Saturday, March 18, 2017

Laura Yager

By Praguefrank

1970 unknown – Laura Yager
001 WILD AND FREE Ovation OV 1018/OV 14-11
002 PITY Ovation OV 14-11
003 THE TOY SONG Ovation OV 14-11
004 YOUTH Ovation OV 14-11
005 CRAZY HE CALLS ME Ovation OV 14-11
006 LIVING TO LOVE Ovation OV 14-11
007 TAKE ME INSIDE YOUR HEART Ovation OV 1018/OV 14-11
008 DAWN Ovation OV 14-11
009 STORMY WEATHER Ovation OV 14-11
010 BALLAD OF JOE Ovation OV 14-11
1972 Celebration Recording, New York City – Laura Yager [Laura Yager [vcl], Charles Brown [gt], Don Thomas [gt], Joe Cinderella [gt], John Tropea [gt],  Steve Benderoth [drums], Teddy Sommer [percussion], Alex Cores, Felix Giglio, Jack Zayde, Jesse Tryon, Max Hollander [violin], Al Brown [viola], Lucien Schmit [cello], Jack Zimmerman [mouth harp])
011 JUST CAN'T MAKE IT WITHOUT YOU Ovation OV 1042/OV 14-27
012 GONNA BUY ME A TICKET Ovation OV 14-27 OV 1708
013 EARLY MORNING HUSH Ovation OV 1042/OV 14-27 OV 1708
014 WE'RE GOING TO LIVE IT TOGETHER Ovation OV 14-27 OV 1708
015 LOVE SONG Ovation OV 14-27 OV 1708
016 BLIND GARY Ovation OV 14-27
017 THE MOUNTAIN Ovation OV 14-27
018 CHESAPEAKE BAY Ovation OV 14-27
019 YOU KEEP ME HANGING ON Ovation OV 14-27
020 COMIN' APART Ovation OV 14-27 OV 1708
1973 Criteria Recording Studios, Miami, FL – Laura Yager
021 ANGEL SHE GET'S BY Ovation OV 1046/OVQD 1436
022 YOU CAN'T MAKE ROSES GROW Ovation OV 1046/OVQD 1436 OV 1708
023 WHERE'S YOUR LOVE BEEN Ovation OVQD 1436 OV 1708
024 OUR OWN LOVE SONG Ovation OVQD 1436 OV 1708
025 MY MAIN MAN Ovation OVQD 1436
026 PLAY WITH FIRE Ovation OVQD 1436
028 DO ME WRONG, BUT DO ME Ovation OVQD 1436 OV 1708
030 A SONG AND A PRAYER Ovation OVQD 1436 OV 1708
1978 unknown - Laura Yager And The Ovation Children's Chorus

Ovation OV 14/11 Laura: Wild And Free; Pity; The Toy Song; Youth; Crazy He Calls Me; Living To Love; Take Me Inside Your Heart; Dawn; Stormy Weather; Ballad Of Joe – 70 (quadro version issued in 1971)
Ovation OVQD 14-27 Comin’Apart: Just Can't Make It Without You; Gonna Buy Me A Ticket; Early Morning Hush; We're Going To Live It Together; Love Song; Blind Gary; The Mountain; Chesapeake Bay; You Keep Me Hanging On; Comin' Apart – 72
Ovation OVQD 1436 Play With Fire: Angel She Get's By; You Can't Make Roses Grow; Where's Your Love Been; Our Own Love Song; My Main Man; Play With Fire; Yesterdays Tomorrows; Do Me Wrong, But Do Me; Sally Played The Tambourine; A Song And A Prayer – 74
Ovation OV 1708 Early Morning Hush: A Song And A Prayer; You Can't Make Roses Grow; Our Own Love Song; Where's Your Love Been; Do Me Wrong But Do Me; Love Song; Gonna Buy Me A Ticket; We're Gonna Live It Together; Early Morning Hush; Coming Apart – 76 (sampler)

OV 1018 Wild And Free / Take Me Inside Your Heart – 71 as Laura
OV/1042 Early Morning Hush / Just Can't Make It Without You – 73
OV 1046 Angel She Gets By / You Can't Make Roses Grow – 73
OV 1110 [Laura Yager And The Ovation Children's Chorus:]  I Grew Up On Mickey Mouse / [Mickey, Minnie, Donald And Clara:] Mickey's Early Years 1929-1934 - 78

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