Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Cactus Brothers

2nd version
By Praguefrank
ca. early 1993 Jack’s Tracks Recording Studio, Nashville, TN - Cactus Brothers (Will Golemon [vcl/gt/ banjo], Paul Kirby [vcl/ gt/harmonica],, Tramp [vcl/gt/ fiddle/ mandolin], Sam Poland [steel/ lap steel/ dobro], David Schnaufer [ac/el  dulcimer/ Jews harp], John Golemon [bass], David Kennedy [vcl/drums/ percussion], Mark Miller [recorder]. Producers: Allen Reynolds, Mark Miller, John Lomax III, Melanie Wells)
001 SIXTEEN TONS  Liberty CDP7-80473-2 
002 CRAZY HEART  Liberty S7-17442/CDP7-80473-2 
003 OUR LOVE  Liberty CDP7-80473-2 
004 DEVIL WIND  Liberty S7-17442/CDP7-80473-2
005 SWEET OLD FASHIONED GIRL  Liberty CDP7-80473-2                 
006 BLACKBERRY BLOSSOM  Liberty CDP7-80473-2                       
007 PRICE OF LOVE  Liberty CDP7-80473-2 
008 BIG TRAIN  Liberty CDP7-80473-2  
009 SWIMMIN' HOLE  Liberty CDP7-80473-2  
010 ONE MORE NIGHT (WITH YOU)  Liberty CDP7-80473-2                
011 BUBBA BUBBA  Liberty CDP7-80473-2
012 FISHER'S HORNPIPE  Liberty CDP7-80473-2                        
Fall 1994 Nashville, TN - Cactus Brothers   (Paul Kirby [vcl/gt],  Will Golemon [gt/ banjo], Tramp [gt/ mandolin/ fiddle], Jim Fungaroll [steel /melobar gt], John Golemon [bass] + Kenny Aronoff [drums], Reese Wymans [keyobards], Matraca Berg [vcl]. Producer: Randy Scruggs)
013 THIS LOVE'S GONNA FLY  Capitol Nashville 8-32467-2
014 LODI  Capitol Nashville 8-32467-2
015 24 HRS. 7 DAYS A WEEK  Capitol Nashville 8-32467-2
016 HIGHWAY PATROL  Capitol Nashville 8-32467-2
017 A WOMAN'S TOUCH  Capitol Nashville 8-32467-2
018 SECRET LANGUAGE  Capitol Nashville 8-32467-2
019 LOVE ME TOO  Capitol Nashville 8-32467-2
020 HE NEVER GET ENOUGH LOVE  Capitol Nashville 8-32467-2
021 YOU'RE THE REASON  Capitol Nashville 8-32467-2
022 REDHEAD  Capitol Nashville 8-32467-2
023 CHAINS OF FREEDOM  Capitol Nashville 8-32467-2

Liberty CDP7-80473-2 The Cactus Brothers:  Sixteen Tons; Crazy Heart; Our Love; Devil Wind; Sweet Old Fashioned Girl; Blackberry Blossom; Price Of Love; Big Train; Swimmin' Hole; One More Night (With You);  Bubba Bubba; Fisher's Hornpipe – 04-05-93                                                  
Capitol Nashville 7243-8-32467-2 24 Hrs. 7 Days A Week: This Love's Gonna Fly; Lodi; 24 Hrs. 7 Days A Week;  Highway Patrol; A Woman's Touch; Secret Language; Love Me Too;He Never Get Enough Love; You're The Reason; Redhead; Chains Of Freedom – 17-08-95

S7-17442 Crazy Heart / Devil Wind - 93

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