Saturday, June 10, 2017

Rustie Blue

*Rustie, OH
2nd version

By Praguefrank

2000 unknown – Rustie Blue
001 GO TO JAIL Harvest 211
002 YOU DID Harvest 211
003 I'M DROPPING TEARS Harvest 211
004 I WANT TO BE ME AGAIN Harvest 211
005 HE'S ALREADY TAKEN Harvest 211
006 ABOUT YOU Harvest 211
008 I WANT A MAN WITH A PLAN Harvest 211
009 YOU SAID Harvest 211
010 THAT OUGHTA DO IT Harvest 211
2001 unknown – Rustie Blue (Rustie Blue [vcl], Mike Headrick [gt/ steel], Joe Caverlee [mandolin/ fiddle], Kenny Berry [bass], Bob Courter [drums], Tim Atwood [piano], Butch Reeves [sax],  Jackie Harling [bck vcl]. Producer: RD Keister)
011 WHO'S SHE TO YOU Country Discovery 1035
012 I'M NOT GOING TIL I'M GONE Country Discovery 1035
013 ON AND ON AND ON Country Discovery 1035
014 WE BUILT AN ALL NIGHT FIRE Country Discovery 1035
015 ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK Country Discovery 1035
016 SO CLOSE SO FAR Country Discovery 1035
017 IN CARE OF THE BLUES Country Discovery 1035
018 TAKE THESE MEM'RIES Country Discovery 1035
019 TROUBLE Country Discovery 1035
020 LOOKING BACK Country Discovery 1035  
Late 2002 unknown – Rustie Blue
December 2003 Mikron Recording Studio, South Pittsburg, TN/ Sony Studio B, Nashville, TN – Rustie Blue, *with Bill Anderson (Rustie Blue [vcl], Bill Anderson [duet vcl*], Mike Headrick [gt/ dobro/ mandolin], Mike Headrick [gt/ steel/dobro/ mandolin], Ken Berry [bass gt], Bob Courter [drums], Joe Caverlee [fiddle], Tim Atwood [piano], Jackie Harling, Jimmy Layne [bck vcl])
022 CHIP CHIP* Center Stage 0726 0826
023 TOMORROW TONIGHT Center Stage 0726
024 CLOUD OF DUST Center Stage 0726
025 THE SAME OLD WHO Center Stage 0726
026 THE DEVIL MAY CARE Center Stage 0726
027 WHEN I REMEMBER YOU Center Stage 0726
028 BEFORE I FALL Center Stage 0726
029 OH BABY Center Stage 0726
030 TWO LEFT FEET Center Stage 0726
031 DONT COME CRYIN’ Center Stage 0726
032 DO ME A FAVOR Center Stage 0726
033 HONKY TONKIN’ DIVA Center Stage 0726
034 DOWN TO THE LETTER Center Stage 0726
036 SATISFIED  Center Stage 0726
2008 Nashville, TN – Rustie Blue, *with Willie Mack (Rustie Blue [vcl], Willie Mack [duet vcl*], Lonnie Wilson [percussion], Larry Franklin [fiddle] + unknown musicians)
037 FALL IN THE FIRST PLACE Center Stage 0826
038 BORN AGAIN COUNTRY Center Stage 0826
039 I BREAK THINGS Center Stage 0826
040 ONE HOT SUMMER AGO Center Stage 0826
041 STRONGER THAN STEEL* Center Stage 0826
042 SHAPE UP HEART Center Stage 0826
043 NOTHING TO DO WITH LOVE Center Stage 0826
044 WHERE I USED TO BE Center Stage 0826
045 COWGIRLS DO IT BETTER Center Stage 0826
046 HOOKED ON HONKY TONK Center Stage 0826
047 IT HURTS LIKE LOVE* Center Stage 0826
048 IT FEELS GOOD Center Stage 0826

Harvest 211 That Oughta Do It: Go to Jail; You Did; I'm Dropping Tears; I Want to Be Me Again; He's Already Taken; About You; You Make Me Feel Beautiful; I Want a Man With a Plan; You Said; That Oughta Do It - 00
Country Discovery CD 1035CD Enter At Your Own Risk: Who's She to You; I'm Not Going til I'm Gone; On and on and On; We Built an All Night Fire; Enter at Your Own Risk; So Close So Far; In Care of the Blues; Take These Mem'ries; Trouble; Looking Back - 24-04-02
Center Stage Productions 0726 Chip Chip: Chip Chip (w. Bill Anderson); Tomorrow Tonight; Cloud Of Dust; The Same Old Who; The Devil May Care; When I Remember You; Before I Fall; Oh Baby; Two Left Feet; Dont Come Cryin; Do Me A Favor; Honky Tonkin Diva; Down To The Letter; Smokey Mountain Queen (Dolly Parton Tribute); Satisfied – 12-10-04
Center Stage Productions 0826 Stronger Than Steel: Fall In The First Place; Born Again Country; I Break Things; One Hot Summer Ago;Stronger Than Steel (with Willie Mack); Shape Up Heart; Nothing To Do With Love; Where I Used To Be; Cowgirls Do It Better; Hooked On Honky Tonk; It Hurts Like Love (w. Willie Mack); It Feels Good; Chip Chip (w. Bill Anderson)  - 18-08-08

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