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Brooke McClymont, *16-05-1981

Samantha McClymont, *22-01-1986

Mollie McClymont, *30-03-87
By Praguefrank

2006 Rocking Horse Studios, Byron Bay, AUS – The McClymonts (Brooke McClymont,
Samantha McClymont, Mollie McClymont [vcl], Warwick Scott [gt], Dean Sutherland [bass gt], Giuseppe Accaria [drums], Hugo Marree [fiddle], Sam Hannan [keyboards]. Producer: Steve James)
001 SOMETHING THAT MY HEART DOES Universal 9858480  
002 BEYOND TOMORROW Universal 9858480 
003 BABY'S GONE HOME Universal 9858480  
004 LOVE YOU LIKE THAT Universal 9858480 
005 JACK Universal 9858480 
February/August 2007 Fool On The Hill Studios, Nashville, TN/ Sound Stage, Nashville, TN – The McClymonts (Brooke McClymont, Samantha McClymont, Mollie McClymont [vcl], Nathan Chapman [gt], Bob Britt [el gt/slide gt/lap steel],  Stuart Duncan [mandolin/ fiddle], Byron House [upright bass], Adam Anders [bass gt], Wayne Killius [drums/ percussion], Ty Smith [percussion]. Producer: Adam Anders)
006 MY LIFE AGAIN Universal 1748963
007 SAVE YOURSELF Universal 1748963 
008 DON'T TIE MY HANDS Universal 1748963
009 GOOD CRY Universal 1748963
010 SETTLE DOWN Universal 1748963
011 WAY TOO LATE Universal 1748963
012 YOU WERE RIGHT Universal 1748963
013 SHOTGUN Universal 1748963
015 FINALLY OVER BLUE Universal 1748963
016 TIL YOU LOVE ME Universal 1748963
017 GHOST TOWN Universal 1748963
Late 2009 Nashville, TN  – The McClymonts (Producer: Adam Anders)
018 KICK IT UP Universal 2721045  
019 WRAPPED UP GOOD Universal 2721045 
020 HE USED TO LOVE ME Universal 2721045
021 BOY WHO CRIED LOVE Universal 2721045 
022 TAKE IT BACK Universal 2721045
023 ROCK THE BOAT Universal 2721045 
024 I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU JUST YET Universal 2721045 
025 A WOMAN IS A FLAME Universal 2721045
026 HEARTS ON FIRE Universal 2721045 
027 IF YOU'RE GONNA LOVE ME Universal 2721045      
028 I COULD BE A COWBOY CANNONBALL Universal 2721045 
2011/early 2012 Nashville, TN  – The McClymonts
029 TWO WORLDS COLLIDE Universal 2793793
030 THE EASY PART Universal 2793793
032 PIECE OF ME Universal 2793793
033 SWEET Universal 2793793
034 WHERE YOU ARE Universal 2793793
035 LITTLE OLD BEAT UP HEART Universal 2793793
036 THOSE SUMMER DAYS Universal 2793793
037 HOW LLONG HAVE YOU KNOWN Universal 2793793
038 IT AIN'T OVER Universal 2793793 
039 FEEL LIKE COMING HOME Universal 2793793 
2013 unknown, AUS – The McClymonts
040 GOING UNDER (DIDN’T HAVE TO GO) Universal 3785971
March 2014 unknown, AUS – The McClymonts (Producer: Lindsay Rimes)
041 HERE’S TO YOU AND​ I Universal 37885971
042 BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER Universal 37885971
043 FOREVER BEGINS TONIGHT Universal 37885971
044 BETTER AT MY WORST Universal 37885971
045 WHO SAID IT Universal 37885971
046 ALONE Universal 37885971
047 HEART BREAKS Universal 37885971
048 LIFELINES AND​ SUPERHEROES Universal 37885971
049 TOP ROLLED DOWN Universal 37885971 
050 SAME KIND Universal 37885971 
051 LAY SOME LOVE Universal 37885971 
2016 Sydney, AUS – McCylmonts, *and Ronan keating (Brooke McClymont, Samantha McClymont, Mollie McClymont [vcl], + unknown musicians)
052 LIKE WE USED TO Island 57225967
053 HOUSE Island 57225967
054 NOTHING GOOD COMES EASY Island 57225967
055 ENDLESS Island 57225967
056 CHAIN SMOKER Island 57225967
057 LET YOU DOWN Island 57225967
058 WHEN WE SAY IT'S FOREVER* Island 57225967
059 UNSAVEABLE Island 57225967
060 JUDGE YOU Island 57225967
061 DON'T WISH IT ALL AWAY Island 57225967
062 BAD FOR US Island 57225967

Universal Music Australia [AUS] 1748963 Chaos And Bright Lights: My Life Again; Save Yourself;  Don't Tie My Hands; Good Cry; Settle Down; Way Too Late; You Were Right; Shotgun; Favourite Boyfriend Of The Year; Finally Over Blue; Til You Love Me; Ghost Town – 12-11-07 (US issue Aug, 17, 2010 on EMG EMGD 1253)
Universal Music Australia [AUS] 2721045 Wrapped Up Good: Kick It Up;  Wrapped Up Good; He Used To Love Me; Boy Who Cried Love; Take It Back; Rock The Boat; I'm Not Done With You Just Yet; A Woman Is A Flame;Hearts On Fire;  If You're Gonna Love Me;       I Could Be A Cowboy Cannonball – 15-01-10
Universal Music Australia [AUS]  2793793 Two Worlds Collide: Two Worlds Collide; The Easy Part;Everybody's Looking To Fall In Love; Piece Of Me; Sweet; Where You Are; Little Old Beat Up Heart; Those Summer Days; How Llong Have You Known; It Ain't Over;  Feel Like Coming Home – 18-05-12
Universal Music Australia [AUS] 3785971 Here’s To You And I:  Here’s To You And​ I;  Going Under (Didn’t Have To); Blood Is Thicker Than Water; Forever Begins Tonight; Better At My Worst; Who Said It; Alone; Heart Breaks; Lifelines And​ Superheroes;  Top Rolled Down;  Same Kind;  Lay Some Love – 04-07-14
Island [AUS] 57225967 Endless: Like We Used To;  House;  Nothing Good Comes Easy;  Endless;  Chain Smoker;  Let You Down;  When We Say It's Forever (feat. Ronan Keating); Unsaveable;  Judge You;  Don't Wish It All Away;  Bad For Us - 13-01-17

Universal Music Australia [AUS] 9858480 The McClymonts: Something That My Heart Does;  Beyond Tomorrow; Baby's Gone Home;  Love You Like That; Jack –05-06-06

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