Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Doug Adkins

Duglas Martin Adkins, *03-10-1963 Havre, MT
By Praguefrank

There is not enough info for creating sessionography

? Just Livin': (tracks unknown ) - 90
? Habits and Hearts: (tracks unknown) - 93
? Cowboy Comes Alive: (tracks unknown) - 95
Lyric Mountain?  Time Keeps Movin On: Think About You; One Wrong Step; I Can't Love You Anymore; 15 Minutes Past Midnight; Devil Of A Woman; Day To Day; Don't Turn Around; Peace Of Mind; What You Can't See Might Be Paradise; Time Keeps Movin' On; Stand In The Rain - 96
Country Roads 20012 Losin' Soul: Ropin' The Wind; Get Outta Town; In Your Kiss; What's Your Problem; Man Of Honor; Back Room Deals; One More Ride; Read My Lips; Talk About Blue; Where I Went Wrong; Spoon Fed; A Losin' Soul – 07-03 w. One More Ride
Lyric Mountain ? Whiskey Salesman: The Best Part Of Me; Whiskey Salesman; You Gotta Be Strong; At 95; Devil's Comin' To Town; Window Shoppin'; To The Rodeo; Then and Now; Poor Ol' Country Boy; Takin' Back My Name; Rodeo King; Cold Hearted Woman – 04-10-05 (also on Orchard 104620. Musicians: Chris Leuzinger, J.T. Corenflos (acoustic guitar); Jeff King , Brent Mason (electric guitar); Mike Johnson (slide guitar); Bruce Bouton (dobro); Gordon Mote (Hammond b-3 organ); Mike Chapman (bass guitar); Lonnie Wilson, Owen Hale (drums))
Lyric Mountain 65226 One More Mile To Go Live Tour 2006: Tutti Fruitti; At 95; Confederately Yours; Gotta Be Strong; Window Shoppin'; Aspen; One More Mile To Go; Honky Tonk Guitar Boogie Man; About Us; Whiskey Salesman; Johnny Cash Medley; To The Rodeo "Dance Mix" – 20-03-07
Lyric Mountain ? Waltz Across Montana: Why Not... I More Drink; Loved You More Than Sunshine; Ain't Gonna Play With Your Heart; Mary Jane Riley; Playin' To Win; Bismarck; One Fine Mama; Ropin' The Wind; Yippee II Yeppee AA; Waltz Across Montana; Nothin' Left; To Santa Fe – 22-05-10
Lyric Mountain ? Country Ballads 1993-2010 : A Long Way from Aspen (One More Mile To Go - 2007); Day To Day (Time Keeps Movin' On - 1996); Where I Went Wrong (Losin' Soul - 2003); Loved You More (Waltz Across Montana - 2010); A Losin' Soul (Losin' Soul - 2003); What About Us (One More Mile To Go - 2007); Might Be Paradise (Time Keeps Movin' On - 1996); Bismarck (Waltz Across Montana - 2010); I Can't Love You Anymore (Time Keeps Movin' On - 1996);  Confederately Yours (One More Mile To Go - 2007); Devil Of A Woman (Time Keeps Movin' On - 1996); Nothin' Left But Heartache (Waltz Across Montana - 2010); Nice To Be Loved By You (studio demo - 2004); One Wrong Step (Time Keeps Movin' On - 1996); Then And Now (Whiskey Salesman - 2005); Where Should Broken Hearts Go (Cowboy Comes Alive - 1996); A Losin' Soul (acoustic studio demo - 2005) – 11
Lyric Mountain ? Country Two Steps (For Couple Dance and Line Dance) 1990-2010:
Yippee II Yippee Aaa; Think About You; Listen to Your Heart; Window Shoppin'; Day To Day; Don't-Turn-Around; Everybody Wins But Me; Why Not; I`ll Get By; 15 Minutes Past Midnight; Waltz Across Montana; Tutti Fruitti; One Wrong Step  - 10-09-14
Doug Adkins ? Lonesome: Little Thing Called Love; Forever By Your Side; Take My Breath Away; Lonesome; Good Morning Beautiful; Without You to Hold; I Believe; The Nightmare Song; Habits and Hearts; Jim; You Don't Need to Call Me; Houston – 16-01-16

Orchard 7362 The Way That You Move; The Way That You Move (instr.); Might Be Paradise; Might Be Paradise (instr.) – 10-00

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