Monday, June 20, 2016

Dion Weisbrod

*Chilliwack, BC, CAN
By Praguefrank

2015 unknown – Dion Weisbrod, *and Sophia Rooke
001 HARD WORKIN' MAN EP/Outlaws’s Cry
002 RODEO BLUES EP//Outlaws’s Cry
003 NEVER LEFT MY MIND  EP//Outlaws’s Cry
004 COYOTE CRY  EP/Outlaws’s Cry
005 THE TRAIL  EP//Outlaws’s Cry
006 WILD HORSES*  EP//Outlaws’s Cry
2015/2016?  unknown – Dion Weisbrod
007 RANCHER Outlaws’s Cry 
008 BROKE  Outlaws’s Cry
009 OUTLAW'S CRY Outlaws’s Cry
009 KEEP ON RUNNIN' Outlaws’s Cry
010 AMERICAN REMAINS  Outlaws’s Cry


Dion Weisbrod ? (UPC190394574666) Outlaws’s Cry: Hard Workin' Man;  Coyote Cry;  Rancher;  Wild Horses;  The Trail;  Rodeo Blues;  Never Left My Mind;  Broke;  Outlaw's Cry;  Keep on Runnin';  American Remains – 18-05-16

Rodeo Blues:  Hard Workin' Man;  Rodeo Blues;  Never Left My Mind;  Coyote Cry;  Trail;  Wild Horses /W.Sophia Rooke – 12-08-15

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