Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jason Sturgeon

*Petersburg, IN
by Praguefrank
2010  Nashville, TN - Jason Sturgeon (Jason Sturgeon [vcl], Pat Severs [gt/steel/dobro/banjo], Sandy Williams [ac/el gt], Dane Clark [ac gt/dulcimer/drums/percussion], Erik Scull [el gt],  Larry Franklin [mandolin/fiddle], Debbie Roden [violin], Marge Hanna [cello], Troye Kinnett [accordion/keyboards], Chris Stone, John McDowell [bck vcl])
001 THAT'S ME Toolpusher 7318
002 SIMPLE LIFE Toolpusher 7318
003 BLANKETS Toolpusher 7318
004 ENDLESS SUMMER Toolpusher 7318
005 HIGH CLASS WOMAN Toolpusher 7318
006 LIVIN‘ Toolpusher 7318
007 HELL ON HEELS Toolpusher 7318
008 DOWN AT THE BOTTOM Toolpusher 7318
009 THE COVER Toolpusher 7318
010 ROLLIN‘ ON Toolpusher 7318
011 ALONE AGAIN TONIGHT Toolpusher 7318
2012 Chill Hill Studios, Nashville, TN/ House of Blues Studios, Nashville, TN / Quad Studios, Nashville, TN -  SoundStage Studios, Nashville, TN– Jason Sturgeon
012 CORNFIELDS AND COAL Toolpusher 74444
013 TIME BOMB Toolpusher 74444
014 ANGEL EYES Toolpusher 74444
015 SUNDAY FUNDAY Toolpusher 74444
016 WHY BABY WHY Toolpusher 74444
017 COUNTRY GIRL Toolpusher 74444
018 LOST OUR MINDS Toolpusher 74444
019 I NEVER GOT TO BE YOUR DAD Toolpusher 74444
020 TAKE ME AS I AM Toolpusher 74444
021 MY FRIENDS CALL ME JAY Toolpusher 74444  

Toolpusher 7318 That’s Me: That's Me; Simple Life; Blankets; Endless Summer; High Class Woman; Livin; Hell On Heels; Down At The Bottom; Cover; Rollin On; Alone Again Tonight – 03-08-10
Toolpusher 74444 Cornfields and Coal: Cornfields and Coal; Time Bomb; Angel Eyes; Sunday Funday; Why Baby Why; Country Girl; Lost Our Minds; I Never Got to Be Your Dad; Take Me as I Am; My Friends Call Me Jay – 24-09-13

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