Thursday, September 26, 2013

Steve Woods

*Bakersfield, CA
2nd version

by Michel Ruppli, Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst

May 1981 Sound Emporium, 3102 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, TN– Steve Woods and The Slingshot Band (Steve Woods [vcl], Steve Hill [gt/fiddle], Bill Bartley [banjo/ keyboards/piano], Leo Mcclatchy [bass gt], Mary Wacker [drums/percussion], James Buzz Cason, Don Gant, Casey Kelly, Larry Butler [bck vcl]. Producer: Larry Butler)
001 2-56476/2-56665 MISSIN' SOMEBODY 57057/SRM-1-6004
002 2-56477/2-56666 OLD FRIENDS DON'T MAKE GOOD LOVERS SRM-1-6004
003 2-54678/2-56667 FASTER HORSES SRM-1-6004
004 2-54679/2-56668 HIGHWAY BOUND SRM-1-6004
005 2-54680/2-56669 ONE OF THESE DAYS SRM-1-6004
006 2-54681/2-56670 HE DON'T KNOW SRM-1-6004
007 2-54682/2-56671 YOU CAN'T CHANGE ME SRM-1-6004
008 2-54683/2-56672 SOMEONE I KNOW SRM-1-6004
009 2-54684/2-56673 SHE'S TWENTY EIGHT 57057/ SRM-1-6004
010 2-54685/2-56674 WHY DO YOU TREAT ME THE WAY YOU DO SRM-1-6004
Steve Woods recorded after 1981 – see albums list

Mercury SRM-1-6004 Highway Bound:
Missin' Somebody; Old Friends Don't Make Good Lovers; Faster Horses; Highway Bound; One Of These Days / He Don't Know; You Can't Change Me; Someone I Know; She's Twenty Eight; Why Do You Treat Me The Way You Do – 14-09-81
Playback PCD-4519 Dancin' And Glancin' Again: Any Old Stretch Of Blacktop;  If I Were You;  Dancin' And Glancin';  One More Time;  Don't Make A Liar Out Of Me;  Standing On The Edge Of Love;  He Got That From Me; Tennessee Whiskey, Crazy Women;  Is There Anything Left;  Red Hot - 93
SW ? Someday We’ll Look Back: Georgia On My Mind; My Adobe Hacienda; Cajun Baby; That’s How I Got To Memphis; Oklahoma Hills; Under This Ol‘ Hat; Boomhound Saddle; South Of The Border; Thinking About; Every Fool Has A Rainbow; If You Wanna Be; I Never Go Around The Mirrors; Drivin‘ Nails In My Coffin; Someday We’ll Look Back – 9- (Producer: Steve Woods)
List of albums is incomplete

Mercury (1981)
57057 Missin' Somebody / She's Twenty-Eight - 09-81

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