Thursday, June 2, 2016

Blake And Kendall Barnes

By Praguefrank

2011 Heart of Texas Studios, Brady, TX – Blake and Kendall Barnes (Blake Barnes [vcl], Kendall Barnes [vcl], Charlie Walton [el gt], Dickey Overby [steel], Jake Hooker [bass], Jim Loessberg [drums], Reggie Rueffer  [fiddle], Tim Alexander [piano], Amber Digby, Justin
Trevino [bck vcl]. Producer: Justin Trevino)
001 MY BABY TURNS THE LIGHTS ON UPTOWN Barnes Country 111   
002 A TEAR DROPPED BY Barnes Country 111    
003 LOOKIN' FOR TOMORROW Barnes Country 111   
004 DUMB BLONDE Barnes Country 111   
005 THINGS HAVE GONE TO PIECES Barnes Country 111  
006 BETTER MOVE IT ON HOME Barnes Country 111
008 ON THE BACK ROW Barnes Country 111
009 NOBODY BUT A FOOL Barnes Country 111  
010 I CAN'T STOP MY LOVING YOU Barnes Country 111
011 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ME HONEY DO Barnes Country 111  
012 LET'S ALL GO DOWN TO THE RIVER Barnes Country 111 

Barnes Country 111  Welcome To Barnes Country: My Baby Turns the Lights on Uptown;  A Tear Dropped by;   Lookin' for Tomorrow;  Dumb Blonde;  Things Have Gone to Pieces;  Better Move It on Home;  Imagination's a Wonderful Thing; On the Back Row;Nobody But a Fool; I Can't Stop my Loving You; Love, Love, Love Me Honey Do; Let's All Go Down to the River – 01-03-12

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