Thursday, November 10, 2016

Danny Mack

By Praguefrank
There is not enough info for creating sessionography

Con Base [CAN] CBI 5002 Chief Dan George and Fireweed: Seventh Ramble;  Centennial Speech;  MacMillan Bloedel;  My Blue Heaven;  Buddy's Last Ride;  The Paddle Song;  Will the Circle; Timeless Life;  Indian Prayer – 73 Fireweed (Danny mack as member of the group)
Alberta Crude [CAN] ? Danny Mack and Alberta Crude: I Want The Real Thing;  Another New Old Tragedy;  Christie;  I Wonder If Waylon Jennings Did This;  Fit To Kill And Going Out In Style;  Drink To A Honky Tonk Cowboy;  Ragged Old Truck;  Me And Little Joe;  You Didn't Walk Out On Me;  Good Ol' George Jones;  Debbie Delight – 82 (recorded in Calgary, Alberta, CAN)
Alberta Crude [CAN] AC 1003 Danny Mack: The Real Thing; Another New Old Tragedy; Christie; I Wonder If Waylon Jennings Did This; Fit To Kill And Going Out In Style; Drink To A Honky Tonk Cowboy; Ragged Old Truck; Me And Little  Joe; You Didn't Walk Out On Me (You Just Beat Me To The Door); Good Ol' George Jones; Debbie Delight  - 84
Dakotamack [CAN] DMCD 9901 I’m Alright Now: Rock and Roll Dreams;  I Got A Lot; What's The Matter;  Hong Kong Flu;  I'm Alright Now;  Ex Files;  You Can't Be Trusted;  Just Good Lookin';  Gypsy; Cyber World;  What Brings the Wind;  Who I Am - 99
Dakotamack [CAN] DMCD 0101 We All Fall Down: Main Street;  We All Fall Down; Where Did I Leave My Heart;  Bobby's On The Run;  Live And Die In Fear;  Dreamland;  Buffalo Hunter; What Are Us;  Trembling Angel;  Why  Must This Go On;  Time Of The Thunder - 01
Dakotamack [CAN] DMCD 0103 Galaxy Cabaret: Galaxy Cabaret;  Dance With Me;  Hotel;  I Remember Loving You;  Bitter Half;  Old Amsterdam;  Galaxy Interlude;  Ol' Beat Up Truck;  The Loving Game;  Holy Karumba;  You Beat Me To The Door;  If You Only Knew;  Rock This Place;  Canadian Cowboy;  Galaxy Interlude 2 – 09-09-03
Danny Mack [CAN] DMC 0107 Ride Me Down Easy: Too Late;  Out Among The Stars;  Crazy As A Loon;  Ride Me Down Easy;  A Bushman Can't Survive;  Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness;  The Nullabor Song;  I Feel So Good;  Sad Songs And Waltzes;  You Don't Have Very Far To Go;  Yesterdays Wine;  If I Left It Up To You;  Heaven Was A Drink Of Wine – 08-07
Danny Mack [CAN] ? What Brings The Wind: What Brings The Wind;  Who I Am;  I'll Get To Rockin' Tonight;  We All Fall Down;  Mallacoota Run; Rock And Roll Dreams;  You Can't Be Trusted;  Main Street;  Marie;  Driving Me Blue;  Swine Flu 2010;  Mingling Waters   - Mack and Brady – 10?
Danny Mack [CAN] ? Who Am I: Debbie Delight; I’ll Get To Rocking; Main Street;  I’ll Never Fall In Love Anymore;  Who I Am;  Bitter Half;  I Got A Lot;  If You Only Knew; Live And Die In Fear;   Galaxy Cabaret;  Hotel; Another New Old Tragedy;  Holy Karumba;  Rock And Roll Dreams;  Rock This Place;  I Wonder If Waylon Jennings Did This;  This Old Town;  Why Must This Go On;  Ex-Files;  Old Amsterdam;  MacMillan Bloedel; Just Good Looking; Where Did I Leave My Heart; Dreamland; Amiga; Ol’ Beat Up Truck; What Brings The Wind;  Buffalo Hunter;  You Can’t Be Trusted; Buddy’s Last Ride;  Drink To A Honky-Tonk Cowboy;  We All Fall Down;  Dance With Me;  You Beat Me To The Door;  Last Cowboy Night;  Christie; What’s The Matter; Trembling Angel;  I’m Alright Now;  Time Of The Thunder;  Bobby’s On The Run;  Life Of A Cowboy – 13-04-13 (double)

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