Thursday, November 17, 2016


By Praguefrank
2001 Down South Studios, Nashville, TN/The Mason House, Nashville, TN – Pinmonkey (Michael Reynolds [vcl/gt], Chad Jeffers [vcl/gt/steel/dobro],  Rick Schell [vcl/drums], Michael Jeffers [bass] +  Jeff Skorik [Wurlitzer organbck vcl], Eric Holt. Producer: Pinmonkey)
001 LONESOME PINE SPECIAL  Drifter’s Church #0002
002 BLACK TRAIN  Drifter’s Church #0002
003 AUGUSTA  Drifter’s Church #0002
004 DEVIL'S FRONT DOOR  Drifter’s Church #0002
005 LOVE SOMETIMES  Drifter’s Church #0002
006 TWO DAYS FROM KNOWING  Drifter’s Church #0002
007 CHEAP MOTEL  Drifter’s Church #0002
008 SWEET BLOSSOM  Drifter’s Church #0002
009 KEEP THIS LOVE  Drifter’s Church #0002
010 NOTHING BUT LIVIN'  Drifter’s Church #0002
2002 The Money Pit, 622 Hamilton Ave. South, Nashville TN – Pinmonkey, *and Dolly Parton (Michael Reynolds [vcl/gt], Chad Jeffers [vcl/gt/steel/dobro],  Rick Schell [vcl/drums], Michael Jeffers [bass] +  Bob Britt [gt], Bryan Sutton [ac gt/mandolin], Paul Worley [gt], Al Perkins [el gt], Rusty Young [banjo/mandolin], Ricky Scaggs [mandolin], Michael Webb [Wurlitzer electric piano/Hammond B-3 organ/farfisa organ]) [some overdubs made at Loud Recordings, Nashville, TN)
011 SLOW TRAIN COMIN'  BNA 07863-67049-2  
012 JAR OF CLAY  BNA 07863-67049-2 
013 EVERY TIME IT RAINS   BNA 07863-67049-2
014 AUGUSTA  BNA 07863-67049-2  
015 FLY FALLING DOWN  BNA 07863-67049-2
016 THE LONGEST ROAD  BNA 07863-67049-2 
017 FALLING OUT OF LOVE WITH ME* BNA 07863-67049-2
018 BARBED WIRE AND ROSES  BNA 07863-67049-2  
019 I DROVE ALL NIGHT  BNA 07863-67049-2
020 STAY WITH US  BNA 07863-67049-2 
2005 16th Avenue Sound, Nashville, TN/Emerald Studios (Studio A and Tracking Room), Nashville, TN/The Derby Hut, ?/Casa Teadora, ? – Pinmonkey (Michael Reynolds (vocals/gut-string gt], Michael Jeffers [bass instrument/bck vcl], Mike Crouch [drums/percussion] + Elizabeth Cook [vcl], Chad Jeffers [gt/dobro/banjo/bck vcl], Mark Bright [ac gt/mandolin], Fats Kaplin/Rusty Young [steel], Steven King/Eric Holt [keyboards])
021 THAT TRAIN DON'T RUN  Back Porch Music 48977 
022 DOWN  Back Porch Music 48977
023 COLDEST FIRE IN TOWN  Back Porch Music 48977
024 FALLIN' ALL THE TIME  Back Porch Music 48977 
025 MOUNTAIN SONG  Back Porch Music 48977  
026 SHADY GROVE  Back Porch Music 48977  
027 CAN'T HAVE A HAND ON ME  Back Porch Music 48977  
028 LIVING PROOF  Back Porch Music 48977  
029 WRAPPED  Back Porch Music 48977  
030 BIG SHINY CARS  Back Porch Music 48977  
031 LOVE SOMETIMES  Back Porch Music 48977  

Drifter's Church #0002 Speak No Evil: Lonesome Pine Special;  Black Train;  Augusta;  Devil's Front Door;  Love Sometimes;  Two Days From Knowing;  Cheap Motel;  Sweet Blossom;  Keep This Love;  Nothing But Livin' – 26-02-02
BNA 07863-67049-2 Pinmonkey: Slow Train Comin';  Jar of Clay; Every Time It Rains  (Remixed Version; Augusta;  Fly Falling Down; The Longest Road; Falling Out of Love With Me  (w. Dolly Parton); Barbed Wire and Roses;  I Drove All Night; Stay With Us – 08-10-02
Back Porch Music 48977 Big Shiny Cars: That Train Don't Run; Down;Coldest Fire in Town;Fallin' All the Time; Mountain Song; Shady Grove; Can't Have a Hand on Me; Living Proof; Wrapped; Big Shiny Cars; Love Sometimes – 07-03-06

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