Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Penny Jo Pullins

by Praguefrank

2000 Austin, TX – Penny Jo Pullus
001 FAITHLESS HEART Art Of Balance 70001 
002 BEST TEXAS GROCERY Art Of Balance 70001 
003 HONEY, PLEASE BE KIND Art Of Balance 70001 
004 TIME TO COME HOME Art Of Balance 70001 
005 HOW MANY TIMES A FOOL Art Of Balance 70001 
006 CAJUN CASANOVA Art Of Balance 70001 
007 HE PLAYS Art Of Balance 70001   - 00
2002 Jumping Dog Studio, Austin, TX – Penny Jo Pullus (+ Ian Maclagan, Earl Poole Ball, Sweet Mary Hattersly, Scrappy Judd, Casper Rawls, Chip Dolan, Paul Skelton, Karen Poston, Susanna Van Tassel , Libbi Bosworth, Jeff Hughes, Brad Fordham, Warren Hood, Herb Steiner, Kevin Fowler. Producer: Ron Flynt)
008 MY TURN TO HOWL Art Of Balance 33011
009 WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO Art Of Balance 33011
010 CATCH ME I'M FALLING Art Of Balance 33011
011 ROMEO Art Of Balance 33011
012 CRAZY FOR YOU Art Of Balance 33011
013 EVER BE MINE Art Of Balance 33011
014 HARDLY A DAY GOES BY Art Of Balance 33011
015 SAME OLD MAGIC Art Of Balance 33011
016 DON'T GET ME STARTED Art Of Balance 33011
017 WHAT ABOUT TOMORROW Art Of Balance 33011
018 HOLD ME CLOSE AGAIN Art Of Balance 33011
019 BABY RIDE EASY Art Of Balance 33011
020 WEIGHT OF THEIR WORDS Art Of Balance 33011
2008 Austin, TX – Penny Jo Pullus (Producer: Ron Flynt)
021 KNIFE FEELS LIKE JUSTICE Freedom 9609-2 
022 SCARLET LETTER Freedom 9609-2 
023 SOMETHING IN THE WATER Freedom 9609-2 
024 THIS TIME, NEXT TIME Freedom 9609-2 
025 BABY PLEASE Freedom 9609-2 
026 NO WHERE TO GO Freedom 9609-2 
027 TAKE MY LOVE Freedom 9609-2 
028 LITTLE BLACK DRESS Freedom 9609-2 
029 CHIMAYO Freedom 9609-2   
030 LORD HELP ME Freedom 9609-2   
031 WE DON'T HAVE TO GO Freedom 9609-2  
2012 Austin, TX – Penny Jo Pullus (Producer: Ron Flynt)
033 WHEN THE BATTLE IS OVER MaHatMa 99062-2 
034 NO WHERE TO GO MaHatMa 99062-2 
036 LOOK OUT FOR MY LOVE MaHatMa 99062-2 
037 RAISE THE DEAD MaHatMa 99062-2 
038 BABY PLEASE MaHatMa 99062-2 
039 EVERY LITTLE THING MaHatMa 99062-2 
040 TAKE MY HAND MaHatMa 99062-2 
041 SON OF A PREACHER MAN MaHatMa 99062-2 
042 DEAD FLOWERS MaHatMa 99062-2 


Art Of Balance 70001 Lucky # 7: Faithless Heart; Best Texas Grocery; Honey, Please Be Kind; Time to Come Home; How Many Times a Fool; Cajun Casanova; He Plays - 00
Art Of Balance 33011 My Turn to Howl: My Turn To Howl; What's a Girl To Do; Catch Me I'm Falling; Romeo; Crazy For You; Ever Be Mine; Hardly a Day Goes By; Same Old Magic; Don't Get Me Started; What About Tomorrow; Hold Me Close Again; Baby Ride Easy; Weight of Their Words – 11-06-02
Freedom 9609-2 My Barn Having Burned I Can Now See The Moon: Knife Feels Like Justice; Scarlet Letter; Something in the Water; This Time, Next Time; Baby Please; No Where to Go; Take My Love; Little Black Dress; Chimayo;  Lord Help Me;  We Don't Have to Go - 08
MaHatMa 99062-2 Through the Glass: The Knife Feels Like Justice;  When the Battle is Over; No Where to Go; Give Back the Keys to My Heart; Look Out for My Love; Raise the Dead; Baby Please; Every Little Thing; Take My Hand; Son of a Preacher Man;  Dead Flowers – 09-12

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