Friday, July 29, 2016

Bradley Walker


By Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst
2006 Station West, Nashville, TN - Bradley Walker (Bradley Walker [vcl], Andy Falco [ac gt], Clay Hess [ac gt], Rob Ickes [dobro], Ron Block [banjo], Adam Steffey [mandolin], Kevin Grantt [bass instrument], Tony Creasman [drums], Aubrey Haynie [fiddle] + Cia Cherryholmes, Jerry Salley, Larry Cordle, Alecia Nugent, Rhonda Vincent, Russell Moore, Sonya Isaacs, Vince Gill, Brandon Rickman [bck vcl]
001 LIFE OR LOVE Rounder 11661-0581-2
002 WHEN I'M HURTIN' Rounder 11661-0581-2
003 LOVE'S TOMBSTONE Rounder 11661-0581-2
004 PAYIN' YOUR DUES Rounder 11661-0581-2
005 IF I HADN'T REACHED FOR THE STARS Rounder 11661-0581-2
006 PRICE OF ADMISSION Rounder 11661-0581-2
007 HE CARRIED HER MEMORY Rounder 11661-0581-2
008 A LITTLE CHANGE Rounder 11661-0581-2
009 LOST AT SEA Rounder 11661-0581-2
010 SHOULDA TOOK THAT TRAIN Rounder 11661-0581-2
011 I NEVER GO AROUND MIRRORS   Rounder 11661-0581-2
012 WE KNOW WHERE HE IS  Rounder 11661-0581-2
2006 [sessions for Celebration of Life-Musicians Against Childhood Cancer] unknown – Bradley Walker and friends
013 SUGAR COATED LOVE Skaggs Family
2016 Gaither Recording Studio, Nashville, TN – Bradley Walker, with Joey Feek [1], The Isaacs [2]
014 WHY ME Farmhouse 493132 
015 CALL ME OLD-FASHIONED Farmhouse 493132 
016 I COUNT MY BLESSINGS Farmhouse 493132 
017 SING ME TO HEAVEN Farmhouse 493132 
018 DON’T GIVE UP ON ME Farmhouse 493132 
019 THE TOOLBOX Farmhouse 493132 
020 PRAY FOR GOD Farmhouse 493132 
021 IN THE TIME THAT YOU GAVE ME -1 Farmhouse 493132 
022 THE RIGHT HAND OF FELLOWSHIP Farmhouse 493132 
023 HIS MEMORY WALKS ON WATER Farmhouse 493132 
024 I FEEL SORRY FOR THEM Farmhouse 493132 
025 SINNERS ONLY Farmhouse 493132 
026 WITH HIS ARMS WIDE OPEN Farmhouse 493132 
027 SWEET BEULAH LAND -2 Farmhouse 493132
2016 [live] Joey And Rory’s Farm, Nashville, TN – Bradley Walker, with Joey Feek [1], The Isaacs [2] (Bradley Walker [vcl], Carl Jackson [ac gt/ bck vcl],  Robby Turner [steel/ dobro],  Michael Rinne [bass], Brice Williams [drums],  Tammy Rogers/King [fiddle.mandolin], William Adkjins [piano], Val Storey [bck vcl]. Producer: Rory Feek, Bradley Walker)
02701 I FEEL SORRY FOR THEM Farm House  SHDVD 9135
02702 WHY ME Farm House  SHDVD 9135  
02703 SWEET BEULAH LAND -2 Farm House  SHDVD 9135
02705 DON’T GIVE UP ON ME Farm House  SHDVD 9135
02706 SINNERS ONLY Farm House  SHDVD 9135
02707 I COUNT MY BLESSINGS Farm House  SHDVD 9135
02708 THE TOOLBOX Farm House  SHDVD 9135  
02709 LEAVE IT THERE Farm House SHDVD 9135
02710 IN THE TIME THAT YOU GAVE ME -1 Farm House  SHDVD 9135
02711 SING ME TO HEAVEN Farm House  SHDVD 9135
02712 CALL ME OLD-FASHIONED Farm House  SHDVD 9135
02713 HIS MEMORY WALKS ON WATER Farm House  SHDVD 9135  
02714 PRAY FOR GOD Farm House  SHDVD 9135  
02715 WITH HIS ARMS WIDE OPEN Farm House  SHDVD 9135  

Rounder 11661-0581-2 Highway Of Dreams: Life Or Love; When I'm Hurtin'; Love's Tombstone; Payin' Your Dues; If I Hadn't Reached For The Stars; Price Of Admission; He Carried Her Memory; A Little Change; Lost At Sea; Shoulda Took That Train; I Never Go Around Mirrors; We Know Where He Is – 12-09-06
Farmhouse 493132 Call Me Old-Fahioned: Why Me;  Call Me Old-Fashioned;  I Count My Blessings;  Sing Me To Heaven;  Don’t Give Up On Me;  The Toolbox;  Pray For God;  In the Time That You Gave Me (feat. Joey Feek);  The Right Hand of Fellowship;  His Memory Walks On Water;  I Feel Sorry For Them;  Sinners Only;  With His Arms Wide Open;  Sweet Beulah Land (feat. The Isaacs) – 23-09-16

Farm House SHDVD 9135 Call Me Old-Fashioned: I Feel Sorry For Them; Why Me;  Sweet Beulah Land (feat. The Isaacs); The Right Hand of Fellowship;  Don’t Give Up On Me; Sinners Only; I Count My Blessings; The Toolbox;  Leave It There; In the Time That You Gave Me (feat. Joey Feek); Sing Me To Heaven; Call Me Old-Fashioned; His Memory Walks On Water;  Pray For God;  With His Arms Wide Open - 16



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