Monday, April 24, 2017

Daniel Meade

By Praguefrank
There is not enough info for creating sessionography

From The Top  [UK] ? Redneck Dinner Party: Redneck Dinner Party; Pie Eyed Joe; I Remember Now; My Band's Better Than Your Band; Piece of Pork; She Lost My Heart In New York; Sod's Law; That Girl's Old Enough to Be Your Mama; Sweethearts and Broken Hearts; Diggin' a Hole; Shitkicker Blues – 08 (reissued in 2015 on From the Top)
From The Top [UK] ?  As Good As Bad Can Be: Maggie Blue; What You Waiting For; Long Way to Fall; Homegrown Hank; If It's Not Your Fault (I Guess It's Mine); As Good as Bad Can Be; Good Enough for Me; Hard to Hear; Lay It Down; I Can Be Your Airplane- 25-09-13
From The Top [UK] ?  Keep Right Away: Long Gone Wrong;  Trying;  Livin' On Tootsie Time; - Sometimes A Fool's The Last To Know;  Always Close To Tears;  Not My Heart Again (feat.Shelly Colvin);  The Hangman Blues;  Help Me Tonight (feat.Diana Jones);  Rising,River Blues;  Gimme A Draw;  Mexico;  Sing It Loud (feat.Joshua Hedley);  Keep Right Away – 20-12-14
At The Helm [UK] ATH 19848 Let Me Off At The Bottom: Back to Hell;  There’s a Headstone Where Her Heart Used to Be;  Ghosts and Crocodiles;  He Should’ve Been Mine;  Let Me off at the Bottom; Poison Dart;  Please Louise;  Lock up Your Daughter;  Leave Me to Bleed;  Count the Roses;  The Bottle Called for Me - 27-05-16 (rec. CaVa Studios, Glasgow, UK – The Flying Mules: Lloyd Reid (guitar) Mark Ferrie (double bass) and Thomas Sutherland (drums))
From The Top [UK] ? Shooting Stars And Tiny Tears: Shooting Stars and Tiny Tears; One Is All I Need; Nothing Worth Losing but You; Your Voice at Night; I Wanted Nothing; Sometime Falling, Sometime Flying; How Long Does It Take to Fall in Love; Throwing Pebbles (Round My Head); I Got Something; Today Doesn't Matter- 10-02-17

Button Up [UK] ? When Was the Last Time:  As Good as It Gets;  Nothing Really Matters; The Day the Clown Stopped Smiling;  How High We Fly;  So Much for Sorrow;  If the Bombs Don't Kill Us;  Oh My My Oh;  When Was the Last Time;  Don't We All – 27-04-18

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