute to the American Cowboy TV Show /Featuring Jimmy Spellman and Special guest Dick Curless – 9-

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